Sunday, January 23, 2011

Of Birth Date, Metaphysics, and Feng Shui

This might appear boring to some of you. But I find this very very interesting! hehe ;p

Every single person on this earth is unique and have different potentials, and abilities.. Right? Like the old sayings, "Everyone is different, each person is unique". Of course, God created us with different strengths and weaknesses.. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses... Some already know, and some still unsure.. So we ought to find them out in order to fully understand and know our potential, our abilities, strengths and weaknesses.. And to fully utilize it in our life..

There are many ways to find out about yourself and your abilities and whatnot.. Through experiences, and so on... Anddddd... one of the ways is also by learning what they called as metaphysics, - which is the study of all of reality, visible and invisible; and what constitutes reality, natural and supernatural. Metaphysics has been experimented to billions of people and has been on a research over thousands of years ago.. Well I don't really believe 100% about all this.. Nanti jadi syirik pulak (or whatever the suitable word for it) ke apa kan... But, yes, after I have asked the person who has learned about this metaphysics and Feng Shui thingy.. I was amazed with what he had to say about me, my family and the people I know..

Because it's kinda true.

Well, ermm.. it's actually, almost true what he said.. - 90% of what he said is true! Can you believe that?? hehee.. So yeah, this thing has really really interests me!

Well.. Feng Shui can help you attract the quality of energy that is most nourishing, or suitable, for you. Once you know your lucky Feng Shui directions, you will try to face them at work, at home, and even when you're sleep!

Anyways, here's what he had to say about me, according to my birth date:

1. My Birth Element is: Water
2. My Kua Number is: 3 (And that makes me an East Group)
3. My Animal/Zodiac: Fire Tiger
4. My Chassis Number: 8 1 7 (Well..this is something like what I heard from Dr. Azizan's seminar - I learned a little bit about my birthdate and my potentials/ability/weaknesses/etc. We'll get to that part, later..)
5. And my other combination numbers that I have in my birth date, - I don't know what he called it, but they are: 123, 843, 573, 911, 456, 888, 459, 67, 156, 189, 83, 336 

What does all of this means? Well..all these determine my personality, my wealth, health, and love life, all based on my birth date. Here's what he has to say:

Okayy.. Everything of the Earth belongs to one of the five elements, which are Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, and Metal. Each element manifests and radiates energy. These same elements are present in our own personalities.

And mine is, Water. (How to find out about this, I am still unsure.. - I just follow and listen to what he said about my element)

So..anyways, the Water Element means: Water rejuvenates the body and spirit. Water is unique in that it can be peaceful and calm (still water) and on the flip side it can be violent or even chaotic (running water). 

Errr...what does that mean actually?? Hahaha ;p (And I forgot some other explanations on this Water element la.. Haiyaaa. Sob sobb)

So...hmmm..I shall make friends with those with what elements eh? Fire? Wood? Earth or what?? Hmm... *thinking*
Water extinguishes is that a good thing or bad??

Oh well, nevermind. Let's move on to another subject, which is my Kua number, which is 3..and it  means: East group person and receives the best, most vibrant and nurturing energy from the following Feng Shui directions: South, North, Southeast, East.
You can view here to find out your Kua number, and view here for your lucky Feng Shui directions.

Mine is Number 3

Now let's have a look at my Chinese calendar year, the Tiger Year.

The Tiger is one of the most dynamic signs of the Chinese Zodiac. People born in Tiger years are highly competitive, adventurous, and very confident in their own abilities - they are the sorts who can, and will, get things done. Tiger people are aggressive, courageous, candid and sensitive. Their towering passion, ambition and all-or-nothing attitude can take them all the way to the top in whatever they endeavour to do. They crave excitement and get bored easily. (LOL! So true!! hahaha ;p) The Tiger is said to be lucky vivid, lively and engaging. (heh ;p) Another attribute of the Tiger is his incredible bravery, evidenced in his willingness to engage in battle or his undying courage. Maybe he’s so brave because he is so lucky.

Haha. That's funny. Cuz it's quite true! ;p
But according to the guy, specifically, I'm actually a Fire Tiger. - Wahhh.. dah la saya ni dah Rimau, lepas tu Api pulak. LOL! ;p

A Fire Tiger is:

Eccentric and dramatic, Fire Tigers are aglow with passion and verve. They are outgoing, expressive and look on the bright side of things. They have the Tiger’s natural ability to lead others and are able to excite others simply with their own gift of enthusiasm. (I think this part is quite true ^_^) They can be funny and have great senses of humor. Tigers are powerful speakers and have the ability to command and persuade crowds through speech(Really? Hurmm..) Their own seemingly endless supply of energy can make them appear a bit dramatic, and it may make them more sensitive to cautious or down-to-earth approaches in others.

The Tiger Lover:

Tigers are incredibly sexy people, beautiful to most people and sensually romantic. (Auwwww! I knowww I'm a sexy lover! hahaha) They are spontaneous lovers who never lose their creative spark or flare for an evening of passion. (OMG! This is quite true! - I mean, that's according to my friends la. They've been telling me this, about me! heh. So.. I guess.. my husband is so lucky to have me! hahahaha. Okay Wani. Sila berhenti perasan sekarang ;p) They offer their partner a hint of danger and exhibit a curiosity for the unknown.

Huhu. ;p

The Tiger Love Partner:

Tigers love excitement and need someone who can keep up with all they want to do and see. His partner must also be able to stand the mood swings, the ups and downs, the good with the bad. (LOL!!)

