Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm Back!

Salam everyone,

"Good morning camera! Yeayy another 30 minutes to arrive Kuala Lumpur! I can't wait!!"

Alhamdulillah, I have arrived home safely! I arrived Kuala Lumpur on 11.30 am yesterday. My 10 days trip was great! Great things were happening to me almost all the time while I was there.. Alhamdulillah.. Thank you God, for listening and for granting my wishes =) (except for one thing la. But I do not want to remember it. tskk)

Anyways, actually I really really want to update this blog tonight. There are just sooo many stories I wanted to share.. But lately, I just don't know why, the mood just isn't there.. I've been busy thinking about something else that made me stuck in here not knowing what to write! And then ended up having to  press the 'Cancel' button each time I tried to update this blog! haha.

Maybe because there are just soooo many things that I still owe my blog which I haven't been able to write just yet, and that makes me don't know what and where to start first. Seriously, I owe this blog a huge amount of stories! My Bangkok trip, my internship experience-working in a fashion company (which was a year ago! haha), my Indonesia trip, even my Perth stories pun tak habis lagi! And then my Amsterdam vacation which was in 2008 pun, I still save it in the 'Draft' files. Thing is, I have uploaded all the pictures here 2 years ago, but yet, until now, I still haven't find the time to actually write something..and yet to publish it.. And then nowwww, my Umrah trip.
Hmmm... Entah bila semua tu nak tercapai kan? haha.

Goshh.. I'm really a bad blogger, ey? Heeee ;p

I seriously thought since I'm in a looooong holiday, I would be able to update my blog for each and everyday! But the thing is, it seems like I found some other interest, lately. (Won't tell you what, just yet! ;p)

Anyway, pleaseeee bare with me kay! I'll try to update something asap! In the mean time, bagi la idea kat I, nak tulis apa kat sini.. Kesian blog I kan! hehe. At least, if you suggest dekat I, dapat la jugak I idea nak tulis apa, rather than asik pikir mana satu nak tulis dulu...and then ended up tak tulis apa apa! Heee =P

Ok lah, gotta stop now.. Need to call someone! ;)

P/S: Ramadan Kareem! May all of us have a blessed Ramadan. And May Allah accept our good deeds! I hope it is still not too late for me to wish that! Happy fasting everyone! =)



  1. hurm i think i wanna to know about u experience working in fashion company cz mcm best jaa

  2. Wany cerita pasal internship pleaseee ;)

  3. Happy fasting too sys ! ;)

  4. tulis tips, wht should u prepare for a vacation =p

  5. glad u're back!rindu nak dgr celoteh kamu ;)

  6. did u travel on business class? waa bestnyerrrr


  7. Adoiii cerita 2 tahun lepas pun blom publish lagi? Haha! Satu-satu Cik Wani. Kalau u update 1 hari at least 1 entry, sure boleh habis kot? Hehe. Tapi ye lah, sometimes u mesti busy apa semua kan..

  8. welcome back wany! :)
    cepat2 update ek

  9. update selalu pleaseee! i nak tahu mcm2 psl u.. i dah email u!!

  10. cik nur: okayyy! nnt i cerita k! mmg best pon..hehe

    izzati: ok ok will do!

    pink: happy fasting to u too!

    cik kedondong: wahhh...itu mmg i penah terfikir nak buat! hehee.. "When She Travels"..haha..confirm korg pengsan...byk sgt benda tak payah bwk pon i bwk! haha ;p

    kak suzie:heheh..nnt saya cerita byk2 k!

    anonymous: errr..yup..heh ;p

    reena: hahahahaah... tu la pasal.. tp masalah nya satu hari nak update satu entry pon payah sgt..tu yg terkumpul tuh... adoyaii.. byk gila in my blog ni yg 'save in drafts' jer...semua buat half way! pastu bila dah malas...tak update terus! haha ;p

    kak mya: thanks!

    anonymous: yup! replied! =)


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