Friday, September 12, 2008


Please... pleasee, PLEASEEE help me... =(

Remember in my previous post that I said I'm gonna collect all the Stila 10 stickers?

Well.. I did get all my 10 stickers..but the thing is, I lost one of the receipts that I need to attach with the card!

Now I only have 9 receipts.. iskk.. Because of this one receipt, I couldn't be able to get my make-up worth RM500 and that Stila bag that I've been wanting for so long! sobb...sob.. =(

I only get to get a make-up set worth RM300 only..and If I have this one last receipt, I would get RM800 worth of Stila products and that cute Stila make-up bag..

iskk.. Rase cam nak nangis jer.. penat collect 10 stickers in 6 months.. tapi tak dapat pun that lovely bag! ish. =(

Does any of you have a receipt from Stila that you've purchased above RM150 between 2/3/2008 to 2/9/2008?


I'll reward you with Stila stuffs, I promise!

"Embrace One Act of Random Kindness"

Thank you.



  1. ala..wani..sorry cant help u! kesian u kan.. penat je kumpul byk tuuu 10 sticker! haihh... takpe, sabar je wani k..

  2. sapa2 ada aa wany.. siap ada rewards tu..hrp2 dapat la eh wany..

  3. umm...the latest stuff from stila i bought yg beli ngan ko kat pavi tu - illuminating foundation. not sure aku dah buang receipt dia or i gave to u aritu..?

    nway, pegi bilik aku, dlm laci mekap kat tepi2 tu aku ada selit stila nyer pink membership envelope. there's a few receipts in there tapi not sure bape hb punya. kalau takde kat situ, check kat bilik atas dlm my perfume box.

    takpon ko ayat2 sket la abang stila tu.. dia kan baik ngan ko. huhuh

  4. wanie, i've something on my blog for u! the usual stuffs but hope u like it.. happy ramadhan! :)

  5. hey i got ur message and yeah i got various receipts this year. I have 3 stila girl friend club cards too! but i couldn't complete the other 2 yet not enough stickers.

    U need 1 more sticker @ receipt? i can help out! sounds like good deal! ^_^ contact me

  6. miu: omg!! i really am lucky! hehe.. i tot u wouldn't reply!

    u have 3 stila girlfriend club?! hehe.. u must be a stila freak like i used to be one..hehee

    anyways, i only need 1 RECEIPT between march and september..

    thank u very much miu!

  7. np np!

    i just can't believe u can't find anybody who got a receipt to spare O.O i wonder how u find me up..! lol.. small world yeah.

    I calculated that u only need a receipt for that 6 months, which I have because I'm a member since January, then 3rd one is May/June onwards. I have 3 cards (yea i am freak.. coz i wan the cute mugs u know?! the box that comes with mug also so cute!!!!! somore get free eyeshadow pallete as MTV HL card holder when spend rm200, become member)

    i feel so excited also now!!! got ur email replying it now haha

  8. hehe.. i've been their fans since 2004! hehee.. but now, i'm a little bit 'slow' on their products..hehe.. as i think i have enough makeups already..(plus, sometimes i just buy them but dont even use them! haha)

    anyway, it's absolutely amazing that i can connect to u, just through my keyboard! hehee..
    i found u by just googling stila,btw! hehehee.. =)

    verry verrry lucky me to have found ur blog!! ;)

  9. girl check out my redemptions on this pages:

    and (after few weeks)

  10. yeah i checked it out already! they're greattt! esp the second time when u receive it! I think the first one is worth 300 bux la.. n then the second one only they give u the rm500 worth of their products..

    heee... i cant wait for mine!!! ;)


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