Tiger as Friends:

Tigers are exceptionally warm and incredibly generous with their time, attention and money. (Seeee...I told you, I'm niceee with people! haha ;p) Friends are always welcome in a Tiger’s home and will most often be greeted with a cup of coffee, an ear, a tissue, an open mind and an open wallet. (LOL!!) Few friends could be as caring and affectionate, as quirky and surprising, or as genuinely interested as the Tiger.

Best Friends: Horses and Dogs (But my best friend is a Rabbit?)

Mortal Enemy: Monkeys (LOL. My dad's a Monkey! heheh ;p)

Tigers Make Excellent:

Actors - LOL. I should be an actress then! haha

Comedians - Should I enter that Raja Lawak show then?

Chauffeurs - Ha? No! hahaha ;p

Musicians  - Nahhh...

Race Car Drivers - Oh! I would love to! hehe

Pilots - No thanks!

Artists - Not really good in drawings, but crafting...erm... yes, kinda. heh

Writers - blog full of pictures, not words (I think? heh ;p)

Flight Attendants - Nope. I don't like working as a 'servant'. heheh ;p

Travel Agents - Umm...really?

Advertising Agents - Hmmm.. Maybe. I don't know.

Office Managers - Hmmm...


Tigers fiercely stand up for what they believe in and for this, coupled with their courage and dedication, they are respected by both friend and foe. The intrinsic element of this sign is wood, and its direction is east-northeast. The Tiger is the third sign of the Chinese Zodiac and corresponds to western sign of Sagittarius.

Lucky Directions: (Facing) West, North, East (I don't know what these signs are for)

Most Compatible Signs: Horse, Dog (I don't know anyone whose a Horse or a Dog...)

Least Compatible Signs: Monkey, Snake, Boar (Hmm...My dad was born in a Monkey year, and my eldest sister was born in a Boar year. Hurmmm....) 

Lucky Years: Horse, Dog Years 

Unlucky Year: Monkey (Opposite)

Colors: Yellow, Gold, Orange. (But I like purple and green..and pink as well)

And lastly, about the numbers I just mentioned above... It's 8 1 7. Basically it means, I am:

  • Responsible
  • Trustworthy
  • Stubborn (heh?)
  • Organized (Yes, my shoes and clothes are color coded. ;p)
  • Nice (I knowwwww...hahahaha ;p)
  • Empathy 
  • Love to help people
  • Easily depressed (LOL!!! Especially if you turn on those sad songs! hahaha)
  • Have a sixth sense - He mentioned this on me, 3 times! (That means my instinct is always right, huh? hehe.. Some of my friends called me a freak, bcuz I sometimes can sense things...whether it's right or wrong..or could have or should have, etc... Hmmm...I can be a bomoh! hehee ;p)
  • Loyal
  • Likes nice things (Yeah.. I do love Chanel and Bentley. hahaha ;p)
  • Ambitious (Yerpp.. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a singer. LOL!)
  • Intelligent (I've always get good grades in school. heh ;p)
  • A good leader
  • Doesn't trust other people's ability (OMG?! Am I that mean? huhuhu ;p) 
  • Creative (Friends have been telling me that I'm creative. But I don't think I am...Hurmm.. Tah laa..)
  • An observer (Oh yesssss. I am! I loveeee to observe people..huhu)
  • Nice person (;p)
  • Independent (And I still haven't got approval from daddy to go abroad on my own. Haihh)
  • Very sensitive 
  • Grudger
  • Perfectionist (Heh? ;p)
  • High expectations
  • Very very honest (True! And it annoys me because I don't know how to lie. haha)

  • Loves to argue
  • Easy to get followers (But how come I only have 800 followers? haha)
  • Easy to get along with
  • Fussy
  • Popular (LOL. Yeah rightttt.)
  • Analytical - likes to think and to analyze things
  • Good spiritual
  • Great instinct
  • Likes to be alone
  • Likes to think

Errrr.... I think, I'm gonna talk about all of these, later la.. It's too long! I know you're bored already! haha

Okay thanks bye byeeee!

-Some of the sources of these infos and images; googled.

The Tiger. ;p


  1. elo cik wani, flight attendant bukan servant laa..unless you treat them like that in your many2 trips.

  2. Eh Wany bukan lahir tahun 1987 ke? Rabbit kan? ;)

  3. 1. My Birth Element is: Water (i thought i ni Fire or Earth, tapi Water?)
    2. My Kua Number is: 7 (And that makes me an West Group)
    3. My Animal/Zodiac: Water Dog

    ok, actually i tak paham camne nak dpt birth element, sbb kalau tgk Wani punya Animal/Zodiac - Fire Tiger So bukan Wani punya Birth Element tu Fire ke? ngaaa..

    "Lucky Directions: (Facing) West, North, East (I don't know what these signs are for)"

    i think ni yg mcm dorg susun perabot/pokok/brg2 dlm umah/ofis/bilik ikut direction yg kita nak target/achieve like love/health/money/personal growth. ni kena tanya org yg reti psl feng shui la...heheheh

    *my animal year is a Dog, that means im compatible with u la, hahahahaha*
    <3 xoxo~ ;)

  4. great stuff!! cool!

  5. anon:klau FA tu bkn servant abistu dorg tu bwat ape? bkn keje dorg melayan org ke? lgpun, keje servant is not a bad x perlu la nk emo..

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  7. Hi its interesting. Can I know who you consulted and contact number?


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