Saturday, July 18, 2009

Closet Revamping

Hello guys!

Sorry for the sporadic updates.. It's just that life's a little busy and messy right now.. (and my face looked like crap..thanks to it!)

How I wish I could accomplish everything in one night! The thing is, I've got so much to do but so little time and energy! I have to do my report for the internship thing (submit on 24th - now baru buat half), I have to deal with the sales (tak habis2 lagi! sobs..tapi tinggal about suku je ok gak la), I have to pay my debts!, I have to do some advertorials, I have to register for classes, I have to kemas barang nak balik campus, I have to go shopping to buy stuff for asrama thing (curtain, carpets, food, etc), have to go to class, I have to kemas bilik.. otherwise mamito bising..(because my room looked like a store room! haha)...and the list goes on and on...

Seriously, I haven't relax and have my 'me time' ever since I started the sales.. (because of the list yang panjang, and the stuff yang sangat banyak..I had a hard time dealing with it all by myself..cuz when I started the sale, I forgot that I got other commitments as well.. So sukahati je main ambik order banyak2..haha..but anyways..hmm..nevermind..)

Okay..stop complaining Cik Wani.., I have accomplished one mission: Cleaning out my room and closet! It took me 7 hours to get everything done!! (that's how bad the situation was!)

Oh is tiring to wipe everything, dealing with habuk2, rearrange clothes in my wardrobe according to color, get the air-cond fixed, pack up all my old books, rearrange my cosmetics and frangrances collection, and most importantly, put all the bags back into their boxes and dustbags or at least, put them back in place.. So it wouldn't be such an eye sore! do you wanna see my messy and dirty bag closet?

See..this is what I mean..I have to put them back into place.. As you can see, they were all over the place!! Sungguh tak senonoh! =P

So..what I did was.. I emptied the space completely and divided the bags into two parts: Designer bags and High Street&Downtown bags.. hehe

So whichever bag that has it's own dustbag, I'll put it back where it supposed to belong..

And then for those bags which I bought from MNG, Zara, M&S, AX, RL, Warehouse, DP, Vincci, Flea Markets, Bazaars, Tie Rack, and etc etc.. I put one side..

And then while I was rearrange the bags to park them accordingly.. I saw this Ikea Shoe Boxes which I bought few months ago..

Then suddenly I got an idea to put all the small leather goods, clutches, evening bags, etc into those white boxes!

And then later, I looked for some
other Ikea boxes that I have, and also the Hermes and LV boxes, to put all the other it won't be messy like before!


I'm done!!

All the designer bags I put them in the coloured boxes and those which I bought from Downtown or High Street brands, I put them in the white shoe boxes!

So Bag Closet is neat and tidy! Yeay! =)

P/s: How I wish I can park all my bags like this! Alangkah seronok nyaa!

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  1. laaa.. x jual ke. punya la bernafsu tgk barang terabor byk.rupanya kemas2 aje =(

  2. my goodness i thought my wardrobe was worse hahaha! berani campak and mix the bags together je. dont forget to put the thing that sucks kelembapan. i forgot what its called. in case kulat gets onto the bags.

  3. Mak aihhh. Banyaknya bag!!! Hehe.

  4. karipapsayur: hehee..taklah! syg nak jual la dear..

    mia: oh yeah that thing.. mmg sgt berkesan..the other day i found one of the bags ada mcm kulat2..pastu bubuh bende tu kat dlm bag tu..within few days dah back to normal.. =)

    reena: bag curik =P

  5. Cop! Nak tanya pasal beg berkulat ni. Taruk benda apa eh? Lagi satu, cam beg LV kan mmg kena buh dlm dustbag ke klu tak guna? Boleh rosak ke kalau tak buh dalam dustbag? (Ishkk..selama ni dok biaq letak camtu je tak buh dalam dustbag pun. Huhu)

  6. warghhh beshhnyer byk bag!!!! kalo tak nak saya nak nak nak nak!!!!! hehe

  7. warghhh beshhnyer byk bag!!!! kalo tak nak saya nak nak nak nak!!!!! hehe

  8. OMG byknya beg wani,kak suzie simpan dlm storage box je...sgt berangan nak buat build-in wardrobe mcm fashion designer Rizalman Ibrahim punya..huhu..

  9. reena: hehe..takde la mcm 'kena' tapi mcm just nk jaga dia la from dust ke..bende2 kotor ke..

    aina: nnt kalo dah tanak saya menjual nye di sini ya...


  10. kak suzie: tu kan..

    i teringin sgt nak walk in wardrobe! hehe

  11. Bravo!
    You are comply to 5S rules now. :)


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