Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today, I just finished ALLLLL of my presentations, projects, reports, and blablabla..
(Oh, and my last presentation was superb! That was according to my lecturer la.. hehe. Cuz our group got 100%, man!! The highest! eheh. It was about Starbucks Company. And I will blog about it later!)


So now I'm free. Well... only for a few days. And then my freaky final exams will begin!!
REALLLL SOON! Oh goshh..isk.

I'm really scared now.
(Oh, and I'll be planting pimples on my face and raccoon eyes will appear verry very soon! hehee.
Up till today, I've got 3 pimps already on my cheek! haih! Stress..stress..stresssss lar! isk)

Anyway.. So sorry I forgot to tell you guys who was the winner for the contest the other day..
(bcuz I haven't post the gift yet. So I figured it wouldn't be nice and appropriate to tell my readers who the winner is, and up till now I still couldn't find my sweet little time to post the gift to her...isk. It's like menipu or memberi harapan palsu, I think. heh.
Though I still feel that I gave her harapan palsu when I emailed her, and tell her that she was the winner n I'll be sending the gift soon. huhuhuh. isk.. So sorry, gurl!
But...erm..nevermind.. I did tell her that I may delayed the date of the delivery.eheh)


Hmm... I was really busy and preoccupied with stuffs around me that I've forgetten all about it!

So sorry dear!!

But now that I'm free.. heh.. I will post to you by this week ok!!!



And the winner is.......

Siti NoorHidayah Sha'ari!!!!





  1. Bestnyee tgk nama sendiri terpampang di blog awk wany! hahaha..BTW its ok..take ur time darling i dont mind..heheh..BTW i lupe nak bgtau yang i pun ber-blog jugeee..nanti dtg lah visit k..hehe..

  2. i do like what u do with your banner!~ it's so happening :)


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