Thursday, January 6, 2011

Her Dresses Collection Are Fab!

I love all of her dresses above!!

After just 5 collections, since Spring 2009, she has been nominated in the British Fashion Awards! Can you believe it? Woww...That's major! Her dresses collection has been a smashing success!!! Good for her!
Well..congratulations Victoria! Your clothing line has managed to take the fashion industry by storm! ^_^

If you've been my reader for months (or maybe years), you would know how much I adore her. Her fabulous fashion sense, her wonderful family, her perfect hairdo, her handsome husband (hehee ;p), her pretty dresses collection, her to die for denim line, her sexy sunglasses, or her classic handbags are all oh so fabulous!! Everything about her is just so MAJOR! That's why I adore her so much!

She's always looking extremely immaculate wherever she goes! 

Victoria Beckham dresses are loved by almost all the stylish women in the UK and USA. For me, I personally think, Victoria Beckham dresses are surely the must-haves pieces for those fashion lovers!  As always, her line is always ladylike with gorgeous cocktail dresses, classic silhouettes and chic detailing. Oh, lovin' them!

She has never stopped looking so gorgeous... And now (well..actually almost two years already..hehe), she's allowing others to wear her Victoria Beckham dresses and making them look so pretty as well – Oh so awesome!

But so sad, Victoria Beckham are not available in Malaysia. And what's WORSE, I can't even wear most of her pretty dresses. How I wish she makes some pretty tops/jackets/etc which I can wear...tskk T_T

Anyway, last September, she unveils a curvier collection for her Spring 2011 Collection - Structure, Draping and the Victoria Bag.

According to NBC, her spring 2011 collection of dresses was inspired by both Beckham's love of draping and sculptural shapes, all which will look lovely alongside her debut handbag collection... and I must say, they looked absolutely amazing!! I totally loved all of them! - Yet another successful collection!! Bravo Victoria!

Victoria Beckham poses backstage at the Victoria Beckham Dresses Spring 2011 presentation during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at on September 12, 2010 in New York City.

And these are my favourite pieces.. I can imagine VB wearing them and looking so sleek and chic!

I am not gonna post all of the collection in here, but you can view them here instead. =)

Just fyi, the Victoria Beckham spring 2011 collection have received tons and tons of outstanding reviews! Here are some of them!

"Victoria Beckham's new collection celebrated the womanly physique," at
"Victoria Beckham, who has gone from the status of a mere celebrity to the one of a serious designer, proves that lack of special training does not always mean the impossibility of creating something brilliant," from Million Looks
Fug Girls: Victoria Beckham Is Fashion’s Hostess With the Mostess - from NY Magazine
"Victoria Beckham has conquered the concrete jungle of New York City, at least, one aspect of the big apple: fashion," at IB Times

Now I wish I own one of these dresses.. (especially the orange colored dress!)



  1. truly fabulous n so do u darl! :-)

  2. whoa...gorgeous!!!

    comel giler black dress tu, i want 1!

  3. Not a fan of Victoria Beckham tapi agak suka baju dia sebab simple & sleek.

  4. suzie: kan? she's fab and hot! =)

    mariahafiz: me too me too! me want it too!! nak semua boleh takk? hehe

    reena: yup yup! the woman got taste and style! =)

  5. She's a fashion icon, but I need to be skinny to wear her collections..sob..sob..

  6. fabulous.....that black dress is awesome.


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