Tuesday, September 23, 2008


On the 7th of September was my buddy's birthday. And due to berderet2-ness of my midterm papers, and was attentively engaged in some assignments/presentations and studies, I totally forgot to wish my closest friend everr!!

Gosh. I am a complete jerk. How can I forget?

I'm sooo sorry Naz! No wonder I felt like there's something else going on besides my paper on the 7th tu.. hurmm... Anyhow..anyways..

Happy Birthday, my friend!

(I guess it's not too late to wish aite..since it's still September! hehe)

Anyways.. to make it up to her, I went out with her yesterday, to belanja her dinner at Italiannies.. =)

..and for the first time I wore my
Topshop corset. And team it up with a black wide-leg pants and a grey satin silk shirt.. or rather a nightshirt! (which I actually altered it to look like a shirt!) hehe ;p

hmm..I think it looks better with a white shirt la.. Doncha think so? hurm..nvm..

The Birthday Girl.

Complimentary bread.. I almost dipped the bread in their olive oil+balsamic dipping sauce! Thank God I remembered I cannot eat balsamic..so I quickly asked for them to change it..or not, sia2 je puasa..tapi berbuka with alcohol..huhu

Our beef pepperoni pizza

Oh..I got a strawberry colada smoothies! hehe..But it tastes banana moree than the strawberries! =(

I looveee strawberry! heheh =)

This is what we girls do in the elevator! haha. ;p

hurm.. next, i'll blanje u ice cream or cake ok? Choose either one only! haha. ;p

and..ouh, what hadiah u want? Dunno what to buy la babe..heh.

P/s: On the 16th was my 'birthday' too! Well, not exactly a birthday la..but, I'd like to think so.. hehe.. Because it was the date I got my very first period! hehe.. So it's like the birth of a new woman! haha..

So...basically..erm.. It has been 9 years since I became a WOMAN! hehe ;p



  1. hey..nice outfit girl! i think whatever color, either white or gray or even black looks great with the corset! ;)

  2. grey satin silk shirt tu ok la dear, nmpk lain sket dr kalo pakai white aje. nice je. i lurve ur tudung la. hehehhee.

  3. a'ah la..cantik nyeee!! stylo seyh! anyway..mcm mana u buat baju tido wat baju jalan??? pandai nyee u alter! u carik kat mane tu?

    p/s: lawoo nye baju tdo u! huhuh ;p

  4. hey there. u have such a nice corset. i love it to bits! :) seriously, padan dgn u.. :)

  5. wany, u look gorgeous !!!
    sweeet sgt :)
    and.. happy blated bday to ur dear fren yeah!

  6. hmm..I think it looks better with a white shirt la.. Doncha think so? hurm..nvm..<<<<<<<<< erkkk... u prasan lebey kot..

    nway luv ur outfit. santek

  7. aku rasa biru and black ok gak kot. grey tu mcm buat tak nmpkan ur corset.

    psstt my bday is coming upp this friday!

  8. nice! u got a fashion sense girl! u look so good in the corset+shirt. Love the pics. Your friend is so lucky to have you belanja Italianies! I don't think any of my friends ever belanja me makan besar macam ni. It's always I had to pay. On top of that, u r even givin her a gift too! wow..

    and happy "woman" day! 9 years? you're very young i think?! also u mention sittin for exam papers too. I'm really wondering how old r u and whether u work or not!

    u can shop so much if u're student! i am so jealous already...ish sob sob..

  9. ohho...is that the La Senza satin nightshirt? i think the color looks great with the corset. haku pon nak alter baju tu kasi pendek sket la. i altered mine to look like tunic dulu.

    btw, aku rasa that blue scarf bole match with the topshop slinky tube-top kot. takyah cari scarf lain!

  10. U're so stylo mylo.. I sgt suka tgk pompuan berhijab yg stylo tanpa perlu terbelah or terbukak sana sini.. :)

    Sekali tgk Wany mcm Iza.. But in chubby version.. (Jgn marah ek) But still sweet & cute anyway!

  11. u sgt terer la mix and match..
    and it looks really good on u.
    i love ur tudungg :D

  12. esperanza: kan kan? i pon bila tgk gamba2 dia kadang2 rasa cam tgk my own pic. hahaha. bole tak gitu ahdikk? ;p cuma wani lagi pandai posing in front of camera la since kecik. kakak dia shy2 cat ;p

  13. hey! Nice shot! Ble jadi model nie!!ngehhhh...

  14. Like whats been said, you really have a good fashion sense! :)

  15. ur friend is so lucky

    u got a nic top from topshop..kt cni xde topshop,so i usually shop online jek..huhu

  16. ha tula...
    x terfikir la plak kan pakai cmtuh...
    plus chanteq plak tuh !!!

    happy belated birthday to ur fren Naz...


  17. i like your tudung la..where u bought it from? and can i ask whether u are wearing "anak tudung" or not..where to get your "anak tudung" ye? thanks


    1) da wish...aku x kesah pon ko wish lmbt..aku tau ko sibuk, so it's not a big deal k babe =)
    2) da foood...Italiannies is great..klau ko x bwk aku kt ctu, x tau la bile tahun aku akan mnjejakkan kaki kt ctu..hihi..
    3) being my fren...i guess "being my fren" is more than enuf n i dont think i need any present anymore =)

  19. geee.... THANK YOU PEOPLE!!! ;)

    ANONYMOUS2: i found that baju from la senza.. its a nightshirt actually.. so the length was about urm..knee-length kot..tak ingat laa.. pastu i altered bhgn sleeves kasi betul2 ngam dgn my tgn..then i suruh tailor tu potong baju tu kasi pendek laa so that it looks like a shirt..hehe ;p

    HANIS: yeaahh i know! n ur bday pressie will be given later k!

    MIU: thank u miu!! ;)

    erm..well..i'm still a student actually.. a fulltime student to be exact..heh. im 21 this year,btw.. n how old r u babe? n where r u working? =)

    ALONG: a'ah la.. aku pun rase tudung tu sesuwai..yes..takyah beli lain dah ;)

    ESPERANZA: hihih.. byk org ckp camtu..that we both look alike.. but she's wayyyy slimer than me! isk.. n more whiter than me too! hehehe ;p

    FARAH: ouh..yeke? kat aussie takde topshop ek?? alaa... =(

    JOJO: it's from tie rack..and it was bought years n years ago.. i think around 2002/2003 kot..hehe

    n yes, i wear anak tudung.. just the usual ones.. yg serkop hitam penuh tutup satu kepala tu..yg 10bux tu..

    NAZ: yeke??? takyah kasi adiah ek? wooohooooo!!!!!! nasib baik! hahaha ;p

    takde lah.. nnt2 laa aku bagi k babe! dun worry! ;)

    Love ya loads!

  20. hey wanie! guess what? i pun still remember the first day i got my period. hahaha. it was on 31st May!!! tahun 1994 tak silap.. and u do the maths dah brape taun i became a 'woman'. :)) funny lahh.. :P


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