Friday, January 28, 2011

The Sweetest Wish

Birthday dinner, a surprise visit from A'ai on my birthday ;)

The very first person who wished me a "Happy Birthday" on the last two Mondays, was A'ai. - A'ai wished me twice on Facebook. One at 11.45 pm, 16th January.. (which doesn't really count actually. Haha). And another one is at 12.00 am 17th January.. And then followed by another wish on Twitter, and then another one on my BBM. And two via SMS (different phone/numbers - I have two numbers, btw). And followed by a phone call with a birthday song. LOL!

Banyak nyer birthday wishes! hehe.. (E-mail je awak tak bagi.. Now where's my E-greetings card, ha?! LOL ;p)


And then..

10 minutes later, someone who were supposed to be very busy working (the person works night shift, btw), whom I didn't expect her to wish me that night because it's not her break time yet and she's not allowed to bring her phone in her office..... 
texted me via SMS... 

It was Naz.

Her message was quite simple, and short. But it made me teared.. I don't know why, all of a sudden tears started falling down the moment I read her words that night... God, I love that girl! ^_^

*si gemuk dan si kurus*

It may not appear 'special' to you guys... But, I guess..the bond between us is so strong until I shed a tear reading her wishes... Here's what she said to me: 

"Happy 21st birthday my darling angel!!!! May you live very long and blessed with good fortune. May you live happily with your family and your loved ones.. (And actually she said something else too, in between these lines. But I couldn't reveal it on my blog. Cuz it's just too damn sweet to tell. heheh ;p) May God bless you with good health, wealth and prosperity in your life. And may we be best friends for life. You're really my soul sister. I love you so much darling! Mmmmwaxxx! 
P/s: Nanti kita celebrate your birthday k? =)"

Awwwww...she just know what to say... God, I love that girl!! And heyyyy... She wished me a 21st birthday! Heheheh. Geee...thank you for making me feel young! LOL ;p

*the in denial, perasan Forever 21 girl*

Ha. Ha.

Wani, grow up!

You're old already. Face it la! hahahah ;p



  1. cantik la wani ni.... natural beauty gitu... btw, happy belated birthday dear..

  2. cantik la wani ni.... natural beauty gitu... btw, happy belated birthday dear..

  3. Salam.
    Berminat turun kan berat badan?

    Sauna dan Sauna Pants, membakar lemak dengan pantas dan berkesan. Check it out! :)


    ps: Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday, dik Syaz :)

  5. waniiiiiii cantikkkkk!

  6. awww...chumel la ko ni msg tu sgt plain dear..tu blum aku berpuisi n bersyair kt ko lg..nnti la bile2 aku rajin aku create satu sajak utk ko k..hihi...
    btw, sori sgt2 coz aku bz gler lately ni n x sempat lg nk gi celebrate bfday ko..but i'll find time 4 u k..hrp besabar k..n AKU RINDU KO!!!! SGTTT!!!

  7. ginger: awww thank u. alhamdulillah... u're so sweet!

    nurul: ok, gonna check it out! ;)

    aqmar: thanks! =)

    sukma: terima kasih, kak!

    anonymous: heh. its the make up that helps! but thanks! ;)

    naz: LOL!!! lawak ler hang nehh...alah, takyah celebrate2 lahh.. aku nak kau peluk cium aku je, cukuppp..hehe =)
    love ya lalink...n yes, i miss u too!


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