Friday, January 14, 2011

Just Not In The Mood..

Dear all..

Sorry for the lack of updates in here.. Lately, I've been sick. And I'm just not in the mood to write and update anything...  But I have loads of stories to update (with loads of photos to upload, as usual..hehe ;p) ....but I just don't have the mood to write and babble just yet la... Lately there's a lot of things on my mind.. Really important things that is... It's a matter of life and death..haha.. So it has affected my mood to write a bit... Sobs.. So sorry.. =(

I'll try to find time to write kay....

Help me find the mood again, pleaseee! hehe

Okay, take care all! Toddles!



  1. Happy New Year 2011! Better late than never, huh? Bah, get well soon. I just recovered from fever too.

  2. ..hehe..tkde mood pun maintain cun n gorgeous :) if it was me hmmmm ntah rupa apa la masa tgh tkde mood,mesti messy from top to toe

  3. Ernie Rusley23/1/11 10:35 PM

    Like your red brooch....from Diva rite?


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