Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update Soon! :)

Hey guys.. I knoww, some of you been waiting to read my Indonesia trip, since the last time I told you about it right? hehe.. Sorry, took so long for me to update about it!

You know me, I like to take a lot of photos wherever I go (and especially on a trip). Hence, there's a lot of photos I need to choose, for me to upload them in here! And that explains why the delay. (Pffftt ;p) are some of the random photos I chose from the CD, summarizing both trip I went (one in June 2010, another one in December 2010). So...enjoy the photos first ya! hehee.. I'll story laterrr! So.. stay tune! heh ;p

(Click on the picture to enlarge!)

Bye peeps! Gotta have dinner now!



  1. wany, jeans awak yg biru tu sgt cantik hokey, buat u slim n u mind sharing with me the brand of yr jeans? thanks dik..

  2. gemo lah tgk kome nih ha gemo ek amik gmbr sgala aktiviti.nice.

  3. hey! it's already. am i late or what?


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