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Getting Up Close and Personal with Elephants!

Have you ever heard of this place called Pusat Perhilitan Gajah in Pahang? The place is somewhere in Kuala Gandah, Lanchang (verry near to my kampung!). I've never heard of it before! I thought we only have Taman Negara in Pahang. Never knew about any other wildlife national parks in Pahang before! haha. So lame! =P

Anyways, the last time I went back to my dad's kampung (which was last month), me, my dad and my lil' bro went there for a verry short visit (we didn't get to go to the Deer Land though, cuz by the time we got there, the place was already closed! sob sob..). =(

Just so you know, I've always love animals! Well, not all la (cicak/lipas is a BIG NO NO!).
But, no matter how ugly or big or slimy or fierce the creature is, as long as it does not bite me, or harm me, I can deal with it! But well.. jarang sangat nak berlaku kan? isk.
If only I could touch them without they causing me harm or whatever that is not very pleasing to my sensation, I'd love to touch and feel and look at it closely and belek2 all the animals (or other things) that is existed in this world! Seriously.
I have ride a horse, an elephant, camel, belit with ular, touch the ugly froggy, the fierce tiger, the cute koala, kangaroos, iguana, monkeys, birds, cats of course and etc etc.. (Oh I love animals! hehe)

But in cicak's case, I know the thing cannot harm me that much, but.. I just can't handle that little creature! Eeeek. =S

Anyway, since I was a very little girl, I always love and wanted to explore more about this whole flora and fauna that God created on this earth. It all started when I was just 10 years old, I learned Science back then in school. I really love that subject. I always get an A for science (Oh and geography too - when I was in high school! I love any subjects that has to do with God's creation! hehe). hmm.. I still remember, I memorized every single thing in that super thick science books (chapters and topics from std 4 to std 6). I even remember which topic is on what page! Gosh. Gile geek, dowh! hahaha ;p

And then, perasaan ingin tahu/suka about all these flora fauna thing makin kuat when my dad brought us balik kampung(every month) to Pahang. At that time, I was just about 10, 11 years old and along the way to Pahang, I always looked out the car window and see such beautiful trees and forest and everything else, that were along the Banjaran Titiwangsa. I used to secretly cried when I see all these things! haha. (Because they are just so wonderful to me! If only I can tell you and describe exactly how I feel and think, about this whole universe.) hmm.. nvm..

I am very curious about all the things that He has created for us. I thought about a lot of things that sometimes friends called me a weirdo. haha. If only I have the courage and ability to kaji the universe. I mean, yeah know many great people have done that. But I just.. umm..
I wanna experience it myself.. I mean, I wanna know more and moreee cuz I know there are millions and tons of things that I don't know of and that we all have yet to discover! heh. =P

Sometimes I find myself asking stupid questions that I ter-annoyed people. Sorry! I know, I ask & wonder more than a 3 year old kid would. But that's just me. Nak buat macam mane.. Saya suka ambil tahu tentang sesuatu dengan sangat detail lar. heh =P


Alamak.. saya nak cerita benda lain sebernarnya.. haha. Lain pulak haku cerita! LOL ;p
(Does anything that I have just said make any sense at all? haha. Nvm. Just don't mind me lah. I'm just being Wani - who always, always have a hard time explaining things. haha)


Okay, back to the elephant conservation centre story.

The concept of this place is like an open zoo. You can get really up close and very personal with the animals! You can touch them, ride them, feed them, and even bathe with them! You can enjoy being with these gentle creatures all by yourself! How cool isn't it? =)

The place was established in 1985 by the
Department of Wildlife and National Parks, it is manned by the personnel of the department’s Elephant Capture and Translocation Unit. The centre cares for the endangered and fully protected Malaysian elephants. It also takes in orphaned and abandoned elephants and is sometimes known as the Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary.

The programs and activities would start at around 2 pm every day. So if you wanna go there, you have to be there early or else, you'll miss out all the fun. Like we did, unfortunately. isk.

