Monday, March 9, 2009

TSHB Belated Birthday!

Oh my God!

How can I forgot? It's already 9th March! I should have wish her earlier! Her birthday's on 1st March! I launched her on that date. And this is her first year. And I forgot to wish her!
Where was I on Sunday 1st March 2009? Hmm..

Gosh. I'm a really bad blog owner! huhu ;P

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday TSHB! I love youuu! hehe =)

Hmm.. I still can't believe it's been a year since I started blogging! Before this, I only read my sisters' blog. Never thought I'd own one too.. hehe.. I always wanted to have one. But no time.
And now when I have it, I rarely update. Sigh.. =(

I wish I have more time for you.. I wish I can write you everyday. But I can't. I spend most of my time off line. You know, schools, family, friends, sleeping, resting, eating, phoning, outing, etc.. hehe.. So that explains why sometimes I reply emails or comments or whatever lah.. so damn late! hehe. I'll try to improve my 'performance' more this year ok? =)

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  1. Happy Birthday TSHB!!!!

    mine is long more way to go lucky u talk about it.. so now i can prepare for it when the time comes!

    so what u gona do for ur 1st blog birthday?? pls update more ! i wanna see more of ur makeup n fashion!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday TSHB!!

    Blog nyer bday kena buat surprise party tak?? hehehe

    Keep on posting more entry okkk!

    (sejak bile plakkk aku rajin bg comment nihhh)

  3. thank u!!! hehee..

    wow..prepare huh? sounds like u got something in mind to plan? hehe..

    anyway, i wish i have moreeee i can plan a birthday bash or party for my blog bday n only bloggers r invited...hmm..sounds cool yea..huhu.. but maybe on the 10th bday la... it sounds big u know.. 10th! teehee ;p

    im sure by that time i have more money! (maybe!) maybe another 10 years, i'll have a party just for my readers..haha.. ;p

  4. happy belated bday THSB~!! :D hehe

    sorry i cant give presents to u :'( hehee

    so i'm just going to follow u heheheh

    wani, if u read , she even sang happy bday to her blog and recorded it :) it was soo cute!

    love the picture u use! so funny!

  5. happy besday THSB...act hepy belated..

  6. leen: ok, i'll try to update more k! hehe

    izzaty: really? hehe.. that sounds cute! anyway, thanks for following my blog! =)

    maria: thank u! =)


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