Saturday, March 28, 2009

the Shoe Issue


Trendy or Practicality?

Ladies, do you wear shoes because you have to (to protect your feet!), or because it looks good on you?

These days it’s more of a question of style and preference, I think.

Well, I wear shoes because I want to compliment my outfit of the day..and match it with my purse! hehe.

Sometimes I wear really uncomfortable shoes just because they look good! I don't wear shoes because of its practicality. I wear painful shoes all the time! I wear stilettos day in and day out. haha. What can I say, beauty is pain! (Sometimes I even got bunions and blisters on my feet and still force them to walk! And as a result, Radzique has to bear with my complaints all day long! haha. Sometimes I wish high heels are made for men too, so that they'd understand how painful in can be! hehe)

I personally think that shoes should be every woman's number one accessory. It's just such a pleasure when looking down at your feet and seeing something fabulous!

Anyways, do you ladies prefer to wear flat shoes or high heels?

I am a very petite girl. So I would definitely prefer high heeled shoes as it lifts me up a bit and gives me a better posture when I'm walking, despite the undeniable affects to my backbone and posture later on..huhu =P
But without them, I really really feel short and dumpy!! So when I'm in my heels, I feel more confident cuz not only do they elongate my leg, but they also help pull a more polished look and make flattering effect on my calves!

My most favourite black heels of all! It's reaaaallly comfy, I tell you! Seriously! I wear this one practically everywhere!! It's from Eclipse,btw. Oh, and that's my sister's foot over there! hehe =)

Those extra inches make for a sleeker silhouette, and ultimately the long-legged dream is achievable. Don't you like that?? hehe =)

So tell me ladies.. Which one of these (heels or flats) do you think is more preferable to you?

P/S: Mr. Blahnik says, "Shoes should be an investment, as we do spend all day on our feet. So why not add some class too! And you should go as high as you can!”

-both black patent leather shoes are from Bally.



  1. haha i prefer flats - i cant stand pain! lagi2 kalau shopping in heels, mmg xdptla nak berjalan2 ke ape, because asyik nak duduk and legakan kaki :D oh, but will wear heels ikut mood, or occasion, and if the heels sgt cantik menambat hati :D

  2. I'm a flip flops/flats girl.But i love heels too.But yang not too high la.3 inchs paling tinggi pun.Saya pakai tengok situasi, keadaan atau occasions.Setiap apa yang kita pakai kena sesuai dengan tempat dan masa.Tak semua situasi, tempat dan masa sesuai pakai heels mahupun flats :)

    For me, i choose trendy AND practical.I wont (or at least i try not to) wear something yang akan beri keburukan kepada tubuh badan pada kemudian hari :)

  3. i agree with mr blahnik..most women don't care what what they put on their feet..i love heels..grow up with a mom who wear a 5-inch heel naik turun bas..however due to a big body posture..i cant wear to much of a heel..a wedges ok lah..

  4. dulu ok lagi pakai heels (tp max 2 inches la)
    tp skrg dh biasa pakai flats...
    sgt saket kalo pakai heels..

  5. i wish i cud wear heels!
    at least 2 1/2 inch. cos im kinda tall.. 160cm. tinggi ke? hee. n i wear shoes dat pretty n gorgeous AND felt comfy at d same time.. but my boy din like it cos it makes him look short. hee. but d fact is he still taller den me no matter what pon.
    so yeah.. i can wear flat.. i can wear wedges.. i can wear heels.. hee

  6. i like this post, therefore must leave jejak :)

    i am 162cm -- average height for malay women i think. not too tall, not too short. and i love heels. shoes to me is meant to complete the outfit. with the right shoes,it can make or break the whole outfit. my personal fave is kitten heels coz normally they're not that high maybe about 2 inches high. flats/pumps are very comfortable and suitable for certain outfit. i think pumps are cute so i will pumps if i feel cute. but for impact factor -- work AND leisure, i'd dfinitely go for heels. without any shred of doubt :)

    so wanie, with or without bunions : you go girl!

  7. im a flat person..

    since i do have the height with ppl around me or around my family so, i tend to feel akward wearing heels, it makes me look so tall and different from my sis..

    and yes, im not that adventorous as u can see...

    tp kan org putih kt oz ni tinggi2 nk mampos, selamba je pki heels..haha

  8. i wear both flats and heels and tgk kepada situasi jugak.
    but for heels, it must be more than 2 inch. kalo tak i rasa mcm jalan kengkang..haha!

    and i go for TRENDY and PRACTICAL as well..

