Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cerulean Color is Lovee...

I bought this top a few months add a little bit of color in my wardrobe (I have lots and lotsa black, white and grey tops - how boring!)

But I don't have any accessories to go with this color... And I would love to add more of this hue in my closet...

So, buying some accessories that would go with the top, would be a great idea.. - for me to start buying more cerulean/turquoise colored tops, kan? LOL. (Errr... Am I making any sense here? haha)

Anyways... Look what this girl bought from Accessorize just now!

A cerulean ring to add into my collections!

I was thinking to add this one too, just now...but my poor little tiny finger does not fit in any of the sizes available on the rack! Only M and L were available..sob sob.. T_T
How I wish they have more choices in the boutique. Like Diva does. Hmm...nevermind. Time to search more teal colors, shall we? ^_^

Oh.. I love this color!



  1. more colour lagi ceria la life kan

  2. hi shazwani...salam perkenalan...

    nice tudung la..n the top too..

    mane beli tudung tu erk...

    n ring yg u tak dapat beli tu, cantik la... :D

  3. i love this colour too...

  4. nice choice! great taste u got wani!

  5. cik nur: kan kan? ;)

    alyza: hello there! =)
    I bought the tudung at tie rack..and yes, the ring is nice kann.. too bad they dont have my size! such a bummer! tsk :(

    naj: i feel instantly young when wearing this kinda color! hehe ;p

    anonymous: geeeee...thanks!!


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