Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do I have PMDD??!?


I just read an article about PMS. And I think I have a severe PMS that is called PMDD. Erk. =(

PMS - premenstrual syndrome for a long time was thought of as being just an excuse for many women to help you feel calmer and more in touch with your true irritable. PMS is a real condition with its own set of symptoms that are related to your upcoming period. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and can be vastly different for each woman.

PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) - a severe form of PMS that includes severe symptoms of depression, anxiety, and irritability before menstruation begins. These symptoms must occur during the last week before menstruation starts. Approximately three to eight percent of menstruating women experience PMDD.

The Physical Symptoms Of PMS:

- Sore, tender breasts

(all the time)

-Abdominal bloating (the most common physical symptom) (yes and hating it!)

-Swelling of the extremities (sometimes)

The Mental Symptoms of PMS:

-Fatigue (the most common mental symptom) (all the time)

-Angry outbursts or mood swings
(errr... truly sorryyy!! isk.)

-Irritability (yes.)

(oh. i really really hate it when this happens!!! heesh.)

-Social withdrawal
(umm..yea maybe.)

Social or economic performance dysfunctional:

-Marriage or relationship issues, confirmed by the partner of the woman seeking diagnosis

-Parenting problems (huh?)

-Decreased work or school performance or attendance (including being late) (erm...)

-Decrease in normal social activity

-Legal issues
(no comment)

-Contemplating suicide
(oh..tak penah la pulak..huhu)

-Seeking medical attention for physical symptoms (maybe)

And according to the DSM-IV, the accepted diagnostic criteria for PMDD must include at least five of the following symptoms:

-Feeling sad, hopeless, or suicidal (feeling sad and hopeless yes.. suicidal nope)

-Severe feelings of stress, tension, or anxiety or having panic attacks
(hell yeah!)

-Mood swings that include bouts of crying (double hell yeah!)

-Constant irritability or anger that affects other people
(iskkk. I'm very irritated and angry and feel such rage inside over everything! Sometimes I feel like ripping other peoples face off for no reason. Sigh. The only solution for me not to outburst my anger, is to avoid seing those people that I'm furious with. And eventually I'll be okay.)

-Loss of interest in usual daily activities and relationships

-Problem with ability to concentrate or focus (sometimes)

-Fatigue or loss of normal energy (all the time)

-Food cravings or bingeing (Omg! I hate it when I have this binge-eating syndrome! I eat like a pig and then I'm gonna feel guilty with myself, and depression and self-condemnation! Ughh. What a weirdo! isk.)

Oh God. I have more than five. I am definitely having a PMDD. Which means, I'm not normal.


But I read somewhere, that we can cure this PMDD or PMS by taking a vitamin B-complex everyday.It somehow helps you feel better and make you feel calmer and more in touch with your true self. I hope it works. I'm gonna start taking vitamins from now on.. hmm..

For more info, read here and here.

Tell me ladies.. Do you suffer from PMS/PMDD too?? isk.. I feel so weird and abnormal. =(


  1. here in the US, your gynae can prescribe a birth control called Yaz to help out with your PMDD. I was on it for 1.5 years, it did help with the depression and extreme mood swing and cramping and treat acne!! I loved it but got off it 8 months ago when we decided to try to conceive. Yes, I was married when she prescribed it. I;m not sure if your gynae in Malaysia can do the same though. Just to share my experience.

  2. Firstly... my symptom pre-pms surely sama..rasanya ramai yang hadapi masalah yg sama.I punya nasihat don't full ur fikiran ngan benda2 camnie surely kita nie selalu baca artikel and then think yg kita pun ada symptom2 sama and self diagnosis ourself in the internet that just wrong. Believe me I did already. For sure klu you worried sgt plz see doc and dptkan real opinions tentang hal nie..surely u can ease your probs. For the moment...Just listed what kind of food,things and situations that make your symptom worsen and then try to change and avoid it.It's proven lifestyle changes such as regular exercise and a well balanced diet help a lots.Taking vitamin good for some people but be carefull for vitamin poisoning >_<

  3. Its normal wanie..i feels like i monster when 'the time' don't have to worry..

  4. I suffer from PMDD every month! and it's tiring I have to agree. It's like the last week before I get my period, I'll be behaving weirdly, having all sorts of emotional breakdown, blaming people here & there without valid reasons, and then I'll cry out of nowhere. Its like everything must go my own way. haha

    More like macam orang gila (it sounds like) tapi memang it happens every month.

    So kadang2 tu after having these emotional stuffs I'll make it clear to everyone "sorry aku PMS memang teruk" :p

    It's okay, it's normal I think :) and inform me in by taking the vitamin B-complex could lessen it. I really need those then :)

  5. huhu..i think i have PMDD too..dah try makan B complex tp tak improve pun :(

  6. Hi also facing same problem...before period mmg kuat mengamuk...cannot control my anger really..but when period all those feeling become okay..cuma before period tu jd lain..kuat mkn satu hal..asik mkn jek..perut kembung..body rase heat jek..emm smua biasa..i also ingt i je mcm tuh..hehe...

  7. try alphalipid for your PMS or PMDD..its sure gud

  8. wani,
    try la makan also suffering PMDD... truk sgt dlu.siap kene amik mc every month sbb sakit bagai... siap pitam2 gak.

    but now dh ok la skek - bru je 2 months makan ;)


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