Thursday, September 4, 2008

Buka Puasa at Hilton

Went to Hilton Pj buka puasa.. Well, it's them. not me..huhuh ;p

Food was great!

and they've renovated the place a bit.. dulu tak dah ok.. Modernization I guess..hehe..

Oh.. It was a buffet dinner.. So of course,


haihhh..dah la tak puasa..isk.


Anyways.. Altogether I had, 8 rounds of makann! huhuh ;p
Semua aku hentam!
Tempura udang dia and Cendol and Putu piring & putu mayam dia paling sedaapp!! hehe ;)

Mr. and Mrs. vain ass! huhuh

P/s: Apsal pergi mane2 nak buka pose diorang dok serve air sirap? Bosan seyh.. Balik kampung, air sirap.. Beraya umah org,air sirap.. Pergi org kawen air sirap..Pergi bukak puasa air sirap..haihh..
Tu la dia, melayu takde air lain ka? huhu ;p

Buat la.. Freshly squeezed orange juice..or mango juice..or perhaps Cranberry juice on the rocks! eheheh ;p



  1. u ate a lot but yet ur arm/hand still looks small to me! n yes, u got that booty girll!! go girl!! hehe ;)

    i am soo jealous ok!! whats ur secret?

    do u consume HL just like ur sis Iza did?

  2. oh..err..really? but am actually fat u know.. my weight i think about 52kg or something now.. iskk..
    just look at my face.. i still have my baby fat(and teenage fat!) at my cheeks! i hate it! iskk.. =(

    and no, i havent consume HL yet..
    i dunno when im gonna start! i just cudnt resist to eat, eat n eat!! hehee ;p
    my cravings sometimes hv gone crazy! just look at my previous posts.. i ate a hell of a lot,man! not good at all!! =(

    hmm..maybe i'll start dieting starting next year la.. maybe in January..eheheh ;p

  3. em i guess sirap = cut of the u agree wif me?

  4. wani mmg mempunyai lengan yg kecik. juga jari jemari yg halus mulus tulus. kalah saya..

    tapi bontot saya menang. haha. bole tak camtu ;p

  5. Yelah Wany, look at your arm.. I so envy u!

    People say chubby face (face only ok) will make u look awet muda.. No?

  6. maria: hehe..yeah of course.. but well, they cud just serve plain water u know instead of sirap 20sen tu..hehe..lagi cut cost kan?? sedap pon sedap.. i cud drink plain water 1 litre on one go! hehehe ;p

    along: hiyerrr... saya tahuu..kamu menang semua laa kakakkkk.. tah2 haku dah amik HL nnt pon ko menang lagik..sbb aku mmg da gemok dr dlm perut mama..huhuh..

    esperanza: really? awet muda? never heard of that..hehee..
    but the weird thing is, why people always thot im 25?? even when i was only 18!! uwaaaaaaaa.. =(

  7. hey.. guess what??
    i saw u yesterday at hilton!!!
    n yeah.. u do look matured. not old. but matured. which is a reallllly different thing! hehe.

    anyway, if i didnt 'know' u from this blog.. i wouldnt know ure only 20..

    i might have guessed that ure 25 or 26 or something like that..

    maybe bcuz the way u dress up kot.. or maybe becoz its just the way ur face it is.. so garang n so sombong-like.. ehhehe..sorry babe, i didnt judge u at all.. its just the way ur face looks like..

    (senyum la sikit! eheheh..takot i tau!)

    n that also explains why i didnt dare to tegur u yesterday even tho i saw u! hehehe..

    anyways.. been reading ur blog n ur sisters for quite some time now.. n i must say, i like all the three of u girls' blogs! keep on blogging k! ;)

    p/s: u look gorgeous-er / fab-ber in real life! ;)

  8. PJ Hilton - Paya Serai is the best buffet in KL. (for me la) Every year bulan ramadan they are fully booked.

  9. Kalau rasa nak rasa minum selain dari air sirap during any festive season, try lah beraya kat Sarawak.. u memnag tak kan jumpa air sirap.. but diorang akan serve you with air berkarbonate..lepas tuh you akan rasa betapa bestnya kalau diorang serve air sirap...rasa macam kalau beraya kat sarawak nak bekal air sendiri jek coz tak tahan dengan air bergas jek....

  10. anonymous1: oh..err..yeah.. i kinda get used to ppl always call me sombong girl..or muka garang or or muka masam or muka matured n whatnot.. hmm..nvm..dun really care abt it pun..huhuh..

    k: yeah..Paya Serai is one of the best.. but I like to buka puasa at panpac-Degrees.. my fave section must be their desserts n salad bar! i always take loadss of salmon!! hehehe ;p

    anonymous2: really? oh in that case, i think i'd prefer air sirap larh..hehe..air gas lagi laa tak tahan..manis sgt2 kot..heh

  11. canteknya ur tudung... :) tak pernah nampak pon b4 this..lawa..

  12. hehehe wani makan byk pon masih kurus...yaaa betul lengan very slim....cantikkk...

    makan je wani selagi leh makan..hehehe

    i concur with you...paya serai is one of the best..sedap giler...bulan posa nie semua la sedap...duit je tadak nak byr..hehe

  13. marlissa: tq.. its my Along's..hehe

    kak shay: tu la kan..bulan posa ni sume la sedap.. eh tapi, bulan tak pose pon haku rase sume sodapp gak! haha.. =P

    yeahh! makan selagi leh makan.. pastu diet la selagi leh diet..hahaha ;p


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