Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Interest? hehe

Lately I find myself flipping some I.D magazines and googling some interior designs of a room, a living room, a closet, etc etc. No more fashion magazines! How weird! haha..

Hmm.. I'm beginning to have an interest in interior designs...perhaps? heh. (mom even asked me to go for a short course for interior design something.. Because she said I have a good eye and I should enhance the knowledge/idea that I have! hehe ;p)

It's really interesting looking at all the pretty and modern designs of a house, an office, a room, a bathroom, and et cetera! But the thing that interest me the most are the designs of a bedroom, bathroom and a closet especially - because that's the place I would be spending my time the most! ;)

Plus, I do believe that the place that you sleep in - the bed and the bedroom, have to be as comfortable and cozy as possible. Because it's really important to be as happy and peaceful as you can in your own room, Cuz that's the place you rest and sleep! And ultimately, you'll get a good night sleep and wake up in a very good mood! Unless of course, something else is bothering you...then a good bed also can't be that reliable to change your mood. LOL ;p

But anyway...throughout my "research" of the bedroom and bathroom designs... Bathtub designs has really caught my eye!

Look, so many awesome shapes, sizes and designs!

This is just a simple one. But it still look nice to me...It's classic!

This one too! 
This one comes with a back rest! So niceeee...I can imagine myself relxing in here for one hour, enjoying my bubble bath! hehe

So unique, isn't it?!

This looks like for a jacuzzi bath or something

This looks like a boat/sampan! haha

So cool!


I like this! Like a mini swimming pool!

And favourite one!!!

A heel bathtub!!! So cool righttt?! hehee

Can't wait. Can't wait! ;p

I can't wait to have one of these designs to be mine! hehe. Then I guess.. I'll be spending more time and hours in there, doing these kind of things in my bathroom! haha. Oh heyy... maybe I should have a little corner in my bathroom for my foot spa too..perhaps? ;p
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