Monday, January 10, 2011

Finding The Perfect Pair of Eye Glasses..

I was invited by Tammy@Miu to attend an exclusive preview of Performance Enhancing Eye Wear at Malaya Optical in Damansara Utama last few days. Well..I saw her Facebook status about this, and I got really excited because just at the right time, when I wanted to make a new pair of glasses since my dear Dior specky got lost in Jeddah few months ago...I saw an event like this! So of course I'm so excited, and wanna join! (She stated there many freebies and vouchers, etc! My eyes were gleaming when I saw what she wrote! haha) So I quickly asked her whether I can attend or not..and she excitedly and immediately reply my query and said YES!!
Yeayyy.. So I got to attend the event and meet Miu again! (We have not met for quite some time alreadyy..sob sobb) I attended this event with my BFF, Naz.. I was a bit late though. I had some really urgent things going on earlier in the morning..and then later, I had to pick up Naz from her house in Puchong..and then only I drove to Uptown Damansara for the event..

The event started at 11.30 am, by the way. But I was there about an hour later! hehe ;p
Miu hosted the event (How awesome is that?!), so I asked her..what did I miss...and she said nothing much.. They were testing their eyes, eating etc..

So okay.. Felt relieved! hehe

Ryan Ho, the style guru of Malaya Optical welcomed me! =)

He was explaining things to me.. 

He's really really super nice, btw!

So after that..I looked see any nice glasses for my eyes

They've got such nice brands and style to offer you!

Ouhh..and just so you know, for all Oakley lovers out there, Malaya Optical is now the flagship store of Oakley 

...and someone I know, loves Oakley so very much.. So gotta check out for youuu and see what's good! ;)

This is Miu. The very kind, humble, nice woman!

And that's us! hehe

Since I wanted to buy some new lenses, and glasses.. I had to remove my fake eyes, in order for them to check them..

Time to choose my glasses!

" many choices!"

" bout this Porsche Design?" 

"Nahhh.. Too 50's. Now let's have a look at other brands and styles.."

"....Or this Bvlgari then? No? Si? Bien? Okay?"

"Naz, this Prada makes me look like granny aite?? Kan kan kan?? So okay. Nope nope nopeee!"

"Try this Fendi, Wani..", Naz suggested to me

"How bout this? Eye-luring enough? hahaha!" Euw. I knoww ;p

"Yeah, I think that Fendi is quite okay. But let's have a look at the others first.."

"Err...What do you think?"

"How about this Moschino lahh? I think I kinda like this. But I don't like the brand la.. Not glamourous enough! hahaha. I only like the design. So how? Hmm.. should I get it then?" *can't decide face* 

"Yup..this looks okay on you. But let's put this aside first, and have a look at the others, kay. You have not seen the rest just yet.. Then only we decide", replied Naz (That's why I love going shopping with her.. Because sometimes when I shop, I just can't think straight. What I see, I just buy. So if I have my Naz around..she'll guide me..heheee ;p)

"Don't you have Gucci or Dior? Or maybe Chanel?? I love those brands.."

"This Emporio Armani looks quite okay too..right Naz? Let's put it on the list"

"Haiyaaa.. Why is it so hard to find and choose the right spec?! It's like foreverrrr. Ishh.. It's not like finding the perfect husband or somethingggg... Haihhh... Why can't I just point and choose and just buy? And satisfied, of course.. Hmmm.... I'm tired alreadyyy.."

The sales girl named Anne Flores then said, "How about this one..Try this.. Just try..and see whether it looks good on you..."

"Ah-haa!! I think I kinda like this one! What do you think, Naz? Do I look okay? Young enough?? haha"

"YES! This is the one for you! Choose this pleaseeee! Different than your previous specs.. Buy this, buy thisss!", Naz said

"OKAY!!! If you say so! I trust your taste! hehe. Okay miss.. I take this!"

"Alright then..just fill in this form for me..", asked the sales girl

I will no longer will wear  contact lenses all the time. (I used to wear it even at home! - not good for the eyes!)

The photographer of the day! Thank you sayang! ;)

Oh ya...Amber Chia was there too!!

She's soooooo tall!! (Duhh..she's an international model?)

Ryan was explaining to Amber Chia on which Sunglasses to select base on her facial structures and her features..And later, he gave her a pair of contact lenses to try..

I feel so fat and so short standing beside her! T_T

"Your eyes are so big!", said Amber to me.. *awww.. shy*

Paid my 6 boxes of contact lenses and a pair of eye glasses! Can't wait to start wearing it, starting next week! ^_^

Before we went home, Naz wanted to treat me, a Starbucks drink, slurping my fave Toffee Nut Latte since it's my birthday month (awww so sweet of you! Thanks love!), and we had a chit chat, catching up stories! 

With this girl, our stories would never ever end! There's always something to talk about! Love you girl!

Time to send her off!

