Saturday, September 27, 2008

Food Frenzy!

For three days in a row, I've been eating out.. be exact, I had my dinner back to back at
CPK on Wednesday and Thursday and then yesterday at Bubba Gump Shrimps Co ..

Huh.. Puassnya makan!! ;)

On Wednesday, my Uncle blanja me and
Naz to berbuka puasa at CPK.. I soo love to dine here.. First because the food here is very tasty and yummy. Second because the Iced Lemon Tea is refillable! (and I love Ice Lemon Tea,btw!). And third because I have the CPK card, which entitles me to get 20% off each time I eat here!! Great food with great price! Now that's what I call a great deal! hehe ;)

Although I wasn't feeling very well on that day (was having sore throat, eye infections, and was feeling a bit dizzy and dulled & jaded), but bcuz orang nak belanja punya pasal, ikutkan jugak laa..heheh ;p

My all-time fave: Grilled Sausage & Pepper Penne and Mango Tandoori Chicken Pizza

The guy who always give me Starbucks tumblers..hehe..

On Thursday, was a Bonuslink Members' Day at Pavillion, and there were so many great deals like 10x bonuslink points and double vouchers, and plus the store was opened up to 11pm, so I was soo excited and don't wanna miss it, so I dragged along my sister to go shopping since she said she wanna find some baby botttles or sterilizer or breast pump or something..

But we went to KLCC first since she said she wanted to break fast with her friends a.k.a The Mirilyeas-Don't really know what that means..
But anyways, we ate at CPK.. and I ordered the same thing I had the day before;Grilled Sausage & Pepper Penne..hehe. One thing about me eating great food is that I always 'scared' to try out other meals if I haven't taste it before..hehe.. Then I always end up ordered the same thing! Tak confident la..Takot tak sedap.. haha ;p

Sedappp! tapi Along punya lagi sedap rupanyaa..huhu..

With Kak Noreen

..and then after we finished our meals, I went straight to Pavillion to hunt for things that I can get my hands on! hehe ;p

Ok balik time..hihi ;p

Yours truly has bought:

Warehouse Waterfall Ruffle Top
2. Warehouse Stripe Waistcoat.. Couldn't find any pictures on the web.. But it looks something like
3. A makeup base from Stila-
Hydrating Primer SPF 15
4. Stila Petal Infusions Eye Makeup Dissolver
5. Stila MAJOR Major Lash Mascara. Ouh, this one is really mayjah!! Love it to bits! It makes my eyelashes look longer and fuller. It looks like fake and I like it! hehe ;)
6. And I got myself a giraffe print shoes! And it's made of pony hair! Loving it! Its the
Guess Carrielee Pumps. Seriously, mine looks so much better than this! This one looks like a cow print rather than a giraffe print..hehe ;p

and I receive some freebies too!
Stila Plumping Lipglaze in Vanila Mint
2. Stila small makeup case in pink.
3. and Stila Petal Infusion H2Off Cleansing Cloths case! (for me to refill my Tesco's Baby Wipes!)

Look at this!

Isn't that brilliant? I mean, my babywipes case will look so much cooler than the actual one! hihi ;)


On Friday, went to The Curve. It was my
other sister's 24th Birthday Dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimps Co . The place was nice.. Very classic and vintage and all.. There are lotsa signs, license plates and some other decorations.. Adjacent to the restaurant is the gift shop with clothing, glasses and everything Forest Gump. Cool. Mcm Planet Hollywood punya kedai pun ada gak.. hehe..

But to be honest, the food was not really that good.. Of course yeah, I do love shrimps but...I dunno what went wrong.. I mean..maybe their food are so 'fashionable and hi-tech'.. or.. too complicated I suppose, and makes it not very pleasing to the sense of my taste! hehe..

But overall..hmm.. Ok2 lar.. the place was FUN!

Mine: "I'm Stuffed!" Shrimp and AIzat's: Dixie Style Baby Back Ribs..This one sedapp!!

Along's. Dunno the name..

Our desserts: Strawberry Shortcake and Bread Butter Pudding

They sang, something like, "If u want your birthday cake, let me see your booty shake!"..huhu

The Birthday Girl.

Make a wish and blow out your candles!

P/s: Your birthday gift will be given later! (tunggu duit raya from abah.. my savings tinggal sikit! hahaha ;p



  1. omg more freebies!! i can't believe u got those!! i also wan!! omg omg..
    next time follow u go shoppin stila!!!

    btw btw.. bubba.. food.. i also don't know what went wrong there. And did they charge u 5% gov service tax? coz they are not entitle to! can report.. haha

  2. Nice la that Warehouse top :)

  3. makan-makan, shopping, partying, im sure u had so mch fun..

    alahai, babywipes nyer case tu comel okeh..
    giraffe print shoes? mesti cute..!

  4. makan-makan, shopping, partying, im sure u had so mch fun..

    alahai, babywipes nyer case tu comel okeh..
    giraffe print shoes? mesti cute..!

  5. ola wanie..cut la ur uncle..ahaks..btw stila nye mascara tu waterproof x?

  6. wee...
    mascara tuh cm best jerk..
    tp die nyer brush mcm mascara stila yg lain gak eyh?
    kite pnah try (kakak pny) yg mane ntah...
    recommended by iza...
    tp kite xbape suke sbb brush besar & mcm berketul2 sket...

    itu birthday bash sgt best !!
    with family & frens & food !

    slamat hari raya !
    maaf zahir batin !

  7. salam...i've been wanting to dine in bubba gump shrimp since i went to the one in sunway,and suprisingly,the place cluttered with alcohol..what say you?


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