Monday, September 29, 2008

When acne strikes continue..

Just when I thought my "very bad skin" days were over, stupid ugliest acne strikes back!!!

It's not fair. =(

I thought I've successfully navigated the problems on my skin, but when I woke up, I found acne.

As far as I remember, it was only one or two...

And's already FIVE of them!!

Gosh. It's really annoying!! What can I do to really vanish them far far away from me??

The market is loaded with all kinds of products. But which ones should I use?
It's not an easy choice, u know!! =(

And what's more sad is that I have spent a fortune on doctors, dermatologist and over-the-counter medicines and skin care products! But once I stop visting them or using their products, the same old problem would then occur back! I really hate this.. It's like it won't stop, if I don't use their products!

Can't they just stop loving me and living on my skin??

Dah la nak raya dah.. Jerawat aku bersepah satu muka! isk =(

hmm.. but then again, maybe it's just me being so paranoid and stressed out myself lately. And that I have not getting enough sleep for myself..
And maybe that's the reason why my body kinda memberontak to me..hehe ;p


Oh.. I think I am PMS-ing too.. cuz I think my period is about to happen in another few days.. So I guess maybe that's why I've grown some pimples on my skin..hmm..


haihh... nevermind... I just have to deal with it larh.. =(

And so...

I had no other choice but to run down to the drug stores, and buy some treatment products that interests me to give it a try, as I want to kill all of them as fast as I could! hehe ;p

So I bought...

Bought some cleansers,scrubs,masks,vitamins,etc

Few little things at Watsons! hehe..
Anyways.. I've tried the mask by Freeman Clay Mask. and it's really good!! Not that it vanishes my pimples away in seconds(how I wish!), but I really like this kind of clay mask! It's very tight and smells very nice (avocado and oatmeal!) and so invigorating! It has a light heat sensation, which I like very much! ;)
And best of all, it's only RM18.90!! and it's 150ml!!

Oh I lovee Watsons!! So many interesting things you can find here!! hehe ;)



  1. cian wany, dah la nak raya..
    drink loadsa plain water yeah..
    take vits and clean ur face regularly..
    jgn pk sgt, nnt dia lagi menjadi2..hehe

  2. wani..pakai temulawak lahh..hhuhu!!

  3. hye..i've been ur silent reader for quite lama..keep it up!

  4. hi... when u have pimples, dun scrub... just use mask... coz kalau scrub jerawat tu makin teruk... tht's wht i learn lah :)

  5. one of the silent readers..just wanna share the product that i use whenever the zits menyerang.its Clearasil Pimple Treatment Cream (vanishing).really worked for me.overnite dah surut.and tak ada parut or merah2.worth the try and money.ada kt watson.=)

  6. are you serious?? all that nanti muka lagi rosak kang. go back to accutane if u can :P online buzz la jom sembang acne lagi hehe.

  7. oh mi god wanii!! I thot u're using clarins-truly matte/loccitane-riz rice now, rite? why change again?? u must be really paranoid kan..that u grab all u can at watsons...n really hope all the products u've purchased will vanish the pimples away in about few days aite?!! hehe..
    i truly understand how u feel babe.. but please use only one brand at a time! otherwise ur skin wud become lg teruk!

    but ok laa..i see 2 bottles of supplements-skin clear rite? hmm..the name does sound good! hehe.. hopefully it will do good to ur skin!
    but the rest are all acne n scar treatment gels and masks right.. well..ok la jugak tu kot as mask only can be use once a kire ur skin pon x kena dgn product tu salu la...heheh

    anyways... do drink up a lot of mineral water ya babe! n dun forget ur supplements!! n ur beauty regime!! (the usual ones laa!! i mean the loccitane or clarins..whichever yg u gune la..huhu)..yg baru beli ni,pki sikit sgt2 je k!!

    take care!!

    n have a great day... eh i mean skin! hehe ;p

  8. i love watsons too ;) ade je bende nk bli klau gi situ..hehe
    nway,same la kte..last time i used to spend a lot of money on skin pimples still tumbuh bila dah lama stop treatment..blame it on the hormones

  9. hmm.. my petua utk kurang jerawat is tak usik jerawat tuh! hehehe.. tp usik gak kekadang.. and anyway, gurl, i'm using the acne cream from himalaya.. tu je satu2nya ubat jerawatku.. tatau la elok ke tak tp i rasa ok.. and right after jerawat dah gugur/jatuh.. i terus scrub muka! confirm elok balik.. hehehe..

    selamat mencuba (apa yg patut).

    btw, selamat hari raya!!!! :)

    p.s. lama nyeh i tak mask muka.. padan la kusam jerr.. nak main2 facial lah nnt.. hihihi..


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