Friday, September 26, 2008

Stila Girlfriend Club


I finally completed my stila stickers and receipts! So now I can redeem them! Woohoo!

*big smile plastered on my face*

Thanks to
Miu(whom I know her through just this blogging thingy), who generously gave me one of her stila receipt, for me to get my freebies! Fyi, her receipt was my ticket to get my free RM800 worth of Stila products! Ouh, I am soo lucky to have found you,babe!! ;)
Isn't that fantastic? I mean.. I find it absolutely amazing that I can connect to her and so many other people out there, through just a keyboard and my lappy screen! hehe..

the Stila Girlfriend Club card

hmm.. Remember in my previous post, I mentioned about the Stila receipt which I was searching for?
Well..I was so frustrated and upset the other day when the SA told me that I cannot redeem my stuff if I can't complete the 10 receipts. (I only have 9 receipts at that time.. I lost one of my receipts).. and was so desperately in need of the receipt as I really felt like I've wasted soo much money and don't even get hadiah or something..iskk =(

They are so cruel, u know! How can they do that to me? I've been supporting Stila ever since it came to Malaysia.. And it's just ONE bloody receipt okay??! haihh..

Nvm..So..since posting that entry doesn't really help me to find the one and only receipt, so..I decided to try my luck and googled Stila on the web.

And guess what..

I found one! *happiness*

..and she's a Stila freak just like me! hehe ;p
She's also a Stila Girlfriend Club member.. So that's why she kept all her receipts.. and was able to give me one of hers!

I guess I really am lucky! hehe ;)

Okay, so here's an explanation about what's Stila Girlfriend Club is all about..

If you're a Citibank/MTV credit card holder, and you purchase RM 200 and above, you are entitle to become a Stila Girlfriend Club member. But if you do not have those credit cards, you'll have to purchase RM 300 and above in order for you to become their member.

And as a Stila Girlfriend Club member, you'll get these privileges:

1. First to receive Stila updates on new launches & programmes.
2. Get invited to Stila events/parties.
3. Birthday Specials. (free Stila star and a makeover on your birthday)

The Redemption Program:
1st star - Stila Girlfriend Mug
5th star - Stila Cosmetic Set worth RM 300
10th star - Stila Cosmetic Set worth RM 500 and a Stila Makeup Case

I completed all the 10th stars! ;)

The Requirements:
1) The First Star is awarded with purchase of RM300 or RM200(if you're a citibank cc holder).
2) Each subsequent Star is awarded with purchase of RM150.
3) Must retain all receipts of purchases from Stila.(above RM 150 only)
4) The redemption/membership is only valid for 6 months upon application. (What the heck?? I never heard any membership clubs that last only for 6 months! And on top of that, if your card has expired and u wanna be their member again, u'll have to spend another RM300 again! Demn. I'll never be a Stila Girlfriend Club member everr again!)

Oh, and this is another ridiculous redemption program..

Notice that on the card has 3 little Heart shapes.. They are for redemption gifts for introducing another Girlfriend:
1. The first Heart - Receive a Stila Lip Glaze worth RM 85
2. The second Heart - Receive a Stila Cosmetic Set worth RM 350
3. The third Heart - Receive a Stila Brush Set

Note that each Heart is awarded with every 3 friends joining and each of them has to purchase RM 300 in order to become a member too!
That is sooo ridiculous and unbelievable and unrational and unreasonable!!

Stupid. Stupid bloody membership program!!
Sumpah, after this I won't become their member anymoree or even if I do(unintentionally of course), I won't complete the whole bloody crappy membership thing!

Gila apa nak spend for makeup for at least RM 1650 in 6 months time!!


and I only did that because I wanted the makeup case so badly! huhuh ;p

No more Stila membership club or whatsoever after this. I promise..


How I wish my makeup case looks like this!

This one looks more serious and poshy yet girly

The one that I'll be getting is more to erm..girly and cutey..I think.heh.. But it's nice too!

Anyways.. I also received a letter from Miu! hehe..

You're such a doll! ;)

P/s: I promise as soon as I get my freebies, I'll post some of your Stila stuff to ur address ok!



  1. membership utk 6 mths je.. dia nak suruh kita membeli je la tu..

    btw, nanti dah dpt makeup case, tunjuk sini k.. nak tgk jugakk;)

    biasalah girls, mcm sis pun kalau ada offer itu ni.. sibuk nak try ke, join ke, kalau rewardnya best oklah jugak.. tp kalau rewards yg tak worth it , boring je rasa.. tp snyap2 la.. hehe

  2. omg u actually take pic of my letter and post up. Tell lar, If i know i decorate it and put sticker all over u know.. (haha.. jk jk)

    I'm very happy to have met u 2! in cyberspace.. omg what r the chances of that? 2 stila freaks who love the make up case. Thank god i had 1 receipt that matches so u can use. After that particularly month I didn't go buy anymore. Just like how you reason it. RM1650 in 6 months! freakin crazy and they don't even care we're regulars. Looks like just want us to spend spend spend. CASH COW.. lembu ringgit!!

    Frankly speaking, now my desire to continue as their customer is low. Their membership system when came out was so vague, none of their beautician/sales assistant gave me a correct explanation about it. Like birthday ? I didn't get a star, neither did I get a makeover (omg i didn't know can get makeover until i read your blog). See? how stupid?

    Furthermore look at their benefit guide. Pure crap! 3 friends spend rm900 then only u get a lip glaze! at first i thought 1 friend (ok la boleh tahan kut!!) then the SA informed me it's 3 - 1 heart. PUI..

    Furthermore after readin most of your blog entries, I find out I've spent so much and my own regular counter treated me like cash-cow only. I don't get freebies and if I get, it's because I've already spend over rm300-400 and I beg them to give me a notebook (yea I am so desperate??)

    Dahlah a stila paperbag also don't want to give me! gosh! I went to their mother's day event supposedly cocktail event. Upon reaching, it's bottle juice from supermarket and cupcakes which they didn't give to me at all until after my makeover, I had to ASK them to give it to me. OH this is the best part, they don't want give me paper bag for it. The girl actually stuff a upside down cupcake box into my small plastic bag. Reach home, the cupcake already history. I just threw it into garbage bin. Bah their events is so cheap and they're even cheaper in attitude.

    From now on I'll not support my counter anymore and go to yours in Pavillion/KLCC.

  3. i only managed to get the Stila Gf mug n stila makeup set (thanx to u!). tak kose haku nak collect sumer sticker! prolly bcoz i have a (fab) makeup case already.

    kalau takde expiration date ok gak..

  4. huh~
    poyo giler stila nye membership program...
    duhet duhet duhet jer die nak...
    ape la...
    congrats to u sbb berjaya dptkn apa yg u nak...
    naseb baik ade ur cyber fren Miu...


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