Thursday, April 2, 2009



Tadi saya ada interview..


Saya akan bekerja di Valiram Group tidak lama lagi! Yeayy! heheh..

You know what, their office is sooo damn nice and glamourous I should say! heh. Durhh.. it's Valiram! It's the biggest luxury goods company in Malaysia! hehe =P

For a moment there I thought I was in the setting of The Devil Wears Prada film! hehe.. Seriously, it doesn't look like an office for me! The lighting and the music and the interior design and colors are just fabulous!! HOWEVER... the receptionist was so snobbish. Ughh. I really felt like I was the Andrea in The Devil Wears Prada when she first came to Runway to have her interview.. haha. Probabbly cuz I wear tudung, kot? I dunno la. But, I just hate the way she looked at me and the way she sounded just now.. "And you are frommm..???", with that snobby face and the frizzy hair look and the poyo tone. Ughh. I hated people who discriminates tudung-wearing gal! Like you know, they have that look, like, "Who the hell are you?? Are you supposed to be here? This is Valiram for God sake!".

But I dunno la. Maybe she doesn't mean that way. Or maybe she was just having a bad day or Pms-ing.. or whatever.. Hmm.. But my friend was there too. And she saw her look too! So... erm.. entah la.. hehee.

But come on la.. whatever the reason pun la kan.. She's a receptionist! A front-line desk people! She shouldn't act that way! First impression brings great significance or value. Doesn't she know that? Hmmm..

But nevermind.. Sooner or later, I'll try to be nice with her and become friends, maybe? huhuh =P

Ok la.. Gotta get back to work, work, and work!! Exams coming real soon!!! isk.



  1. Valiram??ohhh thats great..u know what,i had this opportunity for an interview there a few months ago..but i didnt go.why?i donno..xde rezeki kot..skarang rase mnyesal plak..huhu..anyway gudluck in ur exams..ciao

  2. omg u gotta let us in on the happenings of working at Valirams!!!!

    (pst especially when they're gona have sales ok?)

    i am your best friend now! (hahah jahatnya)

  3. congratulations! if only u were allowed to snap some pics. mahu tgk office dia ;p

  4. congrats wani...wah at the same time boleh 'cuci mata'...Great la darl!n aiming for good.

    all the best anyway =)

    kak suzie

  5. congrats dear!

    your bally little black shoes must be your lucky's one of the brands they carried pun kan. :)

  6. hey read that your VB perfume kena confiscated by the immigration?! why?? why?? OH IT IS REALLY SAD.. T_T

    blog about it in the amsterdam post? hmm.. or did i miss reading it... if u didn't talk about it i am very curious to know why!!! n how much it cost u :(

    and yes wani is u! lol.. smart girl can detect from far away.. mana tau readin my blog pulak n so fast reaction! haha..

  7. That sounds great. It suits you anyway. just from my point of view - you love to dress in style. Tak sesuai if kerja kat environment office biasa. Perhaps you'll fit pretty quickly there. Anyway, welcome to real working world dear :)

  8. Dear Wani..Salam perkenalan to u. I've been following ur blog quite sometimes and I really enjoy reading about your life. Bukan sbb I enjoy the feeling of jealousy like they said (I can afford everything that you can) or sbb I teringin nak hidup macam you (my life is very much blessed with everything that I want) but for the mere fact that I enjoy the excitement of reading a life of someone else's. I think you're such a nice girl indeed and I can sense that you are writing for sharing. Congratulations. p.s I love reading Pink Stilettos too but not Honeytothebee (she is full of good no positive aura..sorry). I like the way you handle in this entry you pointed out that you will try to make friends with the snobbish recpt..insyallah this is a good intention. There always something beautiful be it action or intention that we can be reminded in ur writing. Congrats again and keep up the good works..

  9. Tahniah Wani!

    Harap2 dapat kerja terus kat Valiram ye? :)

  10. gud luck wani! happy working!!!

  11. congrats wani!
    ada sale bitau yeah!

  12. eleh kerek je minah tu it's not like her dad owns the store. after all, kerja receptionist je kot. you're better than her.

    and wearing a veil means you have an extra accessory to explore with. (while she's stuck with stuff that everyone else also owns)

    curl your eyelashes and put your head up. goodluck.


  13. jangan lupa ambik gambar ofis Valiram tu tau..
    tak dapat kejer sana.. tengok gambar pun jadi la kan..

  14. Salam -

    Wanee, Congrats...
    tu baru 1 jenis manusia you ketemu...esok2 bila you dah masuk kerja ...lagi berjuta2 jenis@peel manusia -ve dan +ve you akan jumpa.Wish you all the best...Go gal..go...

    kak Nor

  15. wahh!valiram?gila best!
    i dapat kat jendela KL yg kat starhill pun da rs tersgt best,ni kan!



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