Friday, January 7, 2011

Exactly 10 Days From Now..

...Would be my birthday.

Goshhhh.. I'm old! Time flies really fast! =S I really still can't believe I'm in my 20's, for a few years already! A young adult, that is! - I still feel like I'm a teenager. Hahaha. Then the next thing I know, I'm already an adult. (There's no more the word "young" at the front) And then, next thing I knoww, I'll be in the "old people" range of age or veteran or "warga emas" or whatever you call it! And then.. I'll be a granny..with no black hair at all, face full of wrinkles with only one tooth left, and walking with sticks, and having 10 grandkids all around me, asking me to sing Ba Ba Black Sheep for them.. Aiyayaiyayaiii... I hate being old! Can't I just be forever 21?? Young, and carefree? Heh ;p
And then...the next thing I know...I'll be...err...dead.. and my spirit will come to visit everyone of my family members every Wednesday - because that's my favourite day of the week.. And see what are they up to..
Hmmmm..okay fine. I'm blabering. But really.. growing up, aging, life, etc etc..really freaks the hell out of me! I don't know how I'm gonna react when I reach my 30's or 40's and especially 50's! Tskk. Time flies so damn fast eh?
(Belum lagi nak masuk 25 pun dah freak out...apatah lagi 55! Heeee ;p

Anyways...there's nothing I would want on my birthday this year, not even a cake... Except to be a happier person and to become wiser. (Oh, and to be prettier and slimmer would be a bonus!! Hehe)
So... This year, I wouldn't have a looong wish list like I did last time.. I think I have enough of things.. (Though I do have lots of things that I really want right nowwww..haha. But then again, my list would never ever stop, right?? So..there's no need to add more things on my endless list.. Haha. Am I making any sense? ;p)
Hmm... Whateverrr. Well, I just want to live happily and live my life to the fullest. That's all I want.. =)

Insyallah and... Amin.

P/s: Oh, and to get my Streamyx to be fixed also would be great! Because it's not awesome to blog via BB, and I don't feel like I'm living my life to the fullest when I'm typing only through this super tiny keyboard or keypad or whatever they call this thingggg! :(
So encik streamyx...sila la cepat okay!!! Ishhh.



  1. same here birthdaymate... u're still young though, i'm entering the 3-series phase in next 10 days.

  2. hai wany..lm gila i komen u.. ust to let u noe..i ada wat entry tuk u..before this, i ada wat jugak, unfortunately, i terpaksa delete semua post..:-) so.. do drop to my blog if u dont mind.. tQ wany..have a nice day..

  3. Amin. Moga apa yg diimpikan akan tercapai, Wani. When i was 25, i dapat quarter life crisis. Haha

  4. and the day you published this entry is my bday...waaa... - Silent Reader

  5. phatgurl: ouh we share the same birthday??! how awesome!! hehe (i always get so excited if i find out somebody shares the same birth date as mine! hehe)

    syazana: thanks for the sweet entry ya! so nice of you! =)

    reena: lol. quarter life crisis?? haha.. funny la u.. crisis apa la tu ekk agak nyeee..heh ;p

    anonymous: so happy belated birthday to u! =)


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