Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a Life I Have! T..T

Life....isn't perfect! Sob...sob....

Morning: Stuck in jam everyday for almost 2 hour. I know! Crazy right?!
(If I go as early as 6.30, I'll arrive so early - 30 minutes drive, and the office is still close! But if I go out at 7 and above, I'll be stuck in traffic for 1-2 hour! Grrrr...)

Then, arrived office with some workload that keep on coming in non-stop, every hour, everyday. 
*wipe tears*

Evening: Rush to KLCC for Marie France Bodyline treatment (if there's any). And stuck in jam for another one hour.

Or...If I choose to cancel my appointment at MFB, and go back 'early' instead, I'll stuck in jam for another 2 hours or so..

At 9-10 pm, after I'm done with the treatment or work or dinner. The traffic is STILL as bad! Stuck in jam for 1 hour more...

Arrived home.

11 pm-1 am:  Mandi. Solat. Do some of my usual stuffs for a bit.

2 am: Sleep.

6 am: Wake up.


Grrr.... >_<

PFFFFFT. What a life! Thank God this will soon end!!! :D (I got a helicopter. LOL ;p)
Haihhh... I. Cannot. Wait! Now only I value my schooling days. Hmm...maybe I should take Masters! haha ;p

Anyway, the conclusion for this post is: I HATE TRAFFIC JAM THAT IS MORE THAN 50 MINUTES OF MY PRECIOUS TIME! Sikit-sikit dah la..bukan sampai berjam-jam habis masa on the road, pagi petang siang malam! It's annoying! KLites, please take LRT from now on and let the Selangor people like me to drive happily everyday! hahaha ;p 

P/s: I. Freaking. Need. A. Vacation! Kaki aku sakit, dowh!!  >_<

Drama Queen ;p 


  1. omaigoooddd, 1 and 2 hours everyday. i will kill myself wani.

    u know my home n my workplace, i never stuck on traffic jam, even peak hour like 7-9am or 5-7pm. jangan jeles ye...bertabahla

  2. pity on u but this n3 is so comel :)
    i hate jam too,if possible nak rmh sebelah ofis T_T or at least 10min driving je..hehe..

  3. itu la nama nyer kehidupan kan wanie hehehe

  4. hi there.. u keje kat area gardens kan? why u take jln kuching to klcc? mesti la jem teruk..

  5. so u sleep for like 4 hours only???okeh..sgt pnt..huu

  6. inilah sebabnya tak suka keje kat KL.. migrain jadinya dengan traffics ni.. :(

    Jom baca ni :Perkara yang tak best ketika di Giant..

  7. Why not rent a place nearby your workplace?

  8. You should take jalan pintas.. Jalan Kucing is never ending disaster.. Dulu sy pon slalu sruck there.. But sejak tau jalan dalam.. sy sgat la happy and no jem anymore... hehe

    so, awk kne pandai cari jalan... GUDLUCK!

  9. hahaha sabar jerlah. yer begitulah hidup di bandaraya. apepun enjoy ur life!

  10. same with me here..stay in selangor but working in kl..stucked in jam every single day..phew & pfftt! the ramp going to jalan sultan ismail?i used it every weekday -_-"


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