Friday, July 23, 2010

Do-It-Yourself a Top to Toe Treatment!

Hey girls!

I have a question for you! Normally how long would it take for you to really cleanse yourself and pamper your body every day or every week? For me, daily shower would take about 20 minutes..(or..if I am running late for something..maybe about 10 minutes only! haha) but if I have a really really big day like a special date or like a big event to attend or could take me from 30 minutes to an hour in the shower room! hehe..

But...on the days where I want to really pamper myself from top to toe in the bathroom, I'd spend about two hours in there! Heeee.. I know! You must be thinking..apa yang I sental sampai 2 jam, right? hahaha.. While you guys had done with watching your football match, I am still in the bathroom doing God knows what! hahahaha ;p

Well..I have this habit since I was in secondary school. I just like to pamper my body.. So every week, if I have time, I'll make sure I would spend at least 2 hour in my bathroom and spend some quality time with my own body. hahahaha =P

So anyways..
I'd like to show you how and what I normally do when I'm spending my relaxing 'me time' in there.. After a long day at work or at school or shopping or whatever at all... a nice long soak in a hot bath is just the ticket!

Here's how I do mine:

Run your bath until it is a comfortably hot temperature, be careful not to make it too hot..otherwise you might burn yourself.. So make sure that the bath is not too hot cuz it can irritate your skin, and you won't feel that it is relaxing..

Next, put some essential oils (about 8 drops) or your favourite bath gels and some bath salt.. If you have tired feet or aching body or whatever at all, bath salts can help improve the way you feel and ease away the tension..

Take your time to relax, to reduce stress and to make you feel good about yourself. Sit comfortably in there.. Put on some nice music.. (I always bring my BB inside the bathroom..and sing along to some NeYo songs.. or maybe Kenny G's..) Take as much time as you like.. I normally would spend at least 30 minutes soaking in the tub.. And if you need to add more bubbles and froth, do add some more of your favourite bath gel.. Mine would be this one from Botanics (from Boots).. It smells really really good that I feel like licking myself! hahaha. Anyway, I read somewhere, that a warm bath can help relax tensed nerves. And it can also improve your health.. Cool!

While you're in there don't forget to scrub your whole body.. Use some body loofah or sponge or pad or brush to scrub and exfoliate your skin..

And then when you're done, treat your hair with some love too.. My daily shampoo would be Sunsilk (the pink one) or Toni & Guy (the pink one as well), depending on my hair condition on that day.. But for treatments, I use these products:
 Ba Wang Shampoo & Conditioner OR Rene Furterer Shampoo, Essential Scalp Treatment Oil & Conditioner. And some olive oil and paste from L'Occitane for the hair mask..
(This step would take about 30 minutes)

And when you're done with your hair.. how about you do a lil' facial for your face? =)
Lately I have received a lot of questions from my readers as to what I use for my facial care and regime.. Well, to be really honest with you, I don't really know what exactly the brands that I really really use.. as I constantly changing brands.. So it's hard to tell what products I actually use. Heeee. (I know, not good.. But I just couldn't resist not to buy those with a really good packaging or smell or whatever) 
But as of now, I'm using...

 Dior HydraLife Facial Cleansing Gel, Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It, Bloom Buff Off Apricot Kernel Face Scrub, Bloom Clean With Envy Green Clay Mask, and some whitening tissue mask, a brand from Japan which I don't know what it is... - but I bought this at Watson's.

So after I have cleanse my face and scrub my nose and my whole face, I use this mask. I loveeee the smell!! And the texture too! Clay mask is best suited for oily/combination skin. It dries up in a short period of time and is considered as a detoxifying mask. 

While waiting for your mask to dry up, how about you read some of your beauty bible?! =)

Or magazine! God, I love Victoria Beckham. She is SO fine!! And I love her legs!

HAHA. I'm so green. LOL ;p
Do I look like Mrs Incredible Hulk?? hehee ;p

Well..after the mask has dried, rinse with cool water and scrub the mask off your face. Your skin will be free of dirt and excess oil! (P/s: Do not do this in front of your husband. You'll scare him away with this greened face! hehe. Victoria Beckham says she always do her mask when David is away.. Comel kan VB tu? Nanti saya dah kawin pun nak buat macam tu lah jugak..hehe)

And then.. after I have washed away all the green mask, I pat dry my skin, and put on this whitening tissue mask..and try to relax under the duvet.. Just so you know, I love love loveeee this kinda facial mask because it really hydrates and moisturizes my skin!

Heeee... I know I look ridiculous with no nose and eyebrows. haha 

So this is how I would look like when I'm old and all my eyebrows has turned white, ey?! hehe waiting-for-husband-to-be-back-home face! Hahahaha! ;p

Anyways..after all of these spa, facial care and a lil' hair treatments at home activity, I'll make myself a cuppa hot tea.. A calming ones like Chamomile or Verbena or Peppermint or something.. 

