Sunday, January 16, 2011

When I don't have a little sister to play with....

........I make my brother to play with me! ;p

Yes, my soon to be a 20 year old brother! haha. I made him play facial with me! But of course, I'm the one who did all the work - you know like, washing, cleansing, scrubbing, etc! Haha. But at least he wanted to participate! So that's cool enough! hehee. (And no, my brother is not the sissy type of a man. He's just cool. heh ;p)

I like my brother because he's cool. He's not like the typical macho manly type. Itu tak boleh, ini tak boleh. Oh no, it's too girly la. I'm-a-man-so-I-can't-do-things-like-this....anddd so on! hehe.. (I never liked that kinda guy.. You knoww, the one who is too macho to do some fun things! heh ;p)
I mean come's fun to take care of yourself! Don't you like being polished? Well...I do! hehe

This fairy eye mask made me looked like...errr...hmm..... I don't know. It's weird, having no eyebrows and nose! haha ;p

So this is what we did, before bedtime in our suite last time in Jakarta!

He's getting bored and sleepy already... Sorry, dude! hehee

I love going to hotels because of these things! I don't know about you, but for me, there's just something about staying in a hotel that makes me want to pamper myself even more than usual! ^_^

P/s: My birthday's coming up.. Hmm.. Why not I stay in a hotel with my best bud and have a sleepover... Mmm...It'll be fun! hehe Kan? ;)



  1. Haha! Tengok gambar 1st terus gelak!

    BTW, masa tengok Little Focker kat Midvalley hari tu, I duduk belakang Wani, masa nak keluar baru perasan .. Malunya nak tegur, rasa macam nak tegur celeb .. Wani ngan Naz dua² comel!

    Ohh..Baby yang bising dalam tu Baby I laa..LOL


  2. Oh, I used to do these kind of things with my significant other when we were bored and had nothing to do ^_^

    He would even put on makeup on me while learning at the same time! Too bad it's all memories je skg..

  3. I agree with u Wani! there's something so magical and so pamper-licious about going to hotels! I'm going to the Banjaran Hotsprings this Thursday for a 2D1N retreat! so so so excited n can't wait! u shoudl chck it out that place!

  4. comel nye u guysssssssssss !
    hahaha. best nye adik u sporting je kan nak join u buat facial semua ! =D
    if my brother, jangan harap lah.. haih. =____="

  5. Bestnya ada adik lelaki yg sporting..he..he..

  6. alolo..cutenye dua beradik nih..hehehe

  7. hi wani, i'm ur silent reader...n ur sister too...i'm not being cruel but need a lil' favor of urs to share this link with thepinkstelittos as i cant comments on hers. ntah kenape. btw i luv to read both blog...i used to drop a comment once a while...ermm...stay nice both of u... - MyRas

  8. haha. I remembered dulu before I got married, Aizat always asked me to do facial for him once a week. Mengada kan budak tu? huhu. But I kinda miss that moment!

    anyway, to Anonymous, thanks for the link! that must be related to my entry yg shoe closet tu ek? I wish ada gambar wardobe VB with all her stuff inside!

  9. cool! my brothers pun sporting gak wlpn dorg pun bukan sissy type.
    i sedar pun sbb skali tu i nak tepek mask n tgk cara dorg mcm amik berat psl kulit dorg, then i ckp kat kalau nak mask amik la. n dorg mcm ok.
    besanya kalau taknak mmg taknak la kan. so, yeah they're cool too ;)

    p/s : comel gamba korang, hahahha!
    p/s 2: 1st pic tu your brother reminds me of Hanis Zalikha. mgkn sbb cara dia wat mata dia kot. hahaha!


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