Friday, March 27, 2009

Small is Tall, Tall is Small.

Was searching for Starbucks commercial ads for my Retail Management project..and I found this!

So cute yet confusing! hehe..

hehehe.. What a skilled video-maker!

She really can make great face expressions!! And the rise and fall of her voice pitch and intonations were perfect. She can be an actress la, don't you think? Dah la lawa! heh. =)

Oh by the way..for those who don't know or still confuse,
At Starbucks, the smallest size for their beverage is called Tall, and a medium one is Grande and the biggest size of all is called Venti.

Got it?




  1. hi wani,this has got nothing to do with the topic but kak suzie wants to say this;
    thank you for dropping by.kak suzie terpaksa block blog to invited readers after receiving nasty comments n unfortunately I know who they are (my OWN colleagues)!but they're hiding from putting their name n then condemning n trying to say that I'm showing off!!That's the main reason why kak suzie block...biar lps ni dorg tak dpt view n the speculate among them.
    i had enough of people yg iri hati n dengki dgn org lain...just live ur own life la kan tp masih dgn perangai zaman batu!kesian btl bila masih ada org2 mcm ni.
    take care dear...

    kak suzie

  2. wahahaha!the video us so funny yet in a cool sorta way!

    u should come up wif something catchy like this!im sure u'll get an A!nway,best of luck!

  3. she kinda reminds me of reese whitherspoon. not sure which part tho..maybe cara ckp or mulut dia kot. huhu

  4. that girl in the video is so cute! and sangat pandai berlakon =)


  5. venti is 20.. it is 20 ounces of coffee in it is called venti.. but for tall n grande.. i hv no clue at all


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