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I've been tagged by Kak Anita

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Share 7 facts about yourself; some random, some weird.

Okay..this one is quite similar as the one that I already did in my previous entry.. I guess, I'll just repeat some of my answers ok..hehe ;p we go again..Facts and Weird stuff about this Schazwany Hameed.


1) I'm an ear fettish. I like ears very much! Whenever I see someone with a very nice pair of ears, I have this feeling like I really need to taste their ear flap! Or maybe bite them! Especially their cuping! I think they're very chewy! haha ;p
And I often play with my own ears every few minutes! Especially when I'm studying.. or watching TV or just about doing anything at all.. Mommy said, I had this little habit of mine since I was only a few months old! And until now, I can't stop this habit! I'm addicted to ears! hehe ;p

2) I always hear people called me sombong. Maybe because I rarely smile. But hey, why would I wanna smile in front of people I don't even know? People might say I'm crazy! Plus, I am very pendiam girl! And it's hard for me to find subjects and topics to talk about when I'm with someone I just met(or someone I barely know!)
But seriously, you'd be surprise when you get to know me verry verrry well! haha.. ;p
Just ask Naz. or Radzique. huhu.
Oh, and I always get this statement: "Eh seriously, you sebenarnya macam ni ke??!"
Whatever that means.
hmm..certainly, those girls who said that to me must have an impression of me about something.. hmm.. nvm.

3) I can be very makcik-like and talk soo loud sometimes! But I always didn't realize this..huhu.. And it's funny that when I started to bercerita bagai nak rak.. all the people surrounding me would listen to every word I said! heee..malu jer! ;p

4) It's not that I don't like babies. I do. I love them. They're very cute.. But I just don't know how to act or make a weird face in front of them! (Somehow I think the babies might think like, "What's up with the face? Do u really need to make it look like that, and do that funny voice?" huhu.. So that's why I'm very shy with them.. I don't want they to think Aunty Wany is a freak!)

5) I'm a girly girl.. I love all the cute and pretty little things and beauty stuff and make-up ever since I was a small girl! I have always love skirts, nail colors, colorful make-up, frangrances, heels, handbags and lotsa other girly stuff! That's my definition of gedix. I am gedix with myself! Not gedik yang tergedik2 dgn laki tuh.. Eeww..

6) I'm always not well. Dunno why. I got so many health problems. Heart pain. Hard to breathe. Always fainted. Low blood pressure. Lemah selalu.. Skin problem-Terrible eczema, pimples,etc. Gastric. Haihh..
and I'm only 21. I had this ever since I was small. Then pergi medical check up, doctor said I'm normal. ishh.. But I don't feel normal pun..
Eh..wait.. how does 'normal' is supposed to feel like?

7) There are millions of facts about Schazwany Hameed! Bak kata Dia, I'm a major piece of work! Whatever that means.. hmm.. ;p

Ok..greatt. I'm done with this tagging game..

Now I'm tagging:

Eza Hameed
Honeys Hameed
4. Hunny

Miss Froggie
6. Mrs. Hafiz
7. My new blogger friend,
Miu! =)



  1. yea..yea...wany x sombong daaaah...can tell by reading her blog..she's actually crazie and talkative if u know her well..(ckp ngan cikgu psikologi..)ngeh2....

  2. wany,
    maria ada kawan ms kecik yg suka tinga gak..dia suke picit, gigit tinga org.. weird..
    bila baca ni, hmm tak sangka lak ada org lain yg seangkatan dgn dia..hehe.. funny la..

    me pun xreti nak buat funny faces kat baby.. dgn baby sendiri leh la, tp kekok gak mula2..
    cuma kalau jumpa bb, suka kacau baby, buat dia nangis.. gigit, tu sume reti la..hehe, sbb geraaaam sgt

  3. hi wani,

    i'm your silent reader (n both of your sisters too =)). i have the same case with wani's facts of life no6. masa kecik2 i pun tak faham kenapa i selalu je kene pg jumpa doktor, my brother n my sister tak pulak. so bila dah besar sket, i mula curious to understand my body, i did some research. u know the normal distribution curve? most people is likely to be in the middle, n some will be in the right end and the left end. it looks like we (yg selalu sakit2 mcm low blood pressure, fainting, pimples & eczema etc...) are on the left hand side of the curve. people with problems like high blood pressure n other related problems is on the other end of the curve. so it makes sense to me when doctor cakap it's normal hehe. it's normal for some people to be in any part of the curve.

    eh terpanjang pulak. anyway, this is just my understanding from the research i did and opinion n nasihat from the doctors. just want to share what i think =)

  4. 6) I'm always not well. Dunno why. I got so many health problems. Heart pain. Hard to breathe. Always fainted. Low blood pressure. Lemah selalu.. Skin problem-Terrible eczema, pimples,etc. Gastric.

    aku igt la mase darjah 3 ko masuk hospital sbb masalh jantung ke paru paru sampai kene pakai alat mcm walkman g kelas. aku takut gile weh. nasib baik sehat walafiat sampai arini......
    semoge pjg umo murah rezeki.

  5. salam,
    i found ur page through random search but hey, i love reading ur blog..

    anyway,i thought me and my sis je yg ada prob bile dok tanye2 sume org,we're not alone at last..

    gune cream ape?i gune doktor dr pusrawi bg,mmg best dan berkesan ;)

    namenye fucicort..try la..sesuai utk sakit kulit ape pun..i letak kt muka pun elok,sbb muka tgh kering...

  6. miss froggie: err..ure a psychologist ke? hihi..

    mrs hafiz: ehehee.. telinga i kenyal jer skrg ni..tiap2 hari main...but the funny thing is, i tak prasan pun kadang2 yg i tgh main telinga i! tau2 tgh main! eheheh.. kadang sampai darah..sbb i picit kuat sgt...
    tapi satisfied sgt! hahaaha..
    gilaa apo haku neh..huhu ;p

    silent reader: wow..really? siap ade normal distribution curve ek? hehe.. cool2!
    agak nye..kite punya curve brape ek the mean and the std. deviation? ehehee.. ;p

    anyway..thanx for informing! =)

    p/s: mcm best jer..if i kaji about all this n then leh relate to maths! hehe

    aishah: eh..ko ingat lagi???
    a'ah..aku pon takot tu takde ape..yg tu doctor nak check jantung aku..
    pastu skali takde pape..
    tapi lepas pada tu..byk kali je aku pengsan n stuff..

    farah: welcome to my blog! ;)

    hey, thanks for informing!!! nnt la i carik ubat tu.. eczema will stop if i dont scratch my body and keep my hands & nails clean all the time! hehe..

  7. oh i've been tagged...
    sorry xperasan...
    nnt kite buat...

    yg pasal main2 telinga tuh...
    sama mcm adeq kite... (amik econs kt uia gak) ...
    die dr kecik asyiikkkkk main telinga die...
    smpi nipis (xdela nipis sgt...)...
    kitorg pun pelik...
    kdg2 kite plak yg terikut...
    tp xdela smpi setiap masa mcm dia...
    lawak ar....

  8. wani, kak nk tny la mana beli overall tali mcm gitu ek?tq

  9. hunny: hehe.. kite ingat kite sorg je yg pelik! hehe.. kite pon suke main smpai darah2 telinga kite..sbb kite geram sgt smpai picit kuat2 smpai boleh terluka! heheh ;p

    anonymous: ouh..erm..the tali is called suspender.. yg i beli tu mmg dia dah attached with the pants.. i beli kat warehouse..
    tp ade byk je jual suspender shj..without the pants.. u can find it at various stores like topshop, warehouse, guess, dp, etc etc..


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