Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Little Black Shoes

Cantik kan?

I always wanted a decent black covered heels. Most of my heels are either manik2(too glam for day time wear), or peep toe(tak tutup jari jemari which is not suitable for formal wear) or maybe in between! (that is, not suitable for either formal or casual)..

So when I saw this shoes, my heart says, "Oh, this is the one! It's perfect!". I was so excited when I found it, because to be honest, I am a bit fussy when it comes to choosing my perfect LBS. hehe. Most of the covered black shoes that I saw, are always boring. It's either their heels are too chunky or too lowly and fugly or too trendy . I just want something simple yet sophisticated. Something that doesn't say "Look at me! I am pointy and shiny! Look at me!", and yet still look nice on me. hehe.

Oh, I still remember I had a hard time finding my school shoes back in 2006 when I first came to Matric PJ. Our dress code was to wear a white tudung, baju kurung in any color and a black shoes. I refused to wear the normal Jazz sneakers or maybe the Bonia loafers or something, you know. I mean, I just can't take the idea of wearing sneakers with baju kurung? I mean, in my opinion, I personally think that baju kurung is supposed to make you look decent and feminine. And so when you team it up with sneakers, it just looked so weird to me..
So I asked my mom to buy for me a 4-inch leather squared-off toe shoes by Lewre and Bonia. Well, something that looks like this. It was a simple one.

But I remembered, everybody was talking about my heels and make an issue out of it. Like it was a really big deal or something. I just don't understand. I mean, the rules and regulations doesn't say that I have to wear flats. They didn't even state there what kind of shoes that were allowed to wear. They just said black covered shoes. Nothing like students are not allowed to wear ballerinas, moccasins, sling backs, sandals, peep toes, open toes, gladiators, mules, pumps, platforms, wedges, pointy toes and et cetera, you know! Plus, we were 18 at that I don't think that wearing pumps was weird for that age!

And by saying covered shoes, I understand that I can wear any kind of shoes that is high heels or not, as long as it is covered. Ain't that right? So when everybody was looking at the freakin' shoes of mine and you know, made that look, like I'm some kind of a freak.. I was like why? Do I look that weird? Was it because of the high heeled or because of the pointy toes? Why can't I wear this pumps?
I love the fact that heels lift me up a bit..and wearing them with baju kurung looks more nicer as compared to wearing them with sneakers! hehe.. =P
But well...after a few months in Matric, I can see lotsa girls started to change their choice of footwear for classes, and started wearing heels and pointy shoes.. hehe. Which is good. (At least, I know, I am not the only pointy toed species! haha)

Anyways.. Now that my internship is just around the corner, I need some new working shoes. hehe. I want a decent black shoes. Just a simple one. Not too pointy. Not too round. So, my sugar sweet daddy bought for me that shoes. And I loved it!

Especially the heels!

Super high. And super hot.


Thank You Dad!



  1. em..happy shopping after this..dont forget to stori ya bout ur new outfit for ur practical..

  2. dear... pakai la kasut tu... nak tgk!....

  3. dear... pakai la kasut tu... nak tgk!....

  4. babes...

    wut shoe is dat? like d heels

  5. maria: hehe.. shopping sket2 je kot.. takde ape sgt pon nak beli lagi..

    ina: hehe.. nanti i amik gamba k! ;)

    anonymous: lovin' the heels too! its from bally btw..

  6. veryy nice!

  7. i feel u dear! time i study dulu, i da pakai heels n wedges, mase tu im only 19. and at that time, tgh trend pakai sneakers yg mcm converse tuh. so bile ade presentation or event yg need us to dress formally, i will wear heels and or wedges.. and u know what, sumeorang look at me mcm i pakai boot plak! pastu nmpk la muke masing2 mcm pdg pelik je.. but i dun give a damn! i pakai je coz i feel so comfy in heels compare to sneakers.. and i ade dgr ckp2 gak some of the girls said "i nak ni melawa je, nk melaram tak kene ngn umur" dengki kan?? But at the end, lelame i tgk sorang demi sorang started to wear heels even some of the girls yg kutuk2 i tu asked for my advice bout where to buy, or which style fit them.. hehe.. pjg plak komen i :P
    nway, now im 23 and most of my fren da pakai heels, kdg2 i perli gak derang hehe


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