Friday, September 12, 2008

Tagging Game

I've been tagged by Puan Iza.

State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.
* The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.

Hmm.. (thinking)

urm..weird things.. facts..

Habits... hmmmm..


Now, let's see why sometimes my friends called me a weirdo..

1) I have trouble sleeping. It's difficult for me to fall asleep. Sometimes I couldn't sleep for 3 days straight! But once I sleep, I sleep very well and soundly. And I could sleep for more than 15 hours straight!

2) I'm an ear fettish. I like ears very much! Whenever I see someone with a very nice pair of ears, I have this feeling like I really need to taste their ear flap! Or maybe bite them! Especially the cuping ones! I think they're very chewy! haha ;p

3) And I played with my own ears every few minutes! Especially when I'm studying.. or watching TV.. Mommy said, I had this little habit of mine since I was only a few months old! And until now, I can't stop this habit! I'm addicted! hehe ;p

4) I can be very makcik2-like n talk so loud when I'm with my close friends.. but I talk so very little with the one I barely know..

5) People always say I'm sombong. But I don't think I am. I'm just very verry pendiam.. and SHY! Very very shy. There's a fine line between sombong n pendiam, ok?

6) It's not that I don't like babies. I do. I love them. They're very cute.. But I just don't know how to act or make a weird face in front of them! (Somehow I think the babies might think like, "What's up with the face? Do u really need to make it look like that, and do that funny voice?" huhu.. So that's why I'm very shy with them.. I don't want they to think Aunty Wany is a freak!)

7) I think I may have the possibilities to be a lesbian! haha.. Because I always find myself drooling over women rather than men! ahaha.. I personally think every part of women's bodies are so beautiful! Be it their face, legs, hair, or even nails! huhuhu ;p
And of course, their styles are much much glamourous! heh. ;)
(And yes, Alexis Bledel and Anne Hathaway is my true love! hehe)

8) I wear high-heels ever since I was thirteen years old!
And my very first sneakers is when I'm 18 years old.. I bought it because we have to wear trainers for the orientation week back in matric.. N Girl used to tease me, cuz she said I walked funny..haha..

9) I like to eat and sleep straight away after that! I know it's not good for health but it's just the greatest feeling ever! hehee ;p

10) Things that would help me to drift off: My sleeping mask, cellotape, my aromatherapy sprays for pillow n body, a nice cuppa warm milk and last but not least, my sleeping pills, if it becomes critical..

11) I always talk to the Angels or God, like when they wake me up at 4am in the morning if I forgot to pray my Isyak prayer..
and I would say.. "eh, ha'ah lar.. dah kol 4.. Sorry God I forgot! Eh tapi thanks tau..kejutkan.. I love u guys!" then I would smile.. hehe..
But of course, I do this when I'm alone. People would say I'm crazy if they see me acted that way..haha.

12) I'm a girly girl.. I love all the pretty things and beauty stuff and make-up since I was a small girl! I once curik my aunty's Lancome lipsticks.. I was only 4 years old, I think.. hehe.. I took three! hehe.. Very bad Wani! ;p

13) I hate lizards so bad that I always curse them! It gives me satisfaction to say it out loud to them, that they're very stupid.. hmm.. If only they could understand.. huhu ;p

14) I like to imagine a lot! I like to put myself in animal's or someone's or someTHING's shoes! hehe.. I always imagine what if I'm a bird or a cat..or a car.. n maybe a ghost.. I imagine how would I want to scare people..huhuh..

15) I like music a lot! I sing most of the time.. In the toilet, in the kitchen, while driving, while walking alone.. while bathing..and..wherever there's music on n I know the songs.. =)

Okay..that's all!

Now, I'm tagging:

ANYONE who reads this! =)



  1. da weirdest thing is..aku x rase pon sume 15 habit ko tu weird...sbb aku dh biase dh..hehee...

  2. sis wany>>i like number 6 and 11..number 6..erm..nasib u tak jadi cikgu taw..coz teachers need to act like monkeys in da classroom!!just like me..hehehe..number 11 coz ntah..i feel like u r soooo..seweeet...hehehehe..

  3. hahahaa! wani, klaka comel la u nih!!

  4. number 6.. ramai gak org x tau nak layan babies..coz kkadang pelik nak react camner ngan babies nie ;)



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    :) :)

  5. hi, speaking of cicak, there is one new product at market now. Ridsect for lizards. Actually dia tak membunuh cicak, just menghalau ajer. I dah apply kat my house and alhamdulillah it works dengan sekali spray aje.
    ni bukan nak promote atau ape, just share dgn ppl yang ada phobia yg sama.

  6. hi wani! ni liyana...classmate mase kat SAB dulu..igt x?dpt address blog awk kat frenster..hehe..kte pn ade blog... sila la bace ye..sedih x rmai org bace.nnt kte link blog awk..

  7. aku pon tak reti sgt layan babies or little kids. Hariz is an exceptional! sbb family kot...

  8. haha.. yang part main dengan telinga tu..
    sebijik dengan my lil bro yang kat uia tu..
    dia dari kecik sampai ke besar ni..
    kalau tengok tv ke.. baca paper ker.. buat apa ker..
    tangan mesti nak main cuping telinga dia tu..
    siap kadang2 tarik2 lagi..
    sampai sekarang ni kalau kitorang picit kuat2 telinga dia pun..
    dia tak rasa sakit..
    ingat dia sorang jer ada habit pelik ni..
    tak sangka ada jugak orang lain yang ada..

  9. wanie, i've tagged u too! nnt cek my blog okeh.. ;)


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