Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Marie France Bodyline Slimming Treatment Continues!

So my second and third visit to the Marie France Bodyline in KLCC outlet were AWESOME! During this two visits, they focused on my tummy area and front thighs first. A lot of machine and wrapping were used! It was some treatment called CBT and another one was TSTP or something somethingg... Reaaaaalllyyy can't remember! =(

But anyway, both the treatment was nice.. It involved some cooling gel, some scrubs, some masks, some ultrasonic gel, some machines and lots more! I reallllyyy love the treatments I get in here! So freaking niceeee! I always fell asleep while doing the treatment! Well...maybe cuz I'm just so tired... Or, it could be the treatment is really really nice that I fell asleep! hehe

So therapist brought me to the VIP Treatment room, to start doing my slimming session... burn the fat all around this tummy! Sighh.. When will I ever be a 45 kg girl? tskk

My outfit of the day was: Cobalt Blue with a combination of Hot Pink! ;)

And then she brought me to this room to start the tummy reduction session! hehe

Some blue powder mask, slimming ampoule, scrub, gels, slimming oils, etc..

After an hour of massaging me and gliding the roller machine all over my fat thigh and tummy...she mixed the powder with water, and made this mixture of body mask ready to be applied on my body!

I love the color! It's actually brighter than this.. The color is like aqua blue or something.. Or was it turquoise? Oh well...never mind! But I like the feeling.. It left me a cooling effect on my skin..

Then...resting time! ;)

After a good 30 minutes, the therapist came in to unwrap the plastic wrap on my body, and wipe the mask away..  The mask turned out to be like a jelly/gel texture when it has dried...and it was so easy to remove!

Then after massaging and spreading the slimming oil onto my body... I'm all set to be back home already! ;)

But first...gotta touch up my make up a bit in the Powder Room! hehe

I loveeeee the lighting in this room! It made my skin looked gooood! So, the vain side in me gotta take a picture la, of course! hahaha ;p

Okay. For those who haven't VOTE FOR ME, Sila VOTE yer??! Another few days left jer ni! heheheheh ;p 

Thanks korang! Laff laff ya! ;)
Okayyy... Bye bye now! Gotta sleep..tomorrow am going to workkkkk! Tata!



  1. wani...

    mahal x buat slimming treatment kt marie france?

  2. bestntya dapat pakai baju dan kasut mahal2

  3. Hi Shaz!!

    Your blog is really nice and interesting, as you said you are not a regular blogger but It seems you should be :) you have a good sense of blogging IMO.

    Anyways best of luck.


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