So here's what I get on that day! Lenses and glasses! I'm so happy! I get great deals! =D

  • Free Comprehensive Eye Examination worth RM150
  • Acuvue Contact Lenses for Free
  • A Special Rate of RM15 only for Color Contact Lenses* (monthly)
  • Special Discount on Products on this day!
  • RM150 voucher Prescription Lens Voucher
  • Johnson's Baby Trial Pack

Isn't it awesome??! Such a happy day for me cuz I get such a great deals! Though I'm broke now.. hahaha.. ;p
But really, Malaya Optical do have such fantastic design and style and not to mention, great prices too!! Go visit their store in Damansara Utama noww!!




  1. wow.. u really enjoyed yourself wani, u came late but that's great coz the crowd slowly disperse by then and the Q for the stuffs were much better :D

    omg.. u got so many acuvue trial lens O_O how many did they allow per person to take.. i'm sad they didn't announce it properly to the earlier batch.. coz they earlier batch didn't know where to get or if it's given. Some only got 1 pair T_T

    I love your specs!!! i got 2 pairs made at this shop and I fallen in love with the coach planet sunnies!! arghh but they're so expensive like rm1.3k! :(

    I saw Amber coming, but i had to go already. It's realyy cool u got to take pics with her!! even cooler when she told u, u got big eyes! (which u have!)

    I am so happy u came wani.. n i didn't know u were aiming for a deal/frame! all in good timing!

  2. u r soo cute wif the lollipop together! yes u really have big wondrous eyes and ur fren naz got lovely dimples!

    xoxo elle

  3. sukanya... banyak specs! which part of DU this shop ek... nak gi jugak la... BTW spec apa u amik ek.. ( busy body nya I you.... :))

  4. mencari Johnson's Baby Trial Pack tak jumpe rupe-rupenye dorang buat free gift ke? uhuk-uhuk....
    wany, i jeles nih tgk u with amber..

  5. eh jgn basuh baju u pakai jumpa amber ni tawwww XOXO

  6. Hi Shazwani, Thank you so much for your kind words and recommendations. We really enjoyed your company too. People like you make us love our job. Thanks once again. Cheers Ryan Ho of Malaya Optical

  7. u're so pretty wani.. with spec and without spec also very prettyyyyy! i'm so jealous! n u get to meet amber chia as well! double jealous! u know what...she used to model for VICTORIA BECKHAM DRESSES u knowww!! so lucky u got to meet her!

  8. hurm kalo pkai spec lebih selesa lagi2 kalo rileks dekat rumah my dear better u use spec then lense because lense may effect ur eyes bu sometimes lense pn oke kalo nk keluar hang out or nampak lebih cantik :)

  9. u comel either wearing glasses or contact lens. im envy u darling. so comelsssss ! =D

  10. u look nice without spec. with spec, u look like a teenager..

    n naz dah makin cantik skrg.. dulu mcm biasa2 jer.. now, dah cantik.. ni mesti sebab kawan dgn youuu la ni.
    so u lah yang ajar dia eh? nya, kalau dpt kwn dgn u la.. mcm2 i nak belajar! hihihii

  11. my spec is from emporio armani,dah lama beli tahun 2007 kot n sampai skrg tahan gila...worth buying tho expensive

  12. awak comel lah pkai spec <3

  13. awak comel lah pkai spec <3

  14. hye wany..cantik ur specs but i'm kinda curious coz i thought u don't mind what kind of moschino i think quite famous..u nie actually brand conscious jugak offence...i,m totally wrong...

  15. tammy: yup2..all in good timing! thanks for inviting miu! *hugs*

    elle: awwww thank you love! (well..with a bit of make up, kinda makes it appear bigger i guess...otherwise, my eyes are just normal..hehe)

    Liea: which part? hmm..dkt dgn hsbc punya area. Happy visiting!

    su hashim: hahahah! very funny la u! yeah2..i simpan, perap baju tu! LOL ;p

    ryan: thanks for having me around!! ur shop is awesome!! ^_^

    anonymous: awwww really? ure so sweet! *wipe tears*
    oh..abt amber modeling for VB, yes yes..i knowww about it! n i was so excited when i found out about it! hehehe ;p

    cik nur: ha'ah.. patut nya mmg i pki spec kat sebab dah hilang, i belum beli spec lagi.. n end up pki contact even at home..heee ;p

    annis: thank you my dear!! comel lah u ni...hehe ;)

    anonymous: thanks. n yes, naz is getting prettier each day.hehe..She's beautiful inside out! And i'm luckyyy! hehehe ;)

    suzie: kan?! mmg worth to spend these kinda things.. =)

    salwani: thank youuu!

    anonymous: Brand conscious. LOL. Is that a bad thing? heheh.. Oh well, I dont always change spec every now and then.. So, that's why I wanna invest in something good.. Something that can make me wear it for a long time... Like my Dior, I've been using it for a good 4 years! ;) (but too bad it got lost now). Otherwise, if i'm gonna change the thing frequently, i dont mind using a no brand stuff..
    N yes, Moschino is a high end brand, honey.. It was just a gedix conversation between me and my friend, as I don't like the name of brand. That's all.


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