Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gasping, Crying, Smiling...

Oh My God... I was surprised when one of my reader named Syazana, said she made an entry for me on her blog! It's really really sweet of her!! Seriously...I was crying while reading what she wrote.. I'm so touched!!! No one ever said that to me, except for my very best friend, Nazirah. She's the only person who has said pretty much what Syazana said about me!! That's why I'm so touched! She's a stranger to me...someone whom I don't know at all...but yet, she felt that way about me... Awwwwwww *wipe tears*

Seriously..I can't believe she felt that way about me... I mean, she said I'm like Oprah? hehehe.. Wowww. That's too cute and sweet! Dah la memang I adore that woman...then tiba tiba someone said I'm sort of like Oprah nowww????
Whoaaaaaa... Such an honor to receive such compliment.. heee ;p

Here's what she wrote about me (with pics lagi! wahh! hehe ;p) Read on!

Thank you honey for the sweet words! You really really has made my day!! You're probably the most sweetest stranger to me, ever!!!! hehe




  1. OMG!!!!!!!! (speechless jap)
    how sweeeettt of her to do dat k...but u really deserve it wany..she's telling da truth..ure nice n suke bwat org hepi pon =))

    LOVE YA!!

  2. I have the same true experience with Syazana too.. first get hooked up with you sis blog The Pink Stilletos, then you and I have my own blog.. thanks for the distance yet endless encouragements from you 3 gorgeous gal..

  3. now u can see how internet connects strangers.. hehe. akak pn lebey kurang strangers jgk ni. get to know u from ur kakak iza, she's my classmate way back in taiping =)

    nway, keep on writting aip! - Lisa

  4. so sweet of her!!!

  5. like everyone else, i pun baca The Pink Stilleto dulu...then baca HoneyToTheBee..
    tapi yg i betul2 melekat, setia and mmg boleh masuk (maksud i mcm ada something in common) sampai sekarang ialah Shazwani Hamid punya blog, hihi. the bestest, girly blog i've ever read. sometimes rasa mcm baca chick-lit novels ;)
    cuma skali sekala je komen, heheh..
    tp i baca tau!

  6. nazzy: awwww and now u're being sweet! hehe mmuah mmuah!

    ms dots: awww thank you! keep on reading ya? hehe =)

    lisa hz: oh okay... thanks for reading my blog kak! appreciate it! ;)

    anonymous: kan??! =)

    honeys: hye honeys!! (i dunno why, but i always get so excited whenever i get a comment from u! LOL)
    hehe..thanks dear for reading.. awak ni comelll laaa..heheheh! *hugs!*

  7. u really deserve it wany.. mmg sgt suke follow ur blog.. sweeeett... hehe..


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