Monday, March 9, 2009

Be My Lucky Reader!

Since this is TSHB birthday month, I wanna give away a fragrance by United Colors of Benetton to my lucky reader!

Be the 111,111th reader and received a Hot or Cold (your own choice) fragrance by Benetton! (Both smells nice!! Hot for Woman and Cold for Man. But some people say that both fragrance are unisex. I'm not really sure. All I know is that they both smell great!)

How to win?

Just visit my blog everyday, and if you're lucky enough the counter hit the number 111111, I'll send you the perfume of your choice! (But I only open to Malaysian readers.)

However, if it happens to be that you're the 111111th reader and you're staying or living outside Malaysia, then do inform me because I will open to the next number: 111112th, or 111113th and so on (up to 111130th reader!). So Malaysian readers, if you're the 111111th to 111130th. Do email me!! It'll be based on first come first serve basis.

So readers, if you're Malaysian, and the number falls between 111111 to 111130, just email me with your fullname, mailing address, the perfume of your choice and please attach a print screen of my blog too! Like this:

So email me ok! At

Good Luck!!




  1. oh wow should be a devoted reader ni!

  2. how to copy the print screen eh.just asking who knows i might be one of the lucky one..hehe

  3. izzaty: hehe.. yup2! ;)

    mia: just press the shift and print screen (Prt Scn) button on your keyboard, and then go to Paint, and paste the page. there u got it! ;)

  4. dearr..i try my luck...tapi i dpt 111114.. :(

    nak jadi the lucky winner!! heheheh

  5. :(( i went for lunch for half an hour only..the number is rising to 111145 already.i missed the fragrance :(

  6. who's the lucky .. ayarkkk .. too fast ok ..

  7. Ouch! i am not the lucky one la...

    pagi tadi i view baru 108xxx..

    malam terus jadi 112xxx..

    isk..isk... memang tak bertuah..

  8. ler cepatnyer.. erhmm :C

  9. hi...who is the lucky reader???any winners already?


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