Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I had a terrible headache since last week. It only stops when I take my paracetamols. I have to take them for every 4 hours. Oh no, this is not good. What's happening to me? =(

N my eyes feel a little bit sore and for the last two days, I had deep muscle and joint pains..

...the doctor said I might have a dengue fever


He said, after he examined it and done with my blood test, he'll call me for the result...

Let's pray I do not have it..pleasee.. =(


I read something just now..

and it states here that..

Dengue starts with chills, headache, pain upon moving the eyes, and low backache. Painful aching in the legs and joints occurs during the first hours of illness. The temperature rises quickly as high as 104° F (40° C), with relative low heart rate (bradycardia) and low blood pressure (hypotension). The eyes become reddened. A flushing or pale pink rash comes over the face and then disappears. The glands (lymph nodes) in the neck and groin are often swollen.
hmm... the words that I bold, means I already had them!

Gosh.. am I gonna get dengue??

Doctor, please say NO!!!




  1. hope it just a false alarm!!!

    i dunt know whether its a good advice but try drink lots of 100 plus n vitamin C

    maybe u just stressing out!


  2. hi wani, ive been ur silent reader for quiet sometime actually :). with regards to your post, i hope its all well and the result turns out negative..

    maybe its just a viral fever which have the same symptom as dengue fever (i have experience both and the feelings are very much the same).. do not worry,try and drink loads and loads of plain water and also 100 plus but remember to let the gas out first yaa..alternatively, you can drink glucolin to give you some energy.

    i hope this help.. take care!

  3. dear.

    dunno whether this practice is accurate or not, but if u had those signs, please drink 100+ your soonest possible and a LOT.

    a close friend once advised me to do that. and i recovered fast.

    get well soon, yah? and lets hope its not dengue.

  4. wani, u ada demam yang tak baik2 ker? kalau yer, better for u to see the doc. bahaya pulak nanti kalau betul2 denggi..

  5. hi dear..
    this is my advice..tak pernah kena..tapi my bro pernah kena early this year..

    never..ever wait for the result to come baru nak sibuk cari penawar..
    start from now.. drink plenty-plenty of water.. drink plenty of 100plus rather than ambik ubat tu.. lagi berkesan.. kalau bole tak yah puasa.. just minum 100plus every half an hour, air every time kalau bole.. sebab kalau kat hospital pun dorang bagi drip..

    satu lagi..makan banyak..sebanyak yang mungkin buah tamar.. tak payah cari jus ke apa..makan yang direct lagi berkesan.. satu lagi orang cite.. buah betik pun penawar denggi/deman panas.. bole try gak....

    so, good luck.. whatever the result is ok.. keep on makan/minum sampai sembuh..

    get well soon!

  6. hopefully no lah..i pun kene gitu..2 kali cek darah..alhamdulillah just viral fever..but just cek darah 2-3 kali..kwn i cek lepas 2 kali..even die yg suh doc cek..doc xnak..2nd time br dpt tau denggi..so..take care lah..skang musim..

  7. dengue??Nauzubillah...neway..x be so sad..that was just the doc's assumption..if xde tanda2 tu few days meaning bukan la...maybe u r toooo tired doing ur assignments and study..let's pray nothing bad happend,k!


    Yeah, I really hope it's not dengue. hmm..maybe I'm just extremely tired kot.. tah la..

    But anyway, I'll try to drink loadsss of mineral water and 100plus!

    I really hope I recover very2 soon! Asik terlantar atas katil je.. dah 2 hari mcm ni..isk..

    Thanks again, for your advice! I really appreciate it! =)

  9. Get well soon!

    Btw, anda dpt award dari saya.

  10. btw, i have a sign of satu penyakit.silent killer they call that penyakit.but not sure.x pi check lg.so i know how u feel.gila scared kan?

  11. so mcmn keadaan skrg?doc kata ape lak wani?

  12. reena: thank u reena! altho i think i dont really deserve to get that award as my blog is not that interesting pon mcm my sisters..huhu..

    p/s: silent killer?? omg! ape tu? i mean, u sakit ape ni? pergi check dgn specialist asap!! buat la med cek up for ur whole body..tgk ape yg tak kena..heh

    maria: he just said that i have a virus fever..thats all..
    pastu dia tak suro dtg clinic pon..

    tp bdn still cam tak sedap2 gak..
    dok telan panadol tu je lah 4 hari berturut2 ni..hurmm...

  13. eh silap..
    its viral fever la..huhu

  14. sisty sister! hehehe.. don't worry okeh! u'll be fine... i kene denggi once this year and terus MC and so-called "hospitalized" for 2 weeks! gilakkk.. denggi x besh wooo.. lenguh/sengal satu badan.. selera kurang.. berat kurang (this one i suka!) tp makan apa2 sume rasa pahit.. huhuhu.. tp no worries la! not to worry u pun.. i'm sure u'll be ok.. juz ingat minum byk2 jer.. esp 100 Plus! seriouslyyy.. air je ubat denggi ni! my parents bought dozens of 100 Plus last time.. hehe..

    well, take care & cepat baik sakittt!!

    p.s. my chest pain dah ok! i'm back at work now... (sooo tak besh!!) :P


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