Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Last Slimming Treatment.. Sob..sobb It's not what you think.

I'm still in the competition (although I think I'm gonna be the last one, who's still not losing any weight just yet... - Too much lemak degil and also, too degil to leave my food... T_T) 
But what I meant by saying it's my last slimming treatment is... last week was the last week of my slimming session at Marie France Bodyline in Subang USJ. I changed to KLCC starting this week! And I'm really excited about this because they just revamp and renovate their outlet in KLCC! Must be so nice eh?! Can't wait! ;)

So...anyway... in my last week in Marie France Subang, after my 5th visit/treatment, I still get the same treatment... - The GBT and the hot lotion wrap... So, not much to blog lah.. Bcuz the treatment is still the same, and I don't wanna bore you guys with the same thing... :(

The hot wrapping drumstick session. 

This treatment leaves the skin a bit red after you unwrap yourself.. Then next is the GBT treatment..

Okayy...last picture of me being in Subang outlet! hehe.. After this, will be in KLCC

Gonna blog soon about KLCC outlet! ^_^

P/S: If it's not too much to ask, vote laaaaa this Cik Shazwani ya? hehe. THANKS! *huggies*



  1. bestnya wani dapat treatment free.. :) vote 4 u.. :) Bali Bali.. Good luck wani :)

    Jom baca ni :Cerita ke Pejabat Nuffnang di Heritage House..

  2. Hi All

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  3. Slimming Sanctuary in Malaysia service is not as promising as compare with the first sign up. They just want your money and when they have more and more clients, they will not not attend to you and just feel that you appointment is ignoring. The place / room for treatment is not as expecting as when you saw in their flyers and advertisement. There is also kind of smell from the room that cannot make you relax. Kind of smelly thingy from the unwashed cloth. Gosh!!! So why waste your money on this kind of center ? Cheater and liars when come to consultation.


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