Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To Go or Not To Go

The other day I got an sms from Fahmi:

"Hello Miss Wani. This is Fahmi, previously with Stila, but I am now with Chanel. I just want to inform you that we have a promotion: purchase voucher RM300, and RM280 can be fully redeemed for the products and RM20 for makeover by international makeup artist from Hong Kong and Korea. The background of the photo shooting would be the Coco Chanel apartment. You can get an A4 sized picture and two 2R sized pictures. If you're interested, you can make an appointment with me. Thanks."

And last night, I got an email from Parkson:

Mereka berdua ni memang lahh! haih.. Dikala saya sedang kebizian ini.. mereka mengganggu hidup saya.. huhu..

hmm.. I really wanted to goooo... But I have tons of work to be done!! sob sob.. =(

But..on second thought.. Looking back at my stories/pictures-last march, I might go for the makeover la.. hehe.. but dunno when.. =P

p/s: Kakak-kakak, tak mau pigi ka? Marilah! heh ;P



  1. Saya sudah buat appointment, tapi masih berfikir-fikir mahu pergi tak :p

  2. sorry sistah, i have to pass on this one.

    i am planning to have a makeover photo shoot dgn ayra nanti2, but not at the moment. nak tunggu dia dah at least bole duduk ker.. huhu.


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