Sunday, June 26, 2011

You Know It's Almost Raya, when....'re starting to find tailors and designers for your Raya outfits! ^_^

I'm not really a fan of Baju Kurung. I don't have that many Baju Kurung in my wardrobe. Not because I don't like wearing them. Don't get me wrong, I do like to wear Baju Kurung actually - Somehow the baju made me feel safe when wearing them. And I like it. But the reason why I don't have that many pieces of Baju Kurung in my closet is because I don't really know how to choose a great material, design and pattern. It's not really my cup of tea, I think..? heh 

When I enter Gulatis or Hasaram or Euro Moda and Jakel, all the kain look just about the same to me, floral or abstract, etc etc! I really don't know how to choose a good pattern! Heheh ;p

Usually it'll be like so plain. Or so dull. Or too bright. Or so boring. Or so "orang tua". Or so "mak datin". Or so girly/kiddy. Or so... hmm...I don't know!

Seriously... I don't really know how to choose the best one. So normally I'd leave the job to my mom, as she has a really good eye on all those kain-kain. She really knows what to pick and buy - of course la, Baju Kurung is her everyday outfit, and she only wear that for the past 25 years! So of course she's an expert in this field! hehe =)

So let's just leave me to buying blouses and shirts, kay? Cuz that's my fave department! haha ;p

Anyway, so each time when Raya is approaching, I'll get excited as this is one of the time that I'll be able to wear some nice Baju Kurungs, with pretty designs from some famous designers! heheh ;p Otherwise, I'll just have to wait for an event or dinner that I am invited to, to wear 'em... And that rarely happen! haha.

So today, I just got back from visiting a few designers, for a consultation session...

In one of the designer's boutique..

They have a lot of pretty ready-to-wear Baju Kurungs in here..

But I went for a made-to-measure Baju Kurung, as my body is not a standard size like any other Malaysian ;p


A little sneak preview! Hehee. Can't wait to see the end result! I hope it'll turn out to be nice! 

Have a great week ahead, everyone! ;)



  1. last saturday baru jer cari kain next week baru nak anta dekat tailor hehehehe
    tuh la bila start cari kain rasa mcm awal lagi tapi prepare awal2 lagi senang :)

  2. tak sabar nak tgkkkk!!


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