Saturday, November 6, 2010

Look Who Inherited a Little Something From His Aunty!

Hey people! How are youuu?

I'm great! Consuming more J.Co Donuts each and everyday, ever since they've open a new store near my house. (It's like 5 mins away je! Say hellowwww to mister fatties, Wany! Sigh) =_='

Anyways... Last night I was browsing through some of my sister's photos on her Facebook..And I found thissss!

This boy.... At ermm... I'm not so sure at what month this was... 
And heyyyy...Look! He sucked his thumb and played with his ears at the same time!!

Looks SO familiar. Really reminds me of someone. Someone whom I really really know.. 

Oh well..I was so excited when I saw this! hahaha. I mean, did I ever tell you that Haikal Razik is my fave nephew? Simply because he's very friendly with me! (Read: Babies usually hate Aunty Wany ;p). So when I saw this picture..I was like woahhhh.. you're just like that someone!! Heee.. Plus, that little someone was also born on the same month and share the same zodiac with this boy too! hehehe..

And who is that someone, ey??

Take a wild guess! hehee

Yerp! His very own Aunty Wany!
(Sorry for the low quality picture! was in the 80's okayyyy!! G11 PowerShot was not born yet! ;p)

Hahahahahaha.. Very bad habit! (And also, very uglie too! ;p)

Mom told me, I had this (bad) habit ever since I was born.. She said, right after the minute I was born.. I started sucking those two cute little fingers of mine...AND not just that... I was playing with ears too! It's like, it came with a package. Haha.. So weird. 

Yup, every time I'm sucking those fingers...the other hand would be playing with my ears! By doing that.. to me, it's like..menghayalkan.. I was like feeling so high..and feeling so nice whenever I do that! Hahaha.. 

Mmmmm... My ears felt chewy..and so soft.. I like! ;p

And yes, that habit lasted for years... The sucking fingers stopped when I was like 7 or 8! (Dah besar! hahaha!)

.......BUT....the playing with the ear thing....errr....

I still, haven't found the determination to stop this very bad habit of mine until now... Yes, you heard me... UNTIL NOW, I am still playing with my ears.. Anywhere, everywhere, anytime! Sometimes I don't even realized that I was playing with it! Dah terasa sakit, then only I'll realized! haha (Boleh takkk macam tuu? LOL)

Be it while watching the telly, while reading books, while typing, driving, while studying, while talking on the phone, while termenung.. etc etc... Oh anddddd, each time before my sleep! Yes, every single night without fail for twenty something years, before my bedtime, I must have a moment with my ears first.. Sambil sambil pejam mata, pegang telinga, main2 sikit dengan dia.. and trying to sleep.. (yes...I do sound like a little girl now..hahaha)

Basically, whenever my hands are free, I'd play with it! Sometimes main and picit2 sampai berdarah! And dah berdarah pun, still nak main lagi! Oh god.. I'm a total freak! ;p

I don't know.. It just gives me pleasure by doing that. And no, not in a kinky way or whatever that you might think! I mean.. it just feels so nice having to gentel your own ears! Hayal, you know! huhu.. So soft and chewy..Mmmmm.. LOL.

And sometimes I even imagined to elongate my earlobes and imagining it to be soooo long that it could reach my mouth and starts sucking and chewing it! Yes... I am that weird! Wahahahahahaha! ;p

I don't know. I just have a thing with ears. To me, those two little flaps on your left and right of your head are just something....err... Yummy.

Ehhh....Wait a minute. Why am I talking about ears ni ehhh??? I shouldn't reveal to the world, all my bad habits and weird fantasies! hahaha.. Ok dah dah. That's it! I should stop, before I scare my readers away! haha.. ;p

P/s: Siapa ada telinga lembut and bentuk cantik and  'sedap', boleh lah kawan dengan saya and bagi saya pinjam nak gentel! Saya dah bosan dengan telinga sendiri.. Nak telinga lain pulak! LOL ;p

P/ss: This is the main reason why this girl who loves accessories so much STILL, haven't had any piercing on her ears! Sayanggg! Nanti tak best nak main dah! ;p



  1. theehehe~~
    ur sooo cute wanny~
    really2 cute girl...~
    just like a baby~~

  2. you're not alone! i have a friend yang suka main telinga juga. but instead of main telinga sendiri dia main telinga orang lain. haha

    p/s: hebat gila your nephew boleh ter sama pulak kan. comel je :)

  3. LOL, layeke? Haha, sib baik skang Hariz da tak buat dah, the pic was when he was 5 months camtu, anyway good catch!

  4. Haha you crack me up la wany. This is the first I've heard of something like this.. I happen to have ears that are always complimented on. haha! Saja wanna throw that in.

  5. Aiks! Too bad I missed the chance to get jco from Jusco Cheras selatan...:(

  6. Aiks! Too bad I missed the chance to get jco from Jusco Cheras selatan...:(

  7. hahahha..
    macam u layan je main dengan telinga..
    my mom said i can mmove my ears when i'm sleeping.
    so masa kecik2 dulu kucing selalu datang and geget my ears sampai tkoyak sikit.
    skang ni i takut dengan kucing dan sangat sensitif nak pegang telinga sendiri

  8. sires xde pirecing?cute~

  9. OMG OMG... that boy is sooooo cute... and



    I play with my ears too sebelom tdo... hahahaha... *blush blush*

  10. taleh bagi telinga I
    dah cucuk banyak2 that I can wear nice earings



  12. wani,

    anak akak pon hisap jari mcm wani... dua jari. Kalau nak tido mesti jari masuk mulut... siap tangan sebelah lagi cover line.

  13. salam Wani,
    hero akak pun dok suka hisap jari gak..anyway, akak nak tanya, cane nak dapatkan font title post cam wani tu ek??harap sudi kongsi ye...tq

  14. COMEL!!!!!

  15. gadiskaca: ehee.. thanks. *malu2* ;p

    nn: whoaaa reaally?? i thot im the only freak in the world! haha. But oh yeahh..i like playing with other's ears too! rasa mcm nak gigit je..LOL

    abg raz: eh wait.. tu hariz ke haikal? hanis tulis kat fb dia haikal.. i thot its haikal? haha. silaps ;p

    sabrina: oh wow..u have a nice telinga ehhh? nak tgkkk! haha ;p

    rach: yeahh they've opened in JJ there. I always buy at least two donuts whenever I go there.

    cik kedondong: memang layan pon... best gila...hahaa
    omg..terkoyak? ouchhh! that sounds so scary! tskk

    ummuhabibahmohdhilmi: aah takde. tapi teringin. tapi sbb sayang telinga punya pasal, i x nak buat..hehe

    hanis nazurah: cute like his aunty.. tgk la aunty dia siapa..hahahaha ;p
    Oh really? sep sep! boleh geng!

    cieri: hahaha.. i never like pierced ears. tak best lgsung nak main..haha ;p

    anonymous1: heeeeee ;p

    cujie: wahh yeke? siap cover lg? mcm comel je! hehe.. tapi baik suruh dia stop la kak.. nnt kang jd mcm i.. gigi x sexy dah! hahaha ;p

    nora: that font i dah tak ingat i buat mcm mana exactly.. sebab dia ada step by step.. tp i buat ni through google.. try google la.. google for nice fonts.. nnt dia ada bagi instructions camne nk letak in blog.. I seriously lupa dah mcm mana.. sob sob.. sorry!

    anonymous2: thank u..heheh ;p


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