Saturday, June 25, 2011

This post is dedicated to my one and only.... DAD!

25th June, 2011.

Today, is my daddy's birthday. He is 55 years old now. So happy birthday to you dad! ;) I haven't wish you a Happy Father's Day, last weekend.. Heee.. So here's an entry I made just for you, as a Father's Day + Happy Birthday post! hehe ;p 

picture taken in Bandung, Indonesia last year

On your birthday, let me just say...there are no words to express how grateful I am that you were born and that you are my dad..

Thank you for being a kind and caring Father. You have given me everything that a child needs and wants all along this while. Thank you for giving me love, care & attention, education, islamic teachings/knowledge, and all the things that I want and need as a child...

Alhamdulillah, I feel so blessed to have a daddy who guard and care for me since the day I was born...and until now. With all that’s going on in this world today, I’m thankful I get to watch you, to look up to you, being an example of a good man.

I respect you... As a father. As a husband to my mother. As a son to my grandparents. As The Boss at the office. As an uncle to my relatives. And as a human being. You're an exceptional man. So strong, so wise and SO KIND! You're the perfect role model for a dad, a husband, and a person, in my eyes. I look up to you in every thing that you do, daddy.. And I gotta say... mama is a lucky woman! =) (And you're lucky too, to have her! hehe)

I always pray that one day, I'll find someone who's just like you to be my husband.. Of course, minus the garang/tegas part. hahaha ;p 
But yeah, I do look up to you.. There is no man whom I respect more, or whom I am more proud of! You've shown me how a man should be. You are my role model. I always compare other men to you. I look for your strength in making hard decisions that can’t be avoided. I appreciate your good character, your respect for others, your willingness to lend a helping hand even if it’s incovenient for you. You are a great man dad! You really are!

I feel so blessed to be under your wing, your protection, your care, and learning important life lessons from you... What a privilege it is to observe your strength, your competence, and your kindness. Seriously, there is no man whom I respect more...other than you, daddy! 

Throughout the years.. you have worked so hard, to provide us a happy life, and you’ve been there to help and give us advice.. and you did it all without complain and strife. Seriously, if all fathers in this world were like you, the world would have been a very different and much better place! ^_^

You are the father I love and respect, The daddy who fulfills all his duties to teach, to guide, to protect. I bet if everyone had such a father, a really good dad like mine.... all the kids would be as comel as me! Hahahaha! JK ;p

So anyway, on your birthday... I pray for all your wishes come true. I pray for your health and well being. I pray for many more success and happiness in your life... And let me just say it again...that there are no words to express how grateful I am that you were born, and that you are MY DAD! (Psssssttt....that is one of the reason why I put my blog name as Shazwani Hamid's Blog, instead of just Shazwani or Wani's blog or whatever.... - It's because I'm really proud to be Mister Hamid's little daughter! hehehe ;p)

Love you dad!

Lastly..... When I grow up, I want to be just like you, dad. I will try my very best to follow your footsteps in every way, inshaAllah...
It's truly a blessing to have you as a father. You are indeed the best Abah in the world!!

Happy Birthday, Abah! I love you!

From your admiring daughter,


  1. awww....sweetnye tis entry..u really are good in making people melting la darling..hihi..oh btw, HEPI BFDAY UNCLE!!!! rindu famili ko la..dulu kan aku slalu jek nyibuk kt umah ko tu smpai famili ko pon dh boring tgk muke aku..huhu..

  2. wani..your fathers's birthday is the nearest to mine! mine is today!..haha..anyway..Happy belated birthday to your father (^_^)

  3. gmbr mandi pool tu kat mingcourt hotel PD,looks familiar tp tmpt tu dah tutup now :)

  4. sweet wani..
    Happy besday to your dadddy too..


  5. you and your dad wears a lot of purple/maroon kind of color, cute hehe :)

  6. waa, 25th june was my birthday too. anyhow, happy belated birthday to ur daddy :D


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