Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's PMS again!

Ughh.. I hate PMS.

I crave for so many kinds of food!!! Yeesh.
And best of all, I can't satisfy my desires due to having a budget contraint and also bcuz some of the foods aren't easy to find.. tsk. =(

I want Baskin Robin's Maple Walnut and Old Fashioned Butter Pecan ice creams, Nestle La Cremeria Almond Pecan Praline ice cream (oh god! i want thissss!!!), lauk Nusaibah ikan keli masak cili padi, any cute cupcakes, Sushi, moist and yummy cupcakes, raw salmon (arghhh..nak sangat!!), more n more cupcakes, Unagi!, Dome's cappuccino, scones,scones,scones to be eaten with cream!!, cupcakes again, tempura udang yang my foster parents in Japan buatkan(haihh..sedapnyee.isk), Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte with double whipped cream, Sunway Lagoon Hotel's punya kuey teow goreng, my mum's Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin (bapak sedap dowhh!!!), Godiva or Fidani's chocolates!, or any divine chocs! (oh, I super need it!!), ikan goreng Talapia Merah, sirap bandung Dewan Perdana Felda or Nusaibah punya pun ok jugak, JuiceWorks Waterworks, pretzels yang masin2, Vienna Bagels-Oreo, choc chip cookies!, Magnum Almond ice cream, Wall's Paddle Pop ice cream.. haihh banyak nyee ice cream aku nak!

ahh.. banyaknyee makanan yang saya nakk!! isk. Wish I can have it all without feeling guilty langsung.

Hmm.. baru dapat Baskin's ice cream and Dome's cappuccino. Saya nak semua.

Especially cupcakes, scones, salmon and chocs. (uikk.. double c and double s.huhuh)

Mana tempat yang best nak beli kapkek eh? Anyone knows?




  1. OMG..ni kalah owg peknen punye crave noi..;p

  2. I strongly suggest Cupcake Chic. Wondermilk is OK la. But seriously, Cupcake Chic la if u ask me. Kat The Curve...next to Gloria Jeans

  3. i strongly recommend u cupcake chic aswell..so far its the best!! all sorts of flavour and some designs are reallyy cute.. = )

  4. cupcake chic!

  5. ai wani...
    if nak cupcakes cba la http://cakefrosting.fotopages.com..sye mmng nak cupcakes order kat situ..coz kte bole mntak design ape yng kte nak..sedap gak bagi sye la...

  6. wondermilk sedap jugak. located in uptown damansara. :) byknyer cik wanie craving kan. :D

  7. tapi cupcake chic tak halal (some of the design) sbb dia ada campur rum in the cake batter

    plus i think the icing too sweet for my liking..

  8. Hi,

    You boleh order from Kak Anna @ Putrajaya tu. Her cupcake is so nice & tasty.

  9. but careful.cud be tad too sweet.but the cupcake itself without the topping is divine

  10. i think wondermilk better than cupcake chic.... cupcake chic pun meniru conecpt omputih juga- georgetown cupcakes :)

  11. ya ammpuuunnn waniiii...u make me starving!

  12. cupcake yg best for me kat dlm pasar taman tun tu. masuk je pasar taman tun, naik atas dah nampak kedai dia. murah pun murah. RM34 for 32 pieces of cupcakes. tapi kalau nak beli yg sikit2, 6 pieces for RM6.

    wonder milk dulu2 sedapla. skrg mmm ok2 jela.

  13. Cupcake chicks taste better n bigger than wondermilk cupcakes! For my personal experience, wondermilk design is perfct but d service sucks alot, and this is told by others too, went wondermilk twice, and twice d service sucks! i bought 100+ bukan nye 1 cupcake tau, gosh i hate bad service, if ure my type btr go cupcake chick, size lg besar, lg sedap, gud service 4 d same price like wndermilk!

  14. wondermilk xsedap sgt. esp d kek. xsedap laa. tawu nak describe cmne. as if it was a leftover for a week or plus. urghhh... cupcake chicks ok but its too sweet 4 me.. hee..nak try laen laa.. yg kat subang jaya tu. anyone tawu x?


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