We arrived there at around 430pm. (The place close at 5 pm, I think. Forgot already.)
And we only managed to take some photos with the elephant before they close the centre.

So here are some of the pics that I managed to take for about half an hour before the place closed! huhu

The entrance

Jalan jalan cari gajah..

The skeleton of a deceased elephant was displayed in the information center.

Information about Elephants in Malaysia..

Now.. let's visit the gajah-gajah..

Baby elephants!! Dumbo, huh? hehe

Waaa.. this Dumbo is soo cute!

And manja too! Oh me likey! =D

awww... look at it's size.. so cute lah! Feel like keeping it as a pet! hahah ;p

My baby brother posing with the baby elephant..hehe

Dad said, "Gimme five!"

Time to feed her..

Awww.. They're in love! hehe

Time to go now.. they're closing.. iskk

In front of one of their souvenir shops there..

P/s: We didn't get to go to the Deerland. I think that one is so much more interesting than this one, cuz they have peacock and deers and beruang,etc in there!! Ohh! I sooo want to hold the bear la! Dia tido terlentang! comel je!! Tak sabar nak balik kampung lagi.. hehe ;)

Oh, you can view more pictures and read about the place, here.

P/ss: Kawan-kawan.. marilah kita ke Zoo Negara! or Night Safari ke... Jom la.. Jom la!! Kite baru habis mid term ni.. hehe ;P



  1. can go there la since mr hubby mmg suka g tempat mcm ni..he want to bring me to zoo for our honeymoon..jom same2 g honeymoon kat zoo..hehe..

    p/s:thanks for info..=)

  2. yup! memang best dan katanya kalo nak ride gajah tuh, better pakai jeans tebal bcos bulu gajah sangat tajam mencucuk!! Ai-yarkkk

  3. =D

    wani, dah belek belek sugar glider? sumpah cute! =)

  4. Dear Wani,

    Best gak entry gajah nih...tapi sebenonya akak nak tanya pasal handbag yg wani bawak best jer..Boleh bagitahu details?? Haku ni pun kira gila handbag gak...tapi masih under control lagi la sebab kekadang kena kuarantin gak dgn laki aku!!! Hoyeahh!Jemput visit blgg daku...

  5. Hey! Been there last month. It was a great experience watching the elephants having bath in the river :)

  6. alamak!kiutnye those baby E!mmg wtkan teringat crite Dumbo hihihi!

    since u mentioned bout cicak, once ade cicak jatuh flat on my feet from d ceiling!mule2 xpasan but then, tetbe rs kaki sejuk n slimy2...eeek!!

    n my sis lak penah once tikus kt dapur naik from her right hand to the other hand but crossing at her shoulder!tikus tu panic kot tetbe ktorg masuk dapur!hahaha..geli geli!

  7. hye wani..
    i'm yr silent reader..

    comel la kamu bila excited nak ke zoo!!


  8. wani.. zoo negara dah xbest la.. my unty went early tis year. and the place is sooo unlively. byk yg tdo jek.the animals mcm sakit jek. mcm xcukup mkn jek. dieorg xcukup funding ke ape ek? mcm menyeksa la pulak.. dh la terkurung :(

    the elephants looked cute tho! ape lagi ade kt area situ apart frm the deer park?

  9. i went there last wekeend.mmg best if u r animal lover.especially elephant.erm..xde la tajam pun bulu gajah tuh. go get ur yellow sticker!!!nanti boleh mandi dgn gajah sekali and ride them.

  10. Hmm... dah lama tak dgr cerita gajah-gajah ni, the last was the one yg Gajah berani langgar keretapi... itupun time kecik-kecik dulu... sedih tue... kat sana size Dumbo ke? mana pg yg besar2 cam Oliphaunt? haha...

  11. ai...lama tak comment pun org Pahang but never have a chance to go to Kuala Gandah! well..should pay a visit la kalo gitu!!!huhuhu

  12. Hey,

    Thanks for visiting those elephants! It's been a while since I visited them myself. A great reminder for me to start planning my next trip.


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