Sunday, March 15, 2009

Holiday in the "Palace"

Last weekend (6-8 March), me and my girlfriends went to the Palace of the Golden Horses to have our 'royal' slumber party at the palace. haha =P

We just finished all of our yucky sucky midterm papers. It had been such a hectic week for us. So, it'd be great if I could quit from my real world and take my sweet lil' time to unwind even if it is just for a day. Hence, when our last paper had just finished, I asked for my dad if it is possible if he could sponser for our night stay at any hotel. And he said yes! Omg! hehe. I was so excited! He asked me how many nights I wanted to stay. So I said 3 days & 2 nights. (since last weekend we had quite a long days off - Friday till Monday!)
So he booked 2 rooms for us from Friday till Sunday (Yeay!). One room with king sized bed and another room with double beds. =)

Hmm.. Let me just give you a little information about this hotel.

General Introduction about the Hotel:
Palace of the Golden Horses is leveled as Asia's Most Extraordinary Hotel because of its ultimate magnificence and hospitality. Palace of the Golden Horses is a world-class award winning luxury hotel located within MINES Resort City and just 20 minutes away from the city centre and 35 minutes drive from KLIA.

Room Facilities:
This splendid hotel offers 401 exquisite guestrooms and 80 suites. The 183 guestrooms at Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel come with king sized beds and 218 rooms are with double bed.
In all, there are about 21 Executives Suites, 37 Minister Suites, 20 Head of State Suites, one Host Nation Suite and one Golden Suite in Palace of the Golden Horses.

Hotel Amenities:
All the rooms and suites are tastefully furnished with 3 two-line telephones with voice-mail and data port, full-sized working desk, cable TV, electronic in-room safe, fully-stocked mini-bar and other amenities including coffee and tea making facility, hair dryer, iron and ironing board.
This enchanting palatial hotel is best noted for its dedicated conference center known as the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Conference Center. The conference center consists of 21 meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, individual lighting control, video and teleconferencing facilities, including an auditorium and the Royal Ballroom with a maximum seating capacity of up to 2000 persons.

So on Friday, we checked in around 8 pm (we were quite late because I had to submit my assignment. isk). Anyway.. upon arriving, they gave us two luscious complimentary drinks! Luckily, Girl arrived on Saturday, otherwise we have to share our drinks! LOL =P

Just so you know, the whole place is like a palace. It is a five star hotel at its finest. With it's beautiful lobby, dining area, beautiful grounds, excellent services, fantastic architecture and sceneries and etc. You can find horses everywhere in this hotel! Very classic. And the rooms are spacious and opens up to a view of the pool and a lake. =)

Just arrived..

Oh! A king sized bed! =)

..and their spacious bathroom (didn't take a picture of the whole bathroom.Too excited to take photo. haha. But you know, it's the usual 5 star hotel's bathroom la.heh)

..getting ready to go to the Lobby Lounge (to get our free drinks! hehe)

Cam whoring la.. Ape lagi.. heh. =P

Ok..Ok. Enough of bergedik oredi la.. Haha =P

At the Grand Salon Lobby Lounge.

Our luscious drinks!

The Grand Salon Lobby Lounge has a majestically designed architecture which overlooking a scenic lake. It has a cozy atmosphere where you can enjoy light music and evening cocktails or maybe mocktails. hehe. There were also energetic live band performance available every night. But I don't really enjoy the music they served that night. Suara tak sedap pun. huhu ;p

This is a horse statue at the middle of the lounge area

By the time we got back to our room, it was already midnight. I was really tired (driving for hours and stucked in traffic jams, walk in high heels with my super overweight bags around me and etc). So I just wanna take my bath and just sleep. But I can't. I have another assignment that needs to be done cuz I need to submit it on Saturday. It was Commercial Law. Sigh.
God knows how much I hate reading the cases. Don't really understand them. haha. But anyway, I managed to get it done at around 3 am with the help of my Guara Red coffee! Really nice, I tell u! =)

After finishing my assignment, I dozed off peacefully..


The next morning, after we had our breakfast (no picture. too sleepy and tired to take photos! hehe), we didn't do anything much. Just sit in the room while watching tv..and waiting for Girl to turn up..

Tada.. Dia sudah sampai.. =)

So after Girl arrived, we got ourselves ready. We planned to take the shuttle bus to Bintang Walk, but it was fully booked. Thus, I decided to drive to KL. (And stuck in traffic jams, again! haihh).

Anyways, we had our lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. I was craving for their Sweet Alabama smoothie and their seafood platter! It was meant for sharing. So I treat them. And boy.. it was yummyyy!!! =)

The appetizer: Buttered Mussel (Naz belanja! Thanks!)


The scrumptious seafood platter for three!

Adik manes listening to kepochi..hehe

We spent quite some time at the MFM. We had our usual talk and the usual lawak bodoh and stuff. Oh btw, Girl took a video of me while I was telling them a story. Gosh. I looked really terrible when I am blabbering. haha. So weird and funny. And sooo mak kepoh.
Haih.. Never knew I am such a kepochi! haha =P

After we've done eating, we planned to go to the Taman Rama-Rama, or Zoo Negara or any other taman that is available in KL. But it was raining heavily. So we couldn't go anywhere outdoor. sob sob..

