Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life's Little Treasures

Look what I found in my room, under the bed!! Look, look, lookkkk!!!

It's a treasure box!!!

Can you believe it, I have a treasure box in my room??! And I don't know about it??! Seriously, how can I not knowww about it? These kind of things, people would hunt them down..and search! And I can just let it be there, lying under the bed that I sleep everyday, for God knows how many years already! Pfftt... *slap my forehead*

Hmm... I wonder how long it has been there... Maybe a few decades already.. Hey, maybe it was there even before Srivijaya falls to the Majapahit empire.  Who knowsss?? It could be one of the pirate's treasure! And now, it's already the year 2011.. and NOW only I found it??! Pffftt. - Haiyaaa.. So slowwww larr you Wanii...

And so I was hoping to see a lot of golds and jewelries inside it!! Probably something like thisss! In my head, all I can think of was "Yeahhh..I'm rich! I'm rich! Wooohoo! I have gold!!". - And I already have in mind, to whom I wanted to distribute and share it with...

So, excitedly, I opened it........



Hmph. It was freaking empty!!!!

Yes, emp-tyyyy! There goes my bling bling in my mind...  Haihh.. Some fella or maybe lanun.. must have stole all the treasure and was a lil' faster to discover it than me! Damn you, stole all my treasure!!! >_<

Sob sobbb...


So in the end, I spent the night trying to think what to fill up the so-called "precious" box, to start making my own treasure...

And...guess what did I lug into the box??!

The little luxuries, of course! 
(I can't put my money and gold. Otherwise, there'll be another fella who will take away my treasures from me, AGAIN! ;p)

These are my life's little luxuries! So, they are 'my treasure'! hehe. Why do I call them "little luxuries"? Because they named after Dior, Chanel, Bvlgari, Gucci, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Van Cleef & Arpels and so on, which comes in "little" packagings!! hehee

So yes, they ARE my treasure!! ;)

P/s: Oh, how I wish I can turn all these little babies (with the brands) into bags and watches! Now THAT'S a real treasure! hehehe ;p



  1. wahh dah mcm kaunter pefume sudah :D

  2. dekat buckle(tak sure what it is called) treasure box tu mcm bentuk love.. heee nice!


  3. cik nur: hahahaha.. wait till u see my perfume drawer! LOL ;p

    lily lotus: heheh ;p

    anonymous/tuty: wahhh...i pon tak prasan la! hehehe... a'ah la, it's cute! baru terperasan niii! hehehe =)

  4. cantik...then luxury items tuh pun mengancam!

  5. wany...
    what brand yer ur perfume yg ada menda nak picit tu..mcm best jer..anyway wangi tak??

    *wangi kan versace kristal tu..i loikeee!!


  6. Wishful thinking ha sis??

    Anyway who doesn't like to have found a treasure...a real one that is...Ohh!! wouldn't it be greattt???

    Salam Kenal!!!

  7. best nya byk perfume!! mesti wangi bilik! hehe

  8. hey I'm using flora by gucci too. love it too much I actually stocked up on this perfume during sale. hehe :) Nice blog btw.


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