Saturday, March 14, 2009

I am Internet-less!

Hey, guess where I am right now?


Starbucks it is.

Ugh. I really hate being an internet-less person! huhu. Internet is my world! When I'm at home, I don't really watch the boob tube. So, internet is the only entertainment for me! I can do millions of stuff when I'm online! Such as blogging(of course!), watch my fave tv series, listen to the music, download movies and music, chatting, phoning, emaling, read the news(really? hehe), read people's blog, read about celebs world, friendstering & facebooking and loads more!
So when someone took away my internet. I'd be really depressed. isk. =(

Oh, please let me have my internet as soon as possible, cuz I really hate to have to go to the Starbucks near my house just to online. It is soo uncool not to have the internet la! huhu.




  1. who won the contest!!!

    let your fans know!!

    maybe do an interview??? and take pic of collecting prize????

  2. dear,u shud get a broadband then..I'm using maxis bb currently coz the celcom bb sucks..I only used the celcom bb for abt I suggest maxis bb..hehe..

    -ur silent reader :)

  3. heyy..i've seen u last friday at jusco..weeee..

    (but, is it really u? malu la plok klau salah)

  4. miu: hehe.. a girl named hidayah won. i'll post about that entry when im ready to post her gift. hehe ;p

    nadiah: really? but my fren is using maxis bb too. she said it sucks too! haha..
    nvm, i already got mine fixed. yeay!! =)

    dinas: on friday?? oh.. which jj r u talking abt? as far as i can remember, i only went to jj on saturday..

    salah org kot.. heheh ;p

  5. saturday eh..bukan friday? ehehe..malu la plak..:p
    jj alpha angle..

  6. cntikla baju u yg wana putih n dat cardigan? bli kat ne? =)


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