Saturday, March 28, 2009

Woman and Pink

I was excited when I saw Miu's post about the new Kotex packaging for the overnight extra long wing pads! The box is soo nice and cute with its pink & black polka dots! So since this is that time of the month, I decided to purchase one too! (And some other things as well!).
Everything is pink! haha. Oh, that pink small case from Bloom is for me to store my pads, pantiliners, tissues and baby wipes for me to put it in my handbag! hehe

The price for the Kotex pad is RM10.40 @ 16 pads Overnight Extra Long Wing- 32cm. It's so cute you know. It's something different. It's like a little drawer. And I can use it to store my pads the next time I purchase my regular pads with it's boring plastic packaging. hehe..

Go and get it now girls!! It's limited edition! =)



  1. i want oneeeeee..huhu

  2. i'ma pink lover too!
    thnx for sharing..!! ;P

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  4. hy there...where do you buy the kotex pink box? ive been looking around and couldnt find it...i want oneeeeeeeee toooooooo

  5. hye wani, u penah tempah bj dgn hatta dolmat b4 ni kan? ok ke die wat bj u? n also his attitude..suke last min ke..?

  6. wani, i bought that kotex polkadot pink black at 8 sumting je kat tesco sek 13. y urs so expensive.... (curious)

  7. wanie..have u heard nowadays they are recycling the pads? meaning we r using recycled pads!! Yulkk!!!I do not know which brand but there is.........

  8. errwwwwwwww.... seriusly???

  9. Hi Wany!

    I have bought that Pink Kotex tooo..found it in GUARDIAN..tapi mahal seposen dari yours..tapi kotak die lembik la ssh nak bukak..heheehe...but i justtt loveee it sbb die pink, next time share lagi k.tq. ;)

  10. i bought it even though i also over p already! lol.. and i got so much stash.. hahaha.. alwiz lookin to try new "technology" kat watsons mah haha..

    8 something so cheap at tesco?? guardian pulak put "sale" and terhad kpd seorang beli 3 saja..

    btw wani i like the bloom pouch!!! where u buy? from Shins ke?


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