  9. for ag prefer both(cne 2 ea?).depend laa.kalo nk nyoping2 cm gi2,pky flat je.nnt sumpah saket doh kalo pky heel.

    tp kn,pna skaleh 2,tgk kt oprah ad ckp psl heels yg ad tarok sumtin' kusyen la.yg de slalu tarok kt ksut nike,i lupe pulee ap brand de~hehe

    kan bes kalo dpt 2.

    kalo dpt heels yg sngt cmfort n ta saket.smpi tdo n ngigau pn i pky~hehe

  10. flats most of de time.. if pakai heels(sumtimes) kasian hubby tenggelam~ huu >.<" yupyup untuk kasut memang spend banyak $$$ mom bising2 if pakai kasut "biase" hehe.. tapi mmg worth sebab tahan sampai 2-3years :)

  11. those black patent leather shoes are gorgeous!

    i'd go for flats, only because i'm big-boned and 168cm tall; wearing heels would make me look like a giant! tho i do wear heels occasionally.

    and yes, beauty is pain! (flatties give blisters too u know). hehe.

    anyway, im a loyal silent reader of your blog and your sisters'. loving every entry :)

  12. HEELs!
    I dont own any flats.except for sneakers.and a pair of crocs
    dalam banyak3 jenis heels,I cant tolerate kitten heels.menyakitkan kaki.
    and I love wedges the most.comfy and light.

  13. hi, i'm a mommy of 2 n still choose heels over flats even when i carry my babies around!

    there are comfie heels tho. however out of 10 probably 2 :)

  14. i'm a high heel girl (kita serupaa), hence the name of my blog ;p but ever since being a mommy, i can't go any further than 3 inch heels when i'm wearing my baby. berat woo...campur ngan handbag mau 10kg agaknya muatan tambahan kat bdn ni. maybe when i'm slimmer bole la pakai high heels balik - i realized walking in high heels masa slim n masa tgh tak slim byk beza! masa slim tak cepat penat ponn.. huhuu

  15. i wear heels to work, but not the ones that really high lar.. i prefer flats for weekends..

    there's a saying "you cant make a statement in flats".. i read it somewhere but forgot where huhuhu

  16. hehehee.. =)

    And I'm a true high heel girl!!

    You know what, when I'm in my flats.. friends would say,
    "Wani, u looked weird without ur heels lar"

    n some say..
    "heeee eeeee... awak pakai selipar!?!!"

    n some even say,
    "laaaaaa.. u're actually short ke?? hehe"

    hehe. Fyi, I started to wear heels or sandals since I'm 14! I just cant let myself wear sneakers! =P

    Ughh. Don't even have one, until im 18..tu pun sbb kena masuk matric n kena paksa bersukan.. hehe..

    Oh, n i used to kena buli by a bunch of idiotas who said heels werent the 'in thing' n that having a pair of trainers was cool.haha.

    but i just dont care. cuz i love what i love. hehe

  17. I think it has to be both. For office wear & to match with baju kurung/evening wear I'll go for heels. But flat shoes are practical if you go out for outdoor activities (tak mau la heels terbenam kat padang rumput etc). And I don't wear heels when I'm on the run with public transports. Sakit kaki wooo :)

  18. I've been a silent reader of yr blog and yr sisters' for quite a while now. I really don't understand how u all could wear heels alllll day long. I personally cannot tahan to where heels as i ni jenis senang sakit kaki. Jeles of you guys lah! I wear crocs. It's so comfy!

  19. crocs for work, shopping or window shopping, masuk bendang, kebun bla bla bla...

    believe it or not, I've got only one slippers or anything else!

    I rely 100% on my precious crocs!


  20. you petite tapi ada gak size for you kan. best. i tak boleh nak sukakan kasut la because susah sgt2 nak cari kasut. me size 3 or 34. mana kedai ada size ni. vincci & charles & keith je ada so far, itu pun bukan semua kasut.

    tp i suka lagi flat shoes. jln tak sakit.

  21. since i am mostly on my feet all day long, i pick out flats rather than high heels. apart from standing long hours, since my job needs me running everywhere in haste in case of emergencies, flats definitely is the sensible choice. i used to be a high heel kind of girl too back in college, that on my day one at work, i was determined to keep to my usual. i turned up in 4 inch heels, but that day was horrendous. i could hardly walk the minute i was home. so the next days, my heels are all in the cupboards, and has remained there eversince. sigh.

  22. coz me rendah...i prefer sedikit heels... x kisah pun kalau kalau yg daily use mesti ada heels sket..flat x best..kalau flat...mine sandals jer..

  23. dulu fiza pun suka pakai heels sebab rasa mcm seksi :) tp bila kene galas laptop kt bahu turun naik lrt rse mcm patah tulang belakang hihih..

    like others, fiza pun akan pakai ikut occasion jugak. kalau pakai jeans, normally fiza akan pakai ballerina aje..kalau g office, prefer pakai heals :)

    apa2 pun, it's your own choice kan..for me, wani npk cantik with heels :)

  24. i boleh pakai both.tgk tmpat jugak la. tapi honestly i start pakai heels sbb terpengaruh ngan u and ur sis jugak..nmpak cantik je korang pakai..hehehe

  25. hey schaz,

    been stalking ur blog for awhile, ni la baru nak memunculkan diri uhuhu :P

    i love high heels myself! cant wear that much anyhow.. because my parents are docs and they insist that high heels can kill me. wtf right? haha takpe still i wear em once in a while - when i really need to look fab. all my shoes has heels la of course, the only flats i have is the pair of crocs i bawak gi pantai je..

    guess we can strike a high 5 la kot on high heels. cheers for the stiletto girls :D

    btw i love ur eclipse heels. lama nye collection ke?


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