Monday, September 1, 2008


I just watched channel Oasis.

and I watched muslims performed Taraweeh live from Masjidil Haram.

Seeing the people performing the Tawaf, Sai'e, and the prayers has made me cry.. =(
and the beautiful recitation of Al-Quran(and reading the translation/subtitles) has made me feeling even more sayu and..urm.. I dunno.. terharu maybe.. I dunno what I'm feeling right now.. It's hard to explain.. I've been crying for the past 2 hours. All the surah are just so beautiful.. (tegak bulu roma aku!) isk.. =(

I feel so jealous at the people in my tv screen as they get to perform all their daily and sunnah prayers in there! =(

God, I missed Makkah so much. When can I go there again, God??!! =(



  1. aku ni mmg susah nangis la tapi bila dgr Quran recitation dari Imam kat Mekah, hati rasa cam... tatau nak ckp. the feeling is indescribable. aku paling suka Shaykh Sudais baca, sgt2 sedappp so aku download Quran recitation by him n kasi baby aku dgr hari2. I think my little one likes it. kalau dia tgh tendang2, bila aku pasang dia duk diam. huhu. comelll!

  2. iza

    good one!
    how to download it??dah lama cari kat internettttttt..plss

  3. along: yeke? comelll jer..hehe.
    yup, saya coti.. sampai ahad..pastu balik...pagi ahad tu da ade midterm..haihh.. =(

    linda: urm...u can just download it thru bitcomet or limewire or ares,etc...type je laa surah sheikh sudais..

  4. linda: i download guna torrent. here's the link:

  5. I have been a silent reader to ur blog as well as ur along's kali ni mcm tertarik2 je nak komen coz yesterday i had the same feeling has been years since i went there and i missed the place so much!

    my late grandmom has been kept there permanently last two years and i wasnt there to witness it....and that make the situation worsen...

    by the way... i am in love with imam sudais reciting since i was first there on 1991! sgt sayu , meremang bulu tengkuk yet peaceful at the same time ;)

  6. iza n wani..

    thank you darlings!!
    nasib baik u blog pasal ni then i dr taktau boleh tau downloasd this good thing!

    selamat berpuasa to both of u!

  7. wanie..good to have those feelings..kat masjid at my housing area pun ada imam from mesir datang.Very young..and bacaan dia sungguh syahdu shahdan..make me melt!!Yg I slalu dgr .. translation in English/Malay..

  8. yeah... mmg sayu kalo dgr kan! i pun kekadang kalo pass-thru channel tu.. susah terdiam jap! sayu sesangattt!! miss going there too.. been there once & hoping to go there again nanti.. hopefully this time bole gi with hubby! *amen* :)


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