Ahhhh....bliss!!! Life's goooood!

Okay ladies...time to pamper yourself and treat your body with some tender, loving and care!!




  1. good post wani. i notice you dont put the clay mask around your eyes area..any reasons for that?

  2. Nice one wani! Thanks for sharing!

  3. oh my dear wani... your posts never fail to put a smile on my face! u're very girlish n very feminine.. I simply adore u.. u really know how to take care of your body/skin.. no wonder u always look nice!

    anyway, after that hydrating mask/tissue mask, u just wipe it off and sleep or u still put on some moisturizer after that?

    Thank u in advance!

  4. starry eyed: thanks!
    Yup, the reason why I didnt put the clay mask underneath the eye area is bcuz kan dekat bhgn mata tu kulit lembut.. I read somewhere, that it is not advisable to put mask around those area..
    for eye mask, i have a specific mask for it.. but i have used it two days before..and it was the last nanti bila i beli baru, nanti i buat for that post k..

    anonymous1: aww thanks! glad u like it!

    anonymous2: really? wow! geeee..thank u.. well..its good to know when people like what u enjoy doing the most! so, thank u!! =)

    anyway, yup..after that mask..i let it dry..and then i just sleeeep! hehe.. no toner or moisturizer whatsoever anymore...bcuz this mask really2 hydrates n moisturizes my skin! the next morning, my skin felt really2 super soft!! i likeee! =)

  5. mask 2 from bloom ey???
    ba wang shampoo o okay ke wany??

  6. ok cool..maybe if ure free u can also write on eye-care products? i think i look so tired these days.. i just bought an eye cream from kiehl.. all these while ive just been using face moisturizer even for the eye area. and i read recently that im not supposed to do that. whopps. :P

  7. Hi, thanks for sharing but since I'm married,I really don't have enough time to pamper myself! Apalagi dah jadi fulltime housewife skrg :( Nway, will look 4 a suitable time 1 day...he..he..

  8. besnya wani..tq for sharing..
    where did u buy the salt bath?

  9. i luv how u treat urself to the max x)))) how do u keep ur lips so pink??any tips?

  10. so that's where my Beauty Bible book is!! I've been looking for it high and low ingatkan dah hilanggg ;p

    did i leave any more books in my-used-to-be drawer??

  11. ANONYMOUS1: Yes darling.. the mask and scrub is from bloom.. just like what u saw in the photos.. hehe..and yup, ba wang shampoo works for me =)

    STARRY EYED: Yup! ure not supposed to do that!! bcuz eye area kulit jenis kena pakai different moisturizer or cream or whatever..
    btw, insyallah i'll do an entry for that k! just for u! hehehee ;p

    BABYRENN AYON: your welcome! hehe..yup, totally feel u babe!! ye lah, thats y i buat sekarang since skrg tgh byk plenty of time n tak byk commitment kann..hehee ;p

    CERI: your welcome darling. umm..the bath salt i bought it in boots while i was in bangkok last year..

    ANONYMOUS2: awwww..thanks! and i love u for lovin' it! hehehe ;p
    umm..well, i have this really bad habit of 'scrubing' my lips to avoid those crack or unsmoothness or chapped or whatever u call it, on my lips..
    so..what i do is, i will always always n always smooth out my lips by peeling the skin on my lips! (just by using my fingers or sometimes my teeth!)
    I know! not good..but thats what i enjoy doing most! its kinda like a bad habit actually! hahaha.. i do this everyday.. and turns out, it makes my lips become pink! hehee ;)

  12. wani, where did you bought product bloom tu? thanks

  13. ALONG: uve been searching it all these while ke?? mmg ada kat sini dah lama kot.. u left it since like..5 years ago! heheh.. N byk je brg2 n buku2 kau kat sini..
    kau nak ke tak nak pun i dunno.. huhuh.. Dah berhabuk kat sini, so i put all of them in a box.. Now, semua kat bilik aizat. Nanti dtg sini, sila lah ambil ya! ;)

    ANONYMOUS: at Shins my dear ;)

  14. giler ah ko... rajin betul ko jage 1 bdn kan. kagum2! (^_^)

    muka pkai mask tu comel + klaka ;p
    nak try gak lah ba wang tu. huhuu~

  15. hahaha.. harus lah jaga. nanti dah kawen, takut tak terjaga sgt dah.. so, masa yg ada ni, haruslah digunakan sepenuhnya..hehee ;p

  16. suka gila baca blog ni. :) anyway, soap n glory tu mne u beli ea? seems like i tak pernah jumpa pun. okay x n berkesan x nk remove blackheads? hehe

  17. thanks dear!
    well..soap & glory tu xde jual kat sini la dear... I bought in Boots in bangkok

  18. hye...where you buy the green clay mask??tq :)


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