Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Very First Slimming Session!

I'm very excited about this! Yes, I've been trying to slim down for months or maybe years now...haha ;p But it all failed because:
A) I don't have a coach or someone who monitors me, or...personal trainer or whatever it is that you call it,
B) I don't have anyone or anything to motivate me to slim down (apparently buying a really gorgeous outfit that is two sizes smaller than you, is not really working out for me - I ended up crying, and buying another outfit! Pffft),
C) I don't really have a timeline to really lose some weight. I always say... "Never mind lah, I'll start my diet tomorrow! Esok kan ada lagi...". And then it became weeks, and months and years! And until now! Aiyoooo....
And lastly D) I don't have a friend to teman me slim down (all of my friends/siblings always wanna hang out at some nice food place. So how can I resist? ;p)  

But anyway... When Nuffnang has chosen me to be a part of the Bloggers' 30 Days Challenge with Marie France Bodyline, in conjunction with their 26th Anniversary campaign/contest, of course I said yes! At last.... something I need, to motivate me to slim down!!!

So basically, all of us, the chosen bloggers, have to undergo 2 slimming treatments per week at Marie France Bodyline outlet for this one whole month! So yeayyyy! I'm really excited about this! For the first time ever, I'll get to experience some slimming treatment sessions...and of course, for the first time ever, I'm really gonna have to WATCH. WHAT. I. EAT. FROM. NOW. ON.

Oh, I SO wanna win!! Not really for the prize actually... But because I really wanna lose some weight!! Yes, I desperately need to look nice and be 45 kg again! So I can wear some really nice clothes! And maybe start a fashion blog? hehehe... So....the time to act is now Wani! NOWWW... No more delaying!!!!

Anyway, so here's a little story on my first visit to Marie France Bodyline in Subang Jaya..

This is how I look like on Day 1

During the consultation session, my consultant explained to me about slimming, their products and services, the success stories and etc.. She explained quite a lot to me, and made everything about slimming seemed crystal clear.

And later on, my nutritionist came and talked to me about my diet and a healthy eating habit. She gave me some suggestions on food choices and substitutes and even the serving size.. She remind me to drink a lot, a lot, a lot of water! Heee... Bear that in mind, Cik Wani! 

Also, she gave me a food timetable for me to list out the food I ate during the whole week, and pass it to her at the end of every week.. So yeayy..I got someone who would monitor me, so I think...I would be more discipline...? heheheh ;p

So after consultation...the treatment begins..

The sweet lady brought me to the treatment room..

So this is the room.. It's a very small room.. which looks like a waiting room, with just a mirror, a locker and a chair in it...

She gave me a disposable thong, a pair of slippers, a towel and a kimono, and asked me to changed..

I had to put my Dior bag underneath that locker because my bag is quite big and the locker is too small for it...sob sob...

Tada! I've changed! Can't wait for the treatment to begin!

A few minutes therapist named Jojo came in with these in her hands...

It's a warm towel, seaweed body mud, body scrub and a plastic wrap

She covered my leg entirely... It leaves me feeling a bit itchy and burning a bit...

According to her, this seaweed mud that she used, is rich in marine trace elements, mineral and amino acids. This treatment would purges out impurities from the skin, and helps in detoxification processes, soften & smoothes out the skin's texture, resulting in firmer and supple skin, boost circulation, reduce cellulite and so on...

This treatment took about 20 minutes...

So while waiting, I cam whored. LOL ;p

After that, Jojo asked me to shower and later, she took my weight and record it...

(Dalam hati: Dup dap...dup dap... Please pleaseee lie to me, weighing machine! T_T)

And right after that, she gave me a hand treatment..

She put some lotion on my hands, rub it, and then she asked me to dip my hands in some kinda wax or something... 

And let it dry for a few minutes..

It became like a glove! And it really soothes my skin!

Later, she asked me to change into new undies and kimono and brought me to another room..

Next treatment is what they called as the GBT treatment.. It's a Deep Detoxifying Massage, which promotes blood & lymphatic circulation, eases muscular aches & tension, breakdown fatty tissues, and many more...

So this was the massage room..

Jojo use this Silhouette Massage Oil 

After about one hour in body feels so relax and my skin felt so soft! So..there goes my Day One session...

Oh..I can't wait to get my body in shape like her!!

Anyway, the four of us are on Marie France Bodyline Malaysia's Facebook! So please vote for your favourite blogger ya! (ehem *me* ;p)

Just click 'Like' for the page, and click 'Vote for her'. Oh, if I get the highest votes, I'll win! And I would reward everyone of you with my kiss! heheh ;)

Oh..and before I end my story today, I would like to tell you girls, there's also a promotion going on, for Tummy Reduction. Do check out the poster below!

Ok, that's all for today's post. WISH ME LUCK! I SO WANNA KURUS AND WIN! hehe. VOTE FOR ME YA! ;)



  1. voted for u,ok now give me a kiss..huhu..

  2. hai wanie gud luck oke my dear :)

  3. i'll vote for you as much as i can ok.. :-)

    Wani, yang tummy reduction tu agak2 sakit tak? dulu pernah pergi kat satu slimming centre jugak tapi sakittt sgt lah dia nyer treatment, so ai trus tak continue dah, rasa perit sangat kulit ni bila dia sedut dan tarik tuh.. ngeri..

    Yang Wani buat nie, yang massage tu pakai tangan ke pakai machine? and does it hurt? sorry byk tnya sal ai pernah kene yang sakit punya jadi takut nk try other slimming centre.. so ni kira mcm nk survey2 lah sikit dengan Wani..

    Thank you!

  4. good luck wani!and i have done voted for you..jangan lupa souvenir from bali..haha!

  5. looks great...the room look more spacious and comfortable than what they have in london weight

  6. kak suzie: awww thank u kak!! kiss kisss!! ;*

    cik nur: thank you!

    manisz: thanks! ;)
    Yg massage tu pakai tgn.. Sakit jugak la... Tapi, nak kurus punya psl, kena tahan! haha ;p

    shurazirah: hehe. of course, IF im qualified for the bali thingyyy! thanks doll!

    hanani: thanks dear! oh.. i so hope i do lose some weight... AMIN! hehe

  7. naper tak guna PB mcm ur sis?


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