I refused to go to any malls cuz I don't want to end up buying things I don't need! (I want to save my money for other things now! Not the itsy bitsy stuff! I had more than enough already!)

But eventually, after planning and discussing where we want to head next, at last Girl made a decision to go to Mid Val to play bowling at Cosmic Bowl.

Oh gosh.. We're heading to a mall?

Fyi, shopping mall is my weakness. Every month I will try to avoid going to the mall as much as possible. Cuz when I stepped into a mall, my heart melts and weakens. And I can just forget about anything and everything. I just loved everything in a shopping mall! hehe =P

So, whenever I see something attractive that caught my eyes, I get really really excited. And the moment when I stepped into Mid Val's centre court, I saw M.A.C was having an event and their theme was Hello Kitty. There were so many cute outfits! I love their staffs outfits especially! The big bow that the M.A.C girls was wearing was really really cute. I feel like owning one la.. heh.

I was checking out people's outfits and what promotion they have and that's when a promoter came to me and said, "Would you like to have a free makeover?"

I was like.. For real??! M.A.C? hmm.. I don't really dig M.A.C's products, btw. They're too common for me. huhu =P
But, who would want to give you a free makeover right? So of course I accepted the offer. =)

She was explaining and promoting the new colors.

I already told myself not to buy ANYTHING at all, before she even applied any makeup on me or listen to what she's gonna promote, cuz I really really don't need ANY makeup right now. Plus, I don't like the colors of that Hello Kitty palette. But being me, who can't say no to people.. and cepat kesian kat org, after she promotes this and that, I felt guilty for not buying anything from her. So at last, I settled for lipstick and eyeshadow.

However, when I walked out of the M.A.C store, I got really upset with myself. Cuz I break my own rules. I don't want to buy that freakin' eyeshadow and lipstick. Dunno why the hell I purchased them. Heesh. Well, the colors fine. Just that, I already have something similar to that. Plus it's M.A.C! I never liked M.A.C products! Why the hell did I purchased it anyway? haih... Nevermind. I'll sell it later.

So after that, we played bowling at Cosmic Bowl. It was my first time there. The place looked like a night club. Techno music was blaring so loud and there were night club lights. Oh, and it's a glow-in-the-dark concept along the bowling alley and the whole area too.

After bowling, we had our not so late night coffee at Starbucks to have a lil' chat. It was Girl's treat! (cuz she won! hehe. Thanks Girlie.)

I'm tired-but-still-try-to-smile-for-the-camera face. heh

We had our dinner at mamak. After that, balik hotel.. But before that, took some pictures with the kuda2 dulu.. hehe ;)

At the lobby..

Weeeeeee! =)

Balang ni cantik la.. =)

Oh. Apakah ini? haha

Time to go back and have our own little spa in our room! hehe

Me in my La Senza's pinky robe. hehe =)

The tools and stuffs needed for our home-made spa!

Kami tertido kepenatan..


The next morning, which was Sunday.. Girl ajak swim.. But I saw people riding bikes too.. So I wanted to cycle as well! =)

Look at this beautiful area.. (for cycling/walking/jog/etc)

And their swimming pool. There were slides too! Cool.

The weather was okay. Not too hot. So we rent a bike for each of us. One hour = RM 10. Ok la.. But I only cycled up until half an hour. Cuz of the time constraint. (We need to get back to our room to pack stuff by 11 am)

This is the bicycle lane.. but I travelled until the golf course area. hehe..

The place was so calming. With the sound of air terjun, and surrounded by pokok2, etc.. It's good for releasing stress.. =)

Later, we swam in the swimming pool for about 40 minutes.. It was fun! It's been so long that I last went for swimming.. Nasib baik reti jugak lagi sikit2.. Kuak lentang pon boleh.. haha

After we've done swimming.. and lumba sape boleh selam lame2 (which is of course, me! hehe).. so then kitorang naik atas and kemas baju and stuff.. Time to check out.. sob sob =(

Me getting ready to check out..

..and Naz was adjusting her tudung from the next room..

Ok that's all!! =)

Overall, the 3 days and 2 nights stay was really wonderful. Especially when you have your bestfriends around you! =)



- Cosmic bowling picture from, and hotel information from here

p/s: I will upload more pics from Girl's camera soon!

Kisses, Hugs, Kisses, Hugs;


  1. Hi schazwany..

    Just want to say hello from dublin..and been reading ur blog silently..mostly I don't really have things to comment but..seriusly Golden Horses palace...really best giler kan.. I agree sgt2lah.. anyway..have a blast weekends and gd luck in ur exam >_<

  2. OMG!!! BESTNYA!!




  3. wee!! that's really fun!! ur dad is super cool!!

    btw, how was the "blogger law thingy" at UM?

    supposed to go there, but had to follow my mom n sis somewhere..=)

  4. that is uber cool!

