Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Second Treatment at Marie France Bodyline

So I had my second treatment at Marie France Bodyline, last Thursday. I don't know what they called this treatment, but I like it so much! It involves a lot of hot wrapping! And I like that.. It feels like wearing bengkung or something.. hehe.

So, as usual..they asked me to change into the kimono first..

Few minutes after I've changed, Jojo my therapist came into the room with these rolled cloth that looks like some sausages, in her hands

She started wrapping it on my right leg.. She did it very professionally - it was really fast!  I was amazed! hehe

She covered most of the part on my body.. My full leg, hips, tummy, arms.. I really felt like I was a Mummy or something! haha

And covered them with plastic wrap..

Yeay! We're done! Now...let's wait for about 30 minutes.. 

I really like this wrapping treatment! The cloth were soaked in lotion and some hot oil or something..I forgot what she told me, but it really made my skin felt so soft, yet hot afterwards! hehe.. I can feel the heat when the thing was still on me.. And right after she unwrapped me, my skin was so red, and I was shaking all over! I felt sooooo cold! Maybe my body was a bit shocked, because of the temperature difference I think. 

Oh ya, and after that wrapping, Jojo brought me to this waxing thing area to do the hand treatment, while waiting for the 30 minutes wrapping session

I love how this thing feels on my skin

So that's about it, for my second treatment! If you haven't vote for me yet, kindly do so! hehe..
Cuz if you would like to send me to Bali, and love to read my stories on Travel & Vacation entries, you can vote for me and send me there!! I'll be happy to tell you my stories in here! So do vote for me ya! hehe ^_^

P/s: Jojo said, I lost 3 pounds since Monday! Yeay!



  1. seronoknya wani.. good luck :) 3 pound dah u kurang? wah.. :)

    Jom baca ni :NIKMAT TEH Kepada Badan dan Minda. Anda peminat teh?Meh baca ni..

  2. can't wait to see the new you..heheh :)


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