Saturday, June 25, 2011

My treatment at Marie France Bodyline in KLCC

And so I did my treatment in KLCC starting this week. 

Oh myyyy...the place is beautiful! It looks luxurious! And serene.. Me likeyyyyy! I feel so happy that I switched to KLCC instead of continuing doing my treatment in USJ Subang. Not that USJ outlet is bad or whatever.. Not at all actually. I love the people there! Very friendly... But actually it's because, first: USJ is far from my work place...and they closed earlier than in KLCC. So my treatment time is a bit limited over there... and second because the Marie France Bodyline (MFB) outlet in KLCC is soooo beautiful and they close at 10 pm, which I likeeee cuz more time for me to do my treatments after office hour! hehe ;p

So anyway, I arrive MFB in KLCC last Tuesday, to continue my treatment there.. 

My god...the place smells nice and it looks so beautiful too!! (They just open last 15th actually - they renovated it and moved to a new place in KLCC)

See....they even got a trophy for being the Best Centre of MFB last year! ;)

So anyway... after I've arrived, they brought me to the Consultation Room, to follow up a bit..

I loved the color that they use as for the walls. Lavender. 
So prettttyyy. Now...I'm thinking to change to lavender as the feature wall in my new room pulak, instead of pink. Hurmm.... =/

*while waiting.. I camwhored*
Then they showed me around the place...

Here's the nutritionist room or something.. *forgot*

Oh! And in here..they even have facial room! Yes, MFB also does facial too! Now only I know! hehe

There's also Male Treatment room.. Yeppp.. MFB treatment is available for pregnant guys too. hehe

And...lastly, the VIP Treatment room... I was like whoaaaa...there's VIP room too?? Wow..I wonder what it's like...

...and so she brought me to the VIP area! Yeayy ^_^

Nice eh?

So anyways...after that, my therapist brought me to the locker area.. put all my stuff and change

But before I change into their green yellowish kimono, lemme just take a one shot of what I wear for that day, like usual..hehe

I love how this locker has a place for shoes and a space for a big bag! (Last time, I couldn't even fit my normal daily bag into their locker..sob sob...)

So after I've therapist brought me to the treatment room, to do one of their signature treatment called LST. I'm not sure what it stands for..but if I'm not mistaken, it is LipoSonic Therapy.

It uses low frequency ultrasound technique through a process called "LipoSonic" effect. The "Ultrasonic Waves" generated focus on adipose tissues, without affecting other body tissues, nerves or organs. The machine induces low sonic frequency to break down the fat cell membranes, while stimulating vascular flow and metabolism, without affecting the healthy cells. 

According to my therapist, the fat breaking activity can last up to 72 hours! Coolness! 

So she started with using these things... Don't know what the yellow powder was.. But she did cleanse my body with warm towel first, before she started using the machine.. By the way, in case you're wondering, the machine was not painful at all!  In fact, I enjoy so much my treatment that day! She even massaged me too! nice, after working, stop by MFB to enjoy these treatments! So relaxing and so nice! Seriously, I never thought a slimming session would be so relaxing like a spa! hehe
Anyway after that (about one hour, I think), she started to wrap my body with the hot lotion wrap, like my last treatment in USJ..

Then, after she has done wrapping my body, she brought me to the hand treatment area..

For the Hand Paraffin treatment to soften the hands while waiting for the wrap (20 minutes)

Then she brought me to this waiting room...

There's coffee bar, flat screen TV, comfy couch and magazines.. Mmm nice!

Like a glove ey?

I always play with the wax after it has dry. I like to make it as an ais kepal in my hands. haha ;p

After the treatment has finished, I went to the VIP bathroom (yes, they separate the 'common' bathroom and 'VIP' bathroom as well)

The VIP bathroom is much more bigger.. and nicer, I gotta say! ;)
Of course...anything/anywhere that is for VIP is always nice eh? nice to always be a VIP... =_='

This is the dressing table area. There's cotton buds, facial cotton, hair brushes, hair dryer, etc.. This is where I usually get my make up and scarf done

Okay...I'm ready to go home now... It's almost 10 pm, and I haven't reach home yet.. 

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