  5. TEE: hello there.. thanks for reading n following this blog! hehee ;)
    well its alright, if u dont feel like commenting on my page.. hehe. i never ask for ppl's comments pun.. tak kesah pun actually ;)

    anyways..yeah.. PGH was fun.. hehe ;)

    SARAH: hehee.. yeah.. lets go shopping together! heh. =P

    SKINNYGEOMETRY(what a cool name!): yes he is..hehe..

    about the law thingy.. i didnt go.. Was really tired this week. so i cancelled last minute.
    im not sure whether my sis went there or not. havent ask her yet..hehe

    ANON: u bet! hehe ;)

  6. wany..sungguh best nya berholidays with ur jeless!!!

  7. kamu ni gedik la! me like it!!

    spa la..make up la, ape la.. hehe

    n i love ur robe especially!!

    u r so girlish n gedik! n u r definately my favourite among ur sisters!! ;)

    eh.. ur sister iza too.. ;)

    alamak.. tak tau nak pilih la..haha ;p

    hi iza! dont worry, i love ur blog too! hehe ;p

  8. weyy pjg giler entry ko ni. penat aku nak scroll! ;p

    oh i did go to the law conference btw.

    sheila hakim: u know what, her writings reminds me of myself when i was about her age! sekarang saya suda tidak gedik. haha ;p

  9. woah nice weekend at TGHP!!

    :) manage to drive to MV to have fun and ish i know how u feel.. broke our own law about spendin yah? i told myself not to buy anything too.. but in the end.. rm500 gone. I pitty the S.A too.. darn it..we really do have weak hearts. I try to avoid events/workshops now if it's free..coz u know free means.. u gona be more guilty to buy! haha..omg omg..

    how was the makeover? u prefer chanel/benefit/stila? I find that it's ok, the colours actually stila also has it.. just that we dun normally wear like that. I can't wear to work or go out in broad daylight wearing bright pink smokie e/s.. but for clubbing, night, events that's nice i guess.

  10. KAK AZLINA: hehe.. pergilah bercuti bersama rakan taulan anda! cuti2 malaysia! hehe ;)

    SHEILA HAKIM: err.. thanks i guess? huhu ;p

    ALONG: huhu..pjg sgt eh? kalo penat, takyah la scroll smpai bwh! sape suruh..hehehee ;p

    best ke conference tu?

    MIU: hmm..the makeover was a simple one. dont really like the makeup she did for me..

    i still prefer my chanel makeover that i had in last march 08. its the best so far.. hehe

    anyway, u looked cute in ur outfit there! n woww.. u won n got free makeup!! im jealous, but happy for u babe! hehe ;)

  11. Panjang entry ni. Tanda2 internet dah ok, eh? :)

    thanks for sharing, selalu nampak hotel ni bila lalu tepi highway aje.

  12. sonoknya cuti2 malaysia ek..

  13. hai.i'm anim
    like ur blog
    mm...ur polka dot scarf look alike ur sis punye..

  14. hai.i'm anim
    like ur blog
    mm...ur polka dot scarf look alike ur sis punye..

  15. since when u befriend with them...looks like d bonding is very2 close =).at ur age of course u should live life to d fullest,when u start having serious commitment (i mean marriage) friends will not be ur 1st priority kan kalo best frenssss mmg susah nak cari,someone who cries,smiles n laughs thru thick n thin =).so u r so lucky to have them n they're so lucky to have u too =)

  16. Oh dear,
    I wish I can do THIS with my gals too.Nice huh.Im so happy reading this :-)

  17. wani =)

    aku rindu kau.
    aku tak bape nak sehat.
    i cry when i read ur blog. sebab aku rindu nak tgk gedik kau depan2 macam dulu dulu =)seriously.miss u lot!

    im not happy right now tapi bile dapat tgk kau kat blog ni and keep myself updated bout highskool frens, i feel better.

    take care wani gedik ku! =)

  18. huh sgt seronok
    ajr cket cmner nk pakai tudung cenggitu
    comei la

  19. LIYANA: hehe.. yup! internet dah ok!! baru beli modem+router yg baru last weekend.. hehe ;)

    MARIA: seronok2!! hihi

    COCI: =)

    ANIM: hello there.. thanks for liking my blog! n i like u for liking it! hehe =)

    bout the tudung, yup..i bought for her when i was in amsterdam as a souvenir for her.. lepas tu, terasa mcm nak jugak design yg sama, so i bought at too! exactly the same design! hehe ;)

    SUZIE: i've known them since October 2005, i think.. we became frens since then..

    umm..yeaa, this is the closest frens ive ever had! fyi, i never have any frens that i can be 100% me! hehe.. so im blessed to have met them in my life =)

    JETSETTER: hehe.. do lar!! it'll be fun!! hehe ;)

    AISYAH: alaa...nape aisyah?? what happened? isk..takmau sedih2 tau.. =(

    eh ko still kat uia ke? jom la dinner same ke lain kali.. =)

    HIKARI: ok saya akan ajar ye..di masa akan dtg..bukan skrg..
    right now, saya byk bende nk wat..

    sila harap bersabar..hehe ;p

  20. bestnye jd anak org kaya ek

  21. yup still in uia! jom jom =) tapi tatau bile buleh... skang bz.. nex week maybe! =)


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