Thursday, September 18, 2008

Confessions of a Shopaholic the Movie!

Sophie Kinsella's fans like me, must be really excited to watch this movie!! I have been reading all her books since I was in high schools.. I have all of her books and I love all of them! They are too good to pass up! hehe.. ;)

Anyway, the movie will be released in 2009, in february of next year in the US. Malaysia, I'm not sure.. maybe in May or June..or maybe later than that.. *sigh* =(

I really can't wait to watch this movie!!
At last, Isla fisher will bring to life the character of Rebecca Bloomwood and Hugh Dancy will be Luke Brandon! =)

At first, I had a doubt that Isla Fisher can pull off the character Becky Bloomwood..but after I watched the movie trailer..hmm..I think she fits to be Becky! hehe. But, that guy doesn't look so right to be Luke. I don't know. But we'll see! ;)

I can't wait to see all those fabulous outfits, what Isla Fisher is wearing!
Although in this movie she looks so stylish and fabulous,but for me it's kinda too much of colours la, don't u think? Some of those pieces of her outfits are really crazy, venturous I would say. But some are really nice!
Like these!

But this outfit looks so weird.. I mean, who would wear this kinda skirt in real life? hmm..

and these are some of the shots in the set of the movie..

hmm..I still think that the setting of this movie is supposed to be in London instead of New York.
I personally think that british accent is much much fabulous-er than american accent for a glamourous and stylish women..hehe.

I always imagine all the gorgeous, fabulous people speak british accent.. Just look at Victoria Beckham! hehehe ;p

Oh, I can't wait to watch this movie! Can someone fly me to the US next february,please?

P/s: I have finished download the audio of Remember Me? and Confessions of a Shopaholic! Yeay! and they're in british accent! ;)



  1. Ngeee...i like this movie!!!This lady kindda crazie n daring too..i have a friend staying in US. Normally she will say.."download illegally,sis!" But hey..she did 1 for me for Ron Clark Story..seminggu baru abih download!ngeh2.....wany,where can I buy this book?Kuantan only has Popular and MBS bookstore..any suggestions while waiting for this crazie movie??

  2. I can't wait for the movie too!

    But why the outfits tak nampak macam Becky sangat eh? (my 2 cent).Some nampak tacky.But i loveeeeeeeee all the handbags.They're fab!

  3. OMG I WANT TO WATCH NI!!!!!!!

    best nampak!! i just go crazy when i see the pics and the word movie + confessions of a shopaholic

    ish now i have to go out teman boss pi guardian sales.. come back time i read!!!

    love ur blog!!

  4. she's wearing a pink stilettos :)

  5. hi wanie..salam one of your silent reders..ehehe..

    btol laaa..prefer gak if buat around uk..mcm ps i love you tuh..dier punye movie da best..tapi baca buku dok terbayang british accent or irish kan..aleh2 american jugak..x best laaa..spoil..yg nih x saba nak tgk jugak..tapi takot kecewa..but sure best kan??uk gilos..mesti lambat beberapa bulan citer nih kua nanti..benci!!

  6. Salam Wani,
    I'm new here. Visit your blog for a while. OMG...I am waiting for this for such a long time! I have all her collection of books and I love them to bits! I started to berangan bilela movie Si Becky ni nak release since the first book I read.. Hehe..
    By the way, thanks for the info!
    Can't wait to get a copy of it for myself!

  7. when i read the books, i never pictured her wearing those kind of outfits. i imagined her style macam ala2 VB. nothing too "outrageous" n colorful like in the movie. huhu.

    pink mama: a'ah laa.. hehe

  8. Agreed wif Iza.Kita pun imagine her style agak posh skit.Tu yang terkejut bila tengok camni.

  9. miss froggie: urm..popular kat sana takde ke? i penah beli one of her books kat popular gak.. yg lain2 i beli kat mph n kinokuniya..

    urm.. if u really want it.. i dont mind buying for u..then post it to u la.. hehe ;)

    reena: yeah.. her handbags look fabulicious! hehee

    miu: hehe.. yeah me too! the first time I heard about it, i was overexcited about it! haha ;p

    pink mama: hehe..yup..yup..yup.. her fave color i guess..hehe

    krelyana: hello there! velkam tu mai blog!! hehe ;p

    tu la pasal kan..nanti dah la the second one, becky will move to nnt caner..dah lain plak cerita.. iskk.. ke diorang mmg tanak buat cerita dia yg the second n third n fourth n fifth?? uwaaaaa!! i nak dia sambung2!! hehe..

    haneebee: i always berangan of me being her all the time! haha.. i mean, whenever i read her books,i've always imagine that the girl that Sophie is talking about was me! ha ha ;p

    best kan baca buku mcm ni..pastu sambil baca..bayangkan situation tu semua cane...hehe

    along: tu la pasal.. haihh..kan best kalo style dia mcm ala2 dlm devil wears prada... wooo! hawt baybeh! huhu

    ke..sbb diorg nk sesuai kan character yg cam bubbly n mcm..budak2? so kena laa colorful? huhu

  10. is the book good?

    i'm not much of a reader, but this is interesting enough to get me started! haha

  11. yes yes yes! it's realllllllly good! hehee.. u should go n get it!! ;)


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