Monday, June 6, 2011

My First Hot Stone Massage Experience!

I had a really really rough and tough week, last week. I was emotionally, physically and mentally tired. Everything seemed so... difficult. =(
So when a dearly friend of mine, saw how horrible and terrible I was, she decided to give me a treat! As she thought I needed a break... Oh, how nice and thoughful! (Thank you!) ^_^

So last Saturday, I went to a place called Amante in Bangsar, to try out one of their Best Seller items; a Hot Stone Massage to take away all my stress.. My friend said it was one of the best massage she ever been to... So yeah, I gave it a try..

They have a few outlets in Klang Valley. But since the Bangsar outlet is the nearest to my house as compared to the others, so I chose this one.

The salon is located at one of the shops in Jalan Telawi, It's on the first floor..

" many treatments and services! Let's go upstairs..Can't wait to start my massage!"

Their NAILTEK Spa Manicure and Pedicure treatment is one of their Best Sellers too

These are the rooms in the other outlets.. Looks so nice, right? (I didn't take that many photos when I was there.. Too excited to start my massage! LOL ;p)

So anyways... here's my experience for this 90 minutes Hot Stone Massage in Amante, Bangsar. - I heard a hot stone massage is very good for the body. It is a deeply soothing, relaxing form of massage. The heat helps tight muscles, released and relax. It is a unique form of massage that incorporates smooth, heated Basalt stones into a massage session...

Ok, so here's my experience!

So the therapist brought me to a massage room..

The lights were dimmed, making you feel an instant tranquility when you walked along the hallway..

My masseuse was preparing the hot stones

So these are the stones that they used..

She gave me a towel, a disposable thong and a shower cap..and asked me to change

So I changed..and started laying down on the bed..feeling so excited to try this classic massage therapy for the first time! hehe

The masseuse started with a back massage.. The massage was nice and relaxing.. Not too hard, nor too soft. Just what I needed.. I love the massage oil that she used. It smells like lavender and the best part is, it doesn't leave the stickiness or oiliness/greasiness on your body at all! In fact, my skin felt so soft!

So anyway...she focused on my back area and really gave attention to my hands and legs too...I guess she knew how tired I was! I love the part where she massaged my back using the hot stones! That definitely felt soooo nice!!

Like this! All that stroking and sweeping using the hot stone felt really really good!

And after all that, when she started massaging my legs, she put the hot stones along my spine, my palms, my abdomen and my shoulders, etc...allowing the heated stones to encourage deeper relaxation of the muscles, as well as the mind and spirit! And as the stones cool, the masseuse replaced it with another. Goshh...that absolutely felt so goooood! Basically, the whole massage treatment, was not only using the hot stones solely. The masseuse did use her fingers, hands, forearms, elbows, etc to massage as well! So that makes the whole experience such a bliss!

 But I like the foot massage especially! It's not just a nice old foot massage with some oily hot stones.. It was more than that, as she put some little hot stones in between my toes to separate them. And that felt so gooooood, man! 

I never tried a hot stone massage before, so this was my first time..... And I gotta say, nothing beats the feel of hot stones all over your body!!! The massage was amazing and pleasurable, the oil used was soothing and the feeling of hot stones on your body was such a pure bliss!! The hot stone experience releases tensions, warms the body and soothes away my stress. I WOULD DEFINITELY COME HERE AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! Seriously, this is the best massage I have ever tried so far! My body felt so gooood afterwards! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Anddddd....... After one and a half bed looked so messy already! haha

After the treatment, Florence gave me a ginger tea. Mmmm.. It was nice...

Anyway, here's a list of the treatment/services available together with the prices, for you to try!

All in all, this is the best massage I've ever had! I'm not just saying this because my friend treated me here. But this is really really my honest opinion! And guess what....90 minutes of the massage is really not enough! I want more!! Next time, maybe I should do a 3 hour session? hehehe.. ;p

And yes, I would definitely visit here again! And you should too!! ^_^

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  1. pernah try takat kat shoulder jer sebab complimentary buat facial kat murad..teringin nak try full body..huhu...

  2. Talk about coincidence. I read your blog about the amante hot stone and a minute after that I received email alert from for the Amante Deal. I did not wait any longer, straight away bought the voucher without even thinking twice because of what I read in your blog (I TRUST YOUR TASTE). Thanks wani :)

  3. amante pun dah ada kat Taipan USJ!
    yeayy! slalu tertanya2 psl hot stone ni, dok pikir batu ni betul2 hot je so takut nak try, hahahah!
    since Wani dah try and she loves it so much, i'd give it a try